Friday, December 18, 2009

Baptism and Christening

The baby was baptized on Friday.

It went great. It was very special. Especially when the baby pooped the very first second of the ceremony, and I had to pray that she wouldn't blow out on her white dress or cry the entire time.

Because let me tell you one thing about my girl, she is fastidious. As soon as her diaper is dirty, she screams like she is on fire! I'm talking a drop of pee and the diaper must be off asap!

As you may have noticed, I have not referred to her as anything. Now, I am usually a open book when it comes to the blog, but Kdubs is different (hence the reason I have to refer to him as Kdubs). He is letting me put pictures of her up here, but I had to compromise by coming up with an alternative name for her. Most of you follow me on facebook and know her full name, but tonight she is christening the blog with her new blog-name. There are many contenders, but I think this is the one I like. It may change:

I was going to do Cdubs but with her cheeks, I am thinking Chubs. But she will hate it when she is 13. I also call her Cheekies alot. And Kdubs likes calling her Chuck.

So what is your vote:
or Chuck

Pictures from our first few weeks

My favorite picture. This was taken when I was holding her in the back of the car after nursing. No, the car was not moving. We were parked waiting for Kdubs to run some errands. Love that I caught her smile.
This was one of my favorite outfits and it matches the quilt I made her.

From the shower, She will definitely need a game day outfit even in Austria.

The hostesses and us at our first party together
Screaming at great Grandpa.
Us, at our first party together. We had a great time. She was an angel and I fit into my pre-pregnancy pants (a little tight but still fits!). For all those who followed my weight loss before I got pregnant: I am about 10 lbs away from being back at that goal, but I am not doing anything about it right now. Just nursing. I will work my way to working out and watching what I eat after the holidays.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chillin in our Moby wrap

We are trying to get used to our Moby wrap. She doesn't seem to like to have her head in at all...but she loves being held so this is a great one hand saver! Any body else use the Moby wrap and have a suggestion on holds or how to use it?

Monday, December 07, 2009

The First Week

Baby has her days and nights confused.
We (and I mean me because Kdubs can't successfully nap during the day) are up all night. She is not necessarily fussy, she just doesn't want to be put down to sleep.

She nurses like a champ but my nipples aren't handling it as well. Cracked and I think a few plugged ducts from where my belly bandit was rubbing up against the bottom of the boobs. TMI? Sorry, there is no such things after birth.

I definitely have the weepies. But I know it is a combo of the impending move, lack of sleep, being overwhelmed by the baby and finding out that Kdubs will have to leave before us (which is good for the grandparents, doctor's visits, and getting the apartment in Vienna set up...but bad for me).

Have to run, time to feed...ouch.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

fav pic from B-day

Kdubs chatting it up during the post delivery check.

Sorry to disappoint but all of the pics of me post delivery are hideous and shall not be on the interwebs.

Monday, November 30, 2009

She's Out

Well the unknown baby is a Girl!

I totally guessed wrong.

She came in at a whopping 8 lbs and 14 ounces. I might post some of the labor stuff over here later but miraculously I have forgotten the bad stuff!

If you count the start of labor from the water breaking, then I was in labor for 31 hours. I went the "natural route" until a 12:30am epidural at 7-8cm. I would like to say that I would have continued natural if I wasn't so tired, but it HURT! And I was not happy that I was becoming impolite. With the third change of nursing staff, I was getting upset that a whole shift would see me being mean and surly. Now, I know that it isn't THAT big a deal and I "shouldn't" care...but I do. And I felt better being able to say "thank you" for checking my stats, "no thank you" for do you need anythings, and generally feel like a person. Cause right before the epidural I could barely get a grown out as a yes or no.

Kdubs is doing fine...Very tired. Even though, he knows he has gotten more sleep than me.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Progress II

Water broke at 2:30 am.

Contractions are around every 7 minutes or so.

We are just chillin' at the house until the contractions get closer together!

Hope the baby is doing okay in there!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

As i Contract

Right now, I am contracting like crazy, but I never know if it is going to be the real deal or die down in a bit.

But with this being Thanksgiving week and the end of the pregnancy, I thought I would write down some quick thoughts on how thankful I am for this pregnancy.

This pregnancy has been wonderful, especially what I hear from other people's pregnancies. I had very little morning sickness, the preggo hormones seemed to do good things for me (I was less volatile or moody than my usual monthly hormone jag), and I really felt good for the most part. I liked feeling this baby grow inside me. I liked feeling it move.

However, I kept my distance emotionally throughout this pregnancy. I didn't want to get attached, to feel too blessed and have it taken away. But I don't care now...seeing those pictures yesterday and realizing how far I've grown (physically and mentally), I've lost a lot of my fear about this change in my life. And I just feel blessed.

Kdubs and I have reconnected in a great way. I am feeling ready to have this challenge and blessing with him.
And I didn't feel this way on my due date (chock it up to God's timing, huh?).

Sorry, if this was cheesy and corny...I don't get this way often so you'll just have to deal until my sarcasm comes back.

Monday, November 23, 2009


So I have dialated 1 more centimeter....bringing the grand total to 3!
Evidently the cervix is still thick so there might be some Cervadil in my future.

Next week, we will start talking about induction.
They did the biophyscial ultrasound, and the baby looked great!

Lots of fluid, good blood movement through the umbilical cord, baby is practice breathing great, and the tech said s/he looks good.

they also did a 3D ultrasound for free. Now, i typically think these pictures seem worthless and weird looking but I love these pictures!!!!

Check out those cheeks...they are killing me!

these lips are totally KW

his/her tongue was coming out the whole time! Just like dad!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

No baby yet

Still no baby!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

In Athens

So we are officially in Athens (the city of my midwife and my hospital).
Waiting for this baby to make its appearance.

I can't call anyone on the phone because they think I am calling to say I'm in labor.
It is a bit annoying, but I'm glad they are excited.

I am contemplating going full on with the "lets-get-this-baby-out" campaign.
I do not want to have this baby in December, but I don't know if I am ready to smoke this baby out yet.

It is a little scary to say, "I'M READY! LET'S GO!"

Kdubs and I are doing much better. It is nice to be back on our own again and not relaying our lives around my parents. As much as I love my parents and they have been taking great care of me, I have relied on them throughout Kw's absence, and it was hard to stop relying on them and go back to my husband. 6 weeks will do that, I think. Other people can and have done this and longer, but I don't think anyone can do it without some problems re acclimating to each other.

tomorrow is the due date...Maybe I will have an "on-time" baby.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Getting Ready for the Real Deal

So we are 6 days away from our due date. And I feel that we could go to the hospital at any moment.
I have been having more and more contractions every day.
They have not been consistent and stop after I change positions or drink some water.

For some reason, I just think this is going to happen soon.

My midwife is on call this weekend, so I would be pleased as punch to have it this weekend so I don't have to disturb her after her on call weekend. I don't like to be rude, but I might be rude and insist she be there for this.

One of my fears is that we are still at my parents house, which is an hour away from the hospital. So, I want to give myself plenty of time to get to the hospital but I'd like to labor at home for as long as possible. Ideally, we'd hang out in my brothers house in Athens as soon as the contractions got going...but who knows how everything will play out.

KW is home, but to be honest we are having a more difficult time adjusting to each other after 6 weeks apart. I have gotten used to being on my own, he has gotten used to not dealing with typical (and some untypical) girl issues. Hopefully, we can get reconnected before the baby comes. Which means we better hurry if this baby comes tonight.

I wish I knew what true labor and contractions were like. I'm sure I'll find out but I just want to reassure myself that this isn't the real deal.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Posting again

Ken finally came home.
And he was very sick.

And he just left again.
And now I am sick.

This was an unexpected trip.
And I am not happy about it.

It has been a tough week with him home. Jet lag, sick, getting him ready to leave again.
I have not been a happy camper.

I am nervous about going into labor without him here.
So I am just going to think happy thoughts about baby staying put until the weekend.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A playlist to labor to

One of my friends, who is a labor & delivery nurse, was talking about music for laboring, and I said, "I just don't think I can do the calm, meditative music. I'm going to need something to jam to." Her response was, "whatever works for you just please no ENYA...I'm so tired of it."

So here is what I am thinking for my labor themed playlist:

A great get pumped song:
Europe-Final Countdown:

If you have ever seen some of the natural birth moves, this makes sense:
Shakira-Hips Don't Lie

Cause Gloria will tell you the truth:
I will Survive

Because Axel Rose welcoming you into the world is completely normal:

My favorite for the Power Hour:
MC Hammer's Too Legit 2 Quit

A classic for the home stretch:
Salt N' Pepa's Push it

I am going to try and have a more calming selection too...
but to be honest...I am not a music person and will most likely listen to my white noise machine more than anything...

so what would your choices be as a Fun and/or Soothing song?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A week to go!

At this time (hopefully) a week from now (God willing) KW will be home!!!

A whole month apart...I can't believe it.

Actually, a whole week has to move quickly enough not to drive me crazy and then I will not believe that I have made it!!!

I'd like to say that I handled this separation with grace and dignity, but I have not. I have moped and pouted and created ridiculous arguments. Why? Because it is easier to fight on Skype than have the ability to try and recreate our normal relationship over "new media." Since we can only talk at 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon his time (8 or 9 my time)-prime working time for him or 11pm to 1am-his prime sleeping time, we do not get to have great talks. Also, as many people in a relationship for almost 10 years can attest, some of the best times we have is just sitting around talking about stupid things that our on your mind, and I have a hard time doing that spontaneous talking during pre-scheduled times. So we have taken to fighting over stupid things just to feel like our conversations aren't "so how are you doing..." "what did you eat today..." etc.

It is sad.

I know.

And I can barely wait for it to be over!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mom Imposed Bed Rest

I was supposed to go to a play with my mom this afternoon, but after 4 failed attempts of putting shoes over my swollen feet, she put HER FOOT down as only a mom can do and said, "your feet are up for the rest of the day and you will drink nothing but water."

well, I'm not in love with drinking lots of water (it makes bathroom breaks too frequent for me). But the putting my feet up is probably a good idea. I would like to be productive, but if I can get my feet back down to size, it is probably the best thing for me.

Got to love having a mom who is dictatorial in her love and care of you!

Anybody have some fun sites to check out while I'm strapped to this couch?

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Thank you Erin and Kelly for your suggestion of classes.

I have taken a 6 week childbirth class and a breast feeding class, and you are right they have helped.
I think part of my fear is that the classes are over. When I was going to class, I was doing something, preparing, and now I am back to waiting. Can you tell that patience is not my forte?

Also, KW was only able to make it 2 of the childbirth classes, so in a lot of ways I am worried that he is not prepared either!

I'm going to try and work on putting my trust in God and chipping away at my to do list!

Any other helpful suggestions or maybe books to read out there?

Friday, October 16, 2009

This is my confession

Here is my confession:
I have not been posting awhile because I have been down.

K-dubs has been in Austria for 2 weeks now. For work. It has not been great. I have been lonely and not sleeping very great. You would think that would be a recipe for blogging all the time, but unfortunately, I haven't been doing much other than working around the house, packing stuff for Austria, and being a little bit of a Mopey Molly.

KW seems to like Austria okay. He is living a bit of a monastic lifestyle of working, living, and sleeping in a plain room with only a bed and a desk. So it has not been a crazy exotic time. He has been working all sorts of weird hours and hasn't gotten over the jet lag.

He has two more weeks.

On top of being down because Kdubs is gone, I am also scared of EVERYTHING! Going into labor with KW not here, labor in general, all the decisions about the baby (finding a Pediatrician, vaccinations, getting all the baby equipment, etc.), getting ready for Austria, visa stuff....

If I start thinking about any of it, I start thinking about all of it. And then I go a bit nuts. But I am wondering if I should start getting some of this stuff off of my mind and heart?!? I would like to get y'all's opinion on things...even though it might be a bit controversial.

Was there anything you were nervous about having a baby, labor, etc?

I am not one of those people that answers "OH DEFINITELY!" to the question, "Are you excited about giving birth?" Of course, I'm excited, but I'm also scared shitless.

I'm ready to meet the baby but I'm scared about all the changes that it will bring.

Is this weird or bad? That I am not 100% without-reservations-excited...I'm nervous too. Any words of advice out there?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall Television

Because my popular culture doppelganger, Laugh Everyday, went to the comments for my feelings on the fall tv lineup and I'm up with a kicking belly at 1AM...I thought I'd fill you in on my thoughts on the fall lineup.

My favorite entertainment website, BuzzSugar, is my daily place for what to watch. She even puts up "What to Tivo" each is perfect! She has a fall TV schedule here. And breaks down the new fall dramas and comedies and what to do when the decision becomes too tough!

Okay, so to hear my thoughts on the fall rundown...I will organize by category as well:

Dramas-don't watch them until the first full season is out on DVD and can get officially hooked. This is what has happened with me and Bones, and I am SO excited about the return of my favorite crime fighting duo on this Thursday!!!! I unfortunately (I don't mean this, baby) have birth class at that time so it will have to be Tivo-d and waiting at home. I also like Fringe, even though it spooks me out, but I can only watch it with all the episodes together at one time.

I did catch the first episode of the CW's the Vampire Diaries online. It was not bad, but it was a bit too angsty and I think I am over the whole Twilight/True Blood thing. blaspheme, I know!

Reality shows-I am already loving this season of Project Runway, even with all the changes. They have had some really great challenges. Did anyone else see the maternity challenge? LOVE IT! I also am hooked on Top Chef: Las Vegas. I got my dad on it too. We are routing for Kevin from Atlanta. His restaurant, the Woodfire Grille, is amazing! Plus, I love that he says that he is a southern fatboy and that is what drives his cooking. I also watch America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC to those in the know). This show makes me want to shake the big butt that I got, but that is not so easy 8 months in. I really hated Vogue Evolution and will go on a limb and say that the tranny danced like a big mess. That is right...there was a tranny that was on the show (even though there are a few girls on the all girls team that look like trannys) and the only reason her/him...herm? team stayed on as long as it did was because shim was representing herm people!

Comedies- AH my love. Nothing better than a good comedy but nothing is worse than a bad one. I am already in love with Glee, and if you haven't started watching...shame on you! It is great drama, tons of laughs, and amazing singing that stays with you throughout the week. My favorite line from tonight's episode: "They say it takes more certainty than talent to be a star. Just look at John Stamos."

Returning comedies that I will always watch: HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, and the Office...and Greek (which is more of a Drama sometimes!)

The new ones I'm going to check out: Accidentally on Purpose (I love Jenna Elfman from Dharma & Greg), the Community (great time slot and I love Joel McHale), Cougar Town (but I'm not too hopeful about this one), I just don't know if I can get on board with Hank (even though I love Kelsey Grammer) or Modern Family.

I'm excited to watch as much TV as I can before leaving the states...I'm conferring with a friend who is an ex-pat in Portugal on how to get my American TV fix.

What are you excited to see coming up this fall?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Computer sharing is no fun

Kdubs went off to Germany and Austria with my laptop!!!
I know, how rude (ala Stephanie Tanner).

Living at my parents' house with one family computer, no wireless, and no laptop of my own is not very conducive to blogging or being really productive.

The update on Austria:
Kdubs had a hard time with jet lag but after getting to Austria really was happy with what he saw. The apartment that we might be leasing was beautiful, and he really liked the neighborhood. He thought it was a great place to raise a child.

There are some problems with the space and the price quoted, so we are in the middle of more negotiations. FUN! I will def. be posting pictures as we go along. Along with being a really large apartment, it is also not furnished (as most apartments for lease are) we may be living very minimally.

70 days to go till due date!!! Here is a new bump picture:
More traditional picture
More TRS style!

I'm definitely getting large and in charge!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Break it down

So this job...probably should expound on what it is and what we are doing, huh?

Well without going into the name and crazy details of the job (cause we have all learned from Dooce about that!), here is what I can tell you about this job:

It is a brand new position created by this non-profit organization to build a European presence.

Translation: KW is the only person in the company for thousands of miles. Most work will be supervised by email, and he will be going at it blind for the most part. This also means that we have no support system in filing visa work, understanding the health insurance system, and oh, I don't to translating things from GERMAN!

The job will entail a good bit of travel

Translation: When the bosses want to meet with someone in Europe or go to a conference but don't want to go themselves...they send KW. And me. and our baby. I am actually going over there as unofficial help. I will help with travel arrangements, phone calls, and minor research. Mainly whatever needs to be done that can be done around a baby. This travel will mean a lot of trial and error in the "Traveling with baby" category. Expect a lot of funny, awful, and crazy stories.

There are a lot of good and bad aspects of this job:

Bad-Kdubs will have to go over to Europe without me (while I am hugely pregnant).

Good-Kdubs will have the opportunity to hopefully get the apartment and office details squared away before we get there.

Bad-He may have to go over without us after the baby is born if the baby's visa takes a long time to get squared away

Good-He may have to stay with us longer if HIS visa process takes longer than expected

Bad-I have no idea how to take care of baby much less in a foreign country

Good-There seems to be a cool network of women called the Vienna Babies Club and a possibility of a few expat women living in the an apartment compound that has been offered to us.

Bad-Cannot take things from showers or big baby accessories with us to Europe (too expensive to ship)

Good-We will finally have an excuse to pair down our crap!

Bad-KW leaving today for a week to go to Germany and Austria

Good-we get to spend 24 hours together for 2 years once we are over there.

Armed with a Rosetta Stone in Deutsch (I think I spelled that right), the trusty internet, and a great family support system...I am going to figure out how to do this.

So in the future you will probably read about my adventures in bureaucracy, more fears about raising a baby, tantrums about leaving Penny, wails about Kdubs leaving me...and probably more nonsense about Jim Halpert (CAN YOU BELIEVE HE IS ENGAGED!!! I mean I like Emily Blunt and all, but he is off the market!!?!!?!? oh, am I....)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

So there is news

So it is as official as it is going to get...

We have our next roaming destination: Vienna, Austria

Kdubs just got the finalized job offer and he accepted. He will be going off and on until November/the-month-the-baby-is-due. We will all move over there after the baby is born...hopefully early to mid-January if all the paper work works out.

I don't know much about Austria, except this building seems pretty popular

And they are known for their music. Something about a boys choir and an opera?

The job will entail a LOT of travel around Europe and will last around 18-24 months. So as of right now...that is the plan. Crazy, right? We knew this might happen, but we just didn't think that it would pan out. I'm a little scared...ok, a LOT scared. And I am still processing a bunch of details and plans and to-dos.

So this is why I have been quiet for awhile. Negotiating, Processing, going back and forth.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What do babies sleep in?

On our Babies R Us trip, Kdubs and I discovered something disheartening...

Bedding Arrangement-Plan A won't work.
What is plan A, you ask?
Since we have no idea when we are going anywhere, where we will be going, or what our arrangements will be, we wanted to get something that could travel well (since we might be traveling a lot and hotel cribs ook me out) and would be sturdy...

So after much research I thought an Arm's Reach Co-sleeper would be best. Great for breastfeeding, keep the baby close but not in the actual bed. I also thought it could be used as a play pen later. I had read a lot of reviews and was pumped.

Until I went into B-R-Us and played with the one on display!
It was unruly, hard to fold up, the play pen area looked flimsy and awful. It was small and there was warning labels printed on all the fabric...SO NOT CUTE!!!! Kdubs played around with it for awhile, and he was even more fed up than me!

So we looked around and brainstormed:

Do we get a Moses basket, a bassinet, a playpen, and a a traveltime bed? We'd like to wait to get a full crib until we move...less furniture to move, etc.

What do/did you all use for the first few months? Did you try something and hate it? Please advise me!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Birthday to Me

So 28 years of me being on this planet has come and gone!!!
But this birthday was special for me because it is the first one in awhile that K-dubs was able to fully participate in the birthday festivities.

He took me out to breakfast to my favorite-Waffle House-by was so nice and just plain fun.

We took my cousin to see G.I.Joe. Popcorn and favorite treats!
The movie was okay. I loved the cartoons as a kid but they have globalized Joe and for a lot of reasons I got severely ticked at the politicization of Joe. The movie was really loud (I felt like an old fart until Kdubs and the cousin agreed that it was unnecessarily loud) so I couldn't really enjoy it.

He got me a cake (from Publix, of course). However, i was a brat about it because I wanted a Great American Cookie Cake. We decided it was a hormonally pregnant fit.

He also got me some awesome presents. He hasn't been able to take much time for presents in the past but he did great this time:

A great green Vera Bradley purse that I said I liked 6 months ago but never mentioned again.
A very pretty necklace that we had to unfortunately return (but I got a great gold one that is very unique).
And a very pretty dress that he picked out at Dillard's all by himself. I can't imagine him walking around Dillard's looking for a dress for his 6 months preggo wife.

He went out to dinner with my family and even happily took the requisite picture around the cake (which he usually grumbles about).

Needless to say...I am one lucky girl!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I have to set up my registry asap!
What do you register for? What shouldn't you register for?
What are the MUST HAVES?

I NEED HELP! Pass it along!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Boy, Girl or Neutral?

The number two question we are asked (after "when is the due date?") is "Do you know what you are having?"

And we get a very strong reaction on both sides when we say, "oh, we're not finding out till it comes out!" or "we're going to be surprised."

People like my mom and brothers say things like, "How can I buy things if we don't know the gender?!?" "How are you going to be surprised...are you surprised by a coin toss...WOHOO! It's TAILS!" "Ugh, I couldn't wait to find out!"

Other people like my midwife and my mother-in-law are very enthusiastic about not knowing. They think it is great fun.

Really we decided on this for a couple of reasons:
1.) I think it will give me an extra reason to push! and I love surprises but always spoil them.

2.) I am the most impatient person in the world and thought that if I could test my patience with this that I may actually have some patience in me somewhere!

3.) I think it is more fun to tell people on the birthday..."Its a BOY/GIRL! and we've named it ________" rather than having everything picked out and saying, "So, ________ is here." (I know it is silly and small but it is something that I want to have for my first pregnancy at least.)

4.) Even if we didn't tell people a name, I didn't want to be smug and tell people: "yeah, we know but we're not telling."

5.) I like being difficult and doing things my own you couldn't tell that about me.

6.) Kdubs didn't care about knowing so that made the decision even easier. If he wanted to know or wanted to find out without me...I would totally buckle down to pressure.

7.) I also have heard that if you don't know that you get more practical gifts for showers, which is great. And since I don't know where we will be when this baby is born, I don't want to be moving a bunch of extra baby stuff. And not knowing the gender has really tempered my mom's desire to spoil this kid already.

So did you find out? What were the benefits in your mind either way?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Onward and Outward

Here is another belly picture! 108 days to go. This is crazy!

There is a lot that I would like to record down for posterity's sake. So I will be writing about some of these things coming up:

Why we are not finding out if this peanut is a boy or girl.
What we should register for.
How to acclimate Penny to baby.
Nursery color plans.

Any thoughts on this so far?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Almost Done

I finally got a bit of time on the internet...
We have been holed up in the airport hotel while K-dubs is taking the Bar.
By 5 o'clock tonight, he will be done, and we can end this chapter of our life!!!

No more tests (if he passes) any more studying (if he passes)...

I'm getting my husband back after 3.5 long years!

Considering that I restarted this blog when K-dubs started law school (can I just say, "I was VERY lonely"), I am not sure how much I will blog when he is out. Of course this peanut of a baby (which my book says is the length of a banana now!) will keep me posting regularly!

The belly is definitely growing

Hopefully, pictures will be forthcoming!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pre-Post to the Post Where I Apologize for My Posts

You know how every other one of my posts is apologizing for not posting lately. Well, look at me pre-planning...

I am hoping that I will be able to post with regularity the next week, but it may not happen.

We are leaving Athens tomorrow (with my baby bro, Bo) to head to Atlanta to help mom with John (my other brother)'s wedding reception party. (you may remember that he got married earlier in the summer.) Now my mom has a chance to throw a fun party for him and Libby.

After this weekend, K-dubs and I will head to downtown Atlanta to prepare and take (well he will take) the Bar exam.

He is so close to being done.

And I am scared shitless by it. It has been almost 4 years (3 years of school and a year of LSAT prep and Bar prep) of our life revolving around law school and law. K-dubs is a work-aholic, and I know this will continue with work but our nights and weekends will have some sort of freedom to it! What is that like!?!?! No studying or worrying about studying or guilt of not studying...

I don't really remember what that was like from D.C. except that it involved being dragged to crazy events and spectacles. And now I can't complain because at least it won't be STUDYING!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maternity Clothes 101

As I said before, my mom took me shopping for maternity clothes.
We went to Target and stocked up on these maxi dresses.

Seriously, I have them in 8 colors. They may look like Muumuus at times with the belly, but they are so comfortable and are great to wear with my fav. jean jacket.

We also got a bunch of shirts from a place called Izzy Maternity near North Point Mall. This was the most interesting shopping experience I have ever had.

My mom and I walk into the store and a short, round man with a low cut v-neck, baby pink t-shirt sashayed up saying, "I'm Izz-ee and thees ees my store." He then proceeded to shove me into a dressing room with a ton of shirts and pants. I kept telling him, "no, this is too fancy!" "this doesn't look right" "I don't think this suits me." I swear each time I didn't love something he acted like I shot him in the heart, but he did his job we bought more than we wanted I guess he got his up-sale.

By the end of the day, I ended up with:
-half a dozen maxi dresses
-3 plain preggo tees (in white, blue, and black)
-a dozen different shirts like this one from Izzy

-maternity jeans from Izzy and Gap Maternity
- 2 flowy black yoga maternity pants from Target (SOOOOO comfy)
- 2 sports bras (now my favorite sleeping item)
- several pregnancy tank tops

My mom convinced me to get most of these things bigger than necessary so that they will be good for the whole pregnancy (hopefully).

I have to say that I really like my new maternity clothes. Hopefully, all I'll need by November 20th is some sweaters/long sleeve shirts.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Internet Issues

So, you know how I said, I'm sorry for posting, and I'll post more...

I swear it is not my fault. My new place has the worst Internet connection. It goes in and out and is very unreliable.

Here are some high points of my week:

1.) We had our 9th annual Maleless Retreat this weekend. It was wonderful to see almost all of my friends from college. We got to hang out at my parents lake house. This year was a bit different for me since my participation in the drinking games consisted of chugging water (good for the baby, bad for continual sleep).

2.) I got to go see Legally Blonde the Musical with my mom and sister-in-law! It was a lot of fun. I loved seeing the show on MTV and seeing it live was great. Best of all was spending time with Libby. I have to say that I really love getting to know her and am so excited that she is in my family now!

3.) My mom is having John and Libby's wedding party this weekend. So it will be a big party with lots of family and friends. I'm going to have to learn to keep people's hands away from the belly.

4.) Speaking of the belly, I am now officially in maternity clothes. My mom went out with me and helped me find the perfect jeans, lots of maternity shirts, and more maxi dresses. It is actually fun to get dressed now. Before I dreaded the thought of putting on my non-maternity jeans (I didn't even realize it until I got the new jeans).

5.) I went to see a new doctor/practice. Actually, she is a midwife. I liked her, but the practice (we'll call practice B) is definitely not as swanky as the first practice (call practice A). I think it is good to have less doctors (4 as opposed to 6) less chances of having a doctor in the delivery room that I don't know. But really is that even that big of a difference. Practice B seems fine. It doesn't seem as high tech as practice A. Practice A was crazy busy and I would just be a number on a file. Practice A however is very efficient. Any thoughts on which practice to go for? I can't decide.

6.) here is the latest belly pic from this weekend at the lake. (22 weeks)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow, I haven't updated in a week

Where have I been? I have started 3 or 4 posts but never finished them. I have been actively reading the blogs. And for some reason feeling very busy.

How am I busy when I am not working right now (I left my job when I moved and have not looked for a new job here because we don't know how long we will be here and who wants to hire a preggo pop?)?

I seem to waffle from extreme crazy movement (driving to my mom and then ken's mom and then my mom again while they were sick) to incredibly boring lulls.

Crazy-Highs: We have had lots of visitors. I have been spending days, nights, and weeks cleaning the house we are living brothers have both lived in this house for the past 8 years and have left 8 years of crap and grime for me to clean up. I am working to get the house ready to sell when we leave. (yes, my parents are the best for letting us live here.) My parents are going through some non-fun things that involve ending up with pseudo custody of my dad's half brother's son (who is 11 years old and unfortunately has had quite a lot of bad things happen to him in 11 short years). My parents are/were textbook empty nesters. So this transition has been hard for them. I have been called in to pitch in, which I am happy to do.

Lulling-Lows: Throughout all of this going back and forth from Athens to Atlanta and cleaning and driving...I have long patches of waiting. Waiting for KW to stop studying for the bar each day...waiting to figure out where we are headed next...waiting for the pregnancy to make more progressions.

Yes, even the pregnancy seems to go through crazy times of Hurry-Up-and-Wait. The first trimester was not difficult compared to a lot, but it wasn't a lot of fun (read nausea) and this trimester has been great in comparison. I spent a lot of the first trimester and even second trimester feeling not really pregnant. Now, I feel great and definitely pregnant. And we have had some really great milestones: moving ultrasounds, good 20 week check up, getting a belly. I am getting the look of pregnancy and getting comfortable but then I start looking to the next stage.

I know I need to just enjoy this stage as I have it, but I'm so impatient!!!!

So this was a very disjointed and long post with too much packed in. This is the problem of not posting in a week. And a lot of it is vague because I shouldn't go into the details.

I hope to be back to my stupid regular posting now. With some new ultrasound pics and maternity clothes questions.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I'm just as bad as US Weekly ***new note

Look what I just found out!!!

My second favorite half of my favorite tv couple is engaged!!! Just like on TV!

I was just talking with my brothers this weekend about whether or not Jenna Fischer was also pregnant in real life (in case you didn't know, Pam is preggo!!!) I told them that I did not think so because I keep on top of these things. And they didn't write in Angela's pregnancy, so I don't think that they would have to do it. I mean, she is sitting behind the desk 80% of the time.

So what do you think? Is she pregnant in real life? Here I start bump watch all on my own!!!

btw. I just found out that this is the second marriage for Jenna. She was divorced in 2007. I don't know why this made me less happy about the news. But it did. I may be a bad person.

***I have worked out my feelings on why I this being a second marriage for "Pam" made me less happy, and it came to this: you always want the fairy tale ending for the characters you like and I didn't like the thought that Jenna married her Roy (or her Barry, if you are a Friends Fan). It is a bummer. Divorce is not fun, but I don't dislike Jenna for having to go through just makes the story a little less perfect (but it is much more interesting, i'm sure--I mean the Office would have been one season long if she had ended up with Jim out right).

Monday, July 06, 2009

Maternity Clothes

Quick Question:
Where should I look for maternity clothes?

I am not a big fan of the goofy obvious maternity wear:

Loud colors, obnoxious prints, and bows oh lord the bows.

I have been wearing the empire shirts and maxi dresses from normal women's wear lately. But I haven't seen a lot of clothes that I like in maternity sections or stores (not that I have looked a ton).

Can anyone recommend some good stores (on-line or in-person)? What about key pieces? What could you not live without!?! I'm just trying to figure out ways to not waste money and to not look stupid. (Ha, it is an awesome mantra!)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mom update

Mom called after her meeting with the oncologist. It doesn't seem to be cancer.
We are very excited.
She isn't sure what it is really...but they all said, it doesn't seem to be life threatening and are working on pain management until they can figure out how to prevent it.

Thanks for your prayers

OMG! I am having a Baby Freak out # 1

Up until today, I have been able to keep my OMG-I'M-HAVING-A-BABY fears in check. Maybe it is the hormones that have been blissing me out or not really feeling pregnant or having too much on my mind. But today in the grocery store (after being completely PMSy to Kdubs for 24 hours), it hit me...panic.

Walking through the baby aisle at Kroger (which I usually never do, but I got lost in a new Kroger and decided to chance it), I saw the diaper aisle and freaked:
***Kdubs and I have been talking about cloth diapering for awhile. I know, laugh all you want, I am not the most green person out there and that is not why I'm considering it. I'm considering it for 2 reasons: 1. Kdubs really wants me to try (he is bit more crunchy than me and says he will consider it garbage and take of it (see here for relevance--#95 and 96) and 2. people have said, "you can't/shouldn't do it" which is the best way to get me to try. So a lot of this fear is related to the people saying "you can't/shouldn't" being right.

Then I saw the baby food section and freaked:

Then I saw the formula section and freaked:

I think this all stems from the guilt I felt for drinking a diet coke at that moment. My doctor said one diet coke a day would not hurt anything but I hate that I have fallen back on the wagon. It just makes me so happy. UGHS!

Btw. my friend (okay she is more of a wife of a friend of my husband--but I went to her baby shower so we'll just say friends, right) became a new mom 3 days ago and I just found out she is having a not so awesome time with breast feeding. This is not helping my fears. This woman is awesome...she is a nurse in a infant surgery wing, so she is kick ass with babies. I mean I know that doesn't mean she is a master breast feeder but still! Speaking of her, I need to figure out a way to get her to be a real friend before this peanut comes out so I can utilize her new knowledge. She is one of the few prego people I really liked (while she was prego) because she is snarky and witty and even keeled....I MUST MAKE FRIENDS WITH HER???

Do you think calling her up (never talked to her on the phone before) 3 days after the birth of her child and bombarding her to be my friend is too much?

yeah, me too...
I'll try the gradual facebook communication...

Friday, June 26, 2009

19 weeks Preggo

I am at 19 weeks along this week
I am not really showing. I have definitely gained weight (blerghs, about 12-14 pounds of it). I also haven't been great about what I have been eating.
I mainly just look like I did before I lost the weight. I fit into most of my bigger clothes. They just get tight by the end of the day. I have lost most of my good curves and gained more (ahem, in my ass).
I used to roll my eyes at pregnant women who would complain about gaining weight, but it is disarming to see your weight (something that as a woman, you naturally watch) go up and up.
I know I am gaining weight in okay proportions, but I would like to stop looking fat and start looking pregnant.

*I picked out this outfit to wear for the rest of my progression pics. I stole this shirt from my youngest brother--love the Old School with the Big Wheel
Quick poll question: How do you control your weight gain when pregnant? You can't diet? Do you act somewhat like dieting? Do you work out more? Or do you just try and lose it afterward?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doctors update

There are not a ton of OB practices in Athens, so I went around yesterday and called a few to get an appointment.
The one that came highly recommended to me (2 doctors and one midwife) could not see me until July 20th!!! That would be almost 8 weeks without a doctor's appointment, which for this crazy new mom-to-be seemed excessive.

So I called the second one on my list and was a little (okay, a LOT) disappointed about the receptionist I talked to. Our conversation went like this:

TRS: Hi, I'd like to make an appointment to see a doctor. I am new to the area and am 18 weeks pregnant.
Stupid Receptionist: When did you move to the area?
TRS: the last week
***5 minutes of chitchat about her being from the Midwest and the which i tell her about my doctor's office in Michigan and she lectures me about getting my records from my doctor's office to them ASAP***
SR: Oh, so when did you find out you were pregnant.
TRS: uhm...15 weeks ago?
SR: Well, let me see when we can fit in new pregnancy appointments...hmmm...
TRS: Well, I don't need to go through the new pregnancy appointments...I'm 18 weeks along.
SR: and you just found out, so this is your first doctor's appointment!
TRS: No, I have seen a doctor every month since I found out at week 3...
SR: well, we just don't take people this late for their first appointment
***In my head I was screaming: what?!? First I was a bad mom for not finding out that I was pregnant or going to the doctor until I was 18 weeks and now you won't give me one!?!?!

Needless to say, this lady was not inspiring much confidence in this practice.

After my appointment today with the OB coordinator, I feel much better about the practice.
She was awesome!!!
She talked to me about every aspect of the each appointment will go...what delivery registration should look and payments...EVERY THING! I was very impressed. Now, I know that she is not my doctor, and I probably won't see her a lot from now on, but if the practice is half as good as her...I think I will be in good hands.

I have an appointment with an actual doctor next week and then will decide about canceling the appointment on the 20th.

What would you guys do? Keep the appointment? Is it tacky? Have you ever OB shopped? What was the most important thing to you about your OB/OB practice?

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm not dead yet

yeah, I leave for more than a week and I come back with a quote from Monty Python. I am just that big of a geek.

To give you guys an update, I will do it in list form:

1.) KW got in late but safe.
2.) We had a great time hanging out in Michigan for a day and then driving back home.
3.) Being reunited with Penny was sweet and fun. She has been my buddy since.
4.) Remember back in Christmas when my mom was sick? Yeah, she is sick again. And they are not sure what is wrong and the doctors are doing a lot of tests.
5.) Also, my parents have pseudo adopted a cousin of mine, who is difficult and has a troubled past.
6.) This all means that I have been spending more time at home in Atlanta rather than with KW in Athens.
7.) I have also been away from a good computer connection...hence my absence from the blog.
8.) I have been trying to find a new doctor in Athens, and it has been difficult. One practice that I like can't see me till July 20 and the one I am not thrilled about can see me tomorrow...blerghs. What would you do?
9.) My brother left his Tivo in Athens with me...and I will never go without another one again!!!!

There is a ton more to say...I will try and parse some of it this next week. So, how are you?

Friday, June 12, 2009


KW's flight has been canceled...and then he got a new direct flight...and then that one has been delayed.

There are big storms in Atlanta.

Right now, I'll just take him getting here safe.

Prayers are always welcome!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

36 Hours!!!

please play this video from Arrested Development to listen to while you enhances all experiences)

It's the final Countdown!!!

I feel the same way, Buddy.

I am starting to get a little sad about leaving the school that has been so good to us and the people that I have loved getting to know. I am more than thrilled to leave the weirdos that I do not like! HA!

I know we will keep in touch with the people we truly like, especially with the invention of Facebook.

My plans for the next 36 hours? Pack up my clothes and hope that everything will fit into the back of the Jeep, do a prayer and voodoo dance around the Jeep to last till we get to Athens, clean and dance around in anticipation of being reunited with my family.

I will see you, Lil' Princess, in a few shorts days and I promise tons of belly rubs. I know you will have a good time hanging out with your grandpa and dog cousins while dad male roommate* picks me up.

I may not post for a few days while in transition. Talk to you next from the Peach State!**

*when we first got Penny, KW refused to be called dad and would scream, "she is not my daughter, she is my roommate!" I am not a big advocate of dog=baby, but both of us know she is more than an animal roommate.

**Fun Fact-Georgia does not produce the most peaches in the US. That honor goes to South Carolina. Georgia does produce the most peanuts (or did at some point) but did not want to be called The Goober State. Wise decision, GA.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Can of Worms, part 1

Here is where I start opening up that mommy blogging can of worms...okay? I am starting to have a lot of birthing and baby questions, and I am not satisfied by what Google is telling me. So I am asking you, the blogosphere, for your opinions. You can tell me I am crazy, and I won't hate you...much. You can give me your honest-to-goodness-scare-the-crap-out-of-me truth. I think I'm ready to hear it.
Are you ready? I'm not.

But here it goes.

I am currently looking into my options of how to get this child out of me when* (hopefully around Nov 20th) it is done cooking. My mom has always advocated for the epidural and my sister in law had scheduled c-sections for hers (because of health problems). So I started asking around and I have several friends that are Bradley Method completely natural...and at first that just scared the pants off me. But now, it seems like there are some benefits that I can get on board with...and maybe I might be able to do it? Ugh, I don't know. The one thing I do know...I don't want to limit my options. People have said that if you have a midwife or a doula that your likelihood of not taking drugs/pitocin go way down. But is it necessary? How do you find one?

I am currently looking for a new doctor when we move to GA, and I didn't really interview my last one because I knew she wouldn't be the one at the end. So, do you "interview" doctors? How do you do this? Even though this move to GA may not be our final move before the baby comes,* I think I should treat it like it is...right? Blerghs, this is all so confusing.

So if you can shed any light on the following areas:
-What birthing option did you try for/end up with? Like or Dislike?
-How instrumental was your doctor in keeping with your birth plan?
-Did you use a doula/midwife?
-Did you interview doctors (or midwives)? How did that go?


*if--yeah, I'm still too scared to be is a quirk of mine. Call me superstitious or crazy. I just want to let God, the baby, and the universe know that I KNOW I am not in control and nothing with this is 100% for sure.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Maybe I have more substance than I thought

Alright, I will admit it. I love stupid reality tv. Not the "I'm a celebrity Get me out of here" variety or Big Brother or even American Idol. The faux-scripted the Hills.

However, I actually had to turn off the last episode of the Hills (where Heidi and Spencer get married). I was watching to see Lauren's last episode, but I can't handle all the Speidi. It is too much.

Some-Friend of Heidi: "Heidi, which champagne bottle should we open first?"
Heidi: "The most expensive!"

SFoH: "What is the wedding going to be like?"
Heidi: I want it to be over the top and dripping with diamonds...

Ugh, I just can't handle it.

I can handle the stupid over the top indulgences every other week, but why not this one?

Is it because there is supposed to be a marriage in there, under the hoopla? And being Catholic, my nature is to think of marriage as a sacrament (that which brings you closer to God)...

Now, I'm not saying I got married in a potato sack carrying a pack of carnations, but this over the top-ness is too much. The same goes for the Whose Wedding Is It Anyways and that new Hitched or Ditched show. It skeeves me out.

Maybe you can do a lavish wedding and still be focused on the wedding but it sure seems difficult. For me, my mom was the one who wanted to pomp and she focused on that...I focused on making sure I was married by the end of the day. It worked for me.

All this to say: Kdubs mocks my addiction to pop culture fairly frequently saying things like, "You are very smart, why do you watch/read such dumb things." I usually answer, "well, War and Peace gets a little dull the 18th time around." But maybe turning off the Hills signals that I may be less addicted to pop culture than I expected.

Hold on, there is some new updates to Popsugar. BRB!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

On My Own

Sing the title out with all of your Les Mis goodness...

Sidenote 1: is it just me or is the singing voice in your head much more talented and less pitchy than the one coming out in your throat? Yeah, I thought it was just me.

I have a lot of free alone time on my hands with K-dubs being in Georgia. And I have found some non-creative but all together lovely ways of filling them.

1.) Watching pointless TV and movies on Hulu (and the non-gov't sanctioned Hulu type sites), catching up with programs on their respectable network sites (I'm not trying to be illegal, I promise), and watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune with the roommates (can anyone tell me why the stupidest person always wins WOF?).

2.) Keeping my stuff clean so I do not let my roommates on to how big of a slob I am.

3.) Making dinner with and for the roommates (it is a lot of fun cooking for people who haven't eaten everything I make and aren't lactose intolerant).

4.) Went to the doctor for my last Ann Arbor check up. I got to hear the heartbeat and everything seems good.

5.) I have also been working out regularly. This is very good because I was worried I was gaining weight too quickly after my time with nausea that could only be calmed with hangover food. I have given up my tater tot ways and with my new energy have gotten myself back to the gym.

6.) I have also taken to reading...A TON! Right now I am working on the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde My sister in law got me into it, and they are so good. It is totally unlike any other book I have ever read. It is weird, and I had to suspend reality a bit when reading it. But the characters are so great and the plot is wonderful!

Also reading, Clive Cussler books with my nephew, Mikey
He is a really advanced reader but his mom doesn't want him to read stuff that is too advanced in content (sexuality or other themes). These books seem to be a perfect fit. A lot of action, some history, great characters, and fast plot. It also is wordy enough to slow him down a bit. He is like me in that he can gobble a 200 page book in a day.

If you have any other suggestions on what to do with some alone time, I would love to hear it. New books, activities? I have 10 more days alone, and I need to fill it up!
Sidenote 2: isn't that a much less whinier way of saying, "BLAGH! I AM WITHOUT KW FOR 10 MORE DAYS! WAHHHHHH!!!"

Friday, May 29, 2009

I got the better end of the deal

With Kdubs and I be apart for 17 total days (we are 3 down and counting people!), I thought I was getting the raw end of the deal. I shall demonstrate my theory in list form:

How TRS thought she was getting the shaft:
1.) I had to come back to Michigan, where it still gets cold!
2.) I'd have to live with roommates (the kind you can't walk naked around cause they didn't say, "till death do us part" which of course includes the cellulite-is-no-grounds-for-abandonment clause) for the first time in 6 years.
3.) He got to be in the cutest house in Athens
4.) My work days are long, and my nights are lonely :-(
5.) I have a need (like oxygen) to be touched. Like one of those sad kids that never got touched as children and can't get enough of it so they do crazy things...yeah, I think that will be me in a few days.*
6.) Kdubs sucks at talking on the cell phone
7.) I don't have a kitchen to cook dinner or proper cable to watch tv. And KW was getting my brothers leftover Tivo (don't even get me started on what a leftover tivo is...I'm just glad to have it).

How I figured out that I actually got the better end of the deal:
1.) Michigan for all of my bitching is at its best this time of year and my non-AC car is holding up well in this weather (it will not when I am back in GA).
2.) I have some kick ass friends here. Each one of them has invited me over for dinner the past few nights (I only ate by myself one night and that was a choice--my future roommates invited me over for dinner before they packed and I thought we would have enough time together in the future). I also got one of my awesome preggo headaches yesterday at 3 and I had two people call and check up on me. They all have indulged my paranoia and checked in on me to make sure some serial killer hasn't gotten me.
3.) While I have very little in my apartment that is mine...what is mine is very neat and tidy. This never happens with all of my stuff. Maybe the zen minimalism has some advantages. Or maybe it is just nice to know that if I put something up, it stays up, and if I don't my new roommates will notice and judge.
4.) work isn't fun but I like being able to have some quality time with my office friends and it has been nice to have lunch with a good book every day (sometimes with a friend too). Nights are still lonely and I've had a hard time sleeping, but not as bad as I have been before (read first years of marriage in which I would cry until KW came back).
5.) I miss hugs and back rubs and the such, nothing can be done about it. Except maybe the pedicure message chair *
6.) After much consternation (which involved finding a new charger for the cell phone he never uses and teach him how to use it), KW has been very good at talking to me at several points of the day. He even says he misses me each time.
7.) I am very good at eating out by myself and the extra three pounds I've gained are going to have to be watched but since crunches are out of line...I'll just visualize them in my head

So, just for me...some Friday eye candy

Jim Halpert has nothing on him.

*It is a widely told tale in my household that growing up I could not get enough of hugs. If someone was hugging somewhere, I needed to part of it. My parents indulged me as a toddler to be in the middle of their hugs and still love to tease me about it now (even though I can see over both their heads). My mom, who is not a big hugger, used to say, "that it is impossible to hug you too just won't let go." I won't. And I found the only person in the world who won't pull away until I am done with the hugging. (maybe this is my apt is always messy.)

I feel the need to add at this point, that I know that 17 days is nothing. I have a friend who just found out she is pregnant and her husband is being deployed for 16 months starting in September. See?!? no real complaints, here!?!? I'll take it, please don't make me switch with her!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy Week

In the past week, there have been a lot of changes in my life.
1.) Kdubs graduated law school

I have like 3 gazillion pictures (cause I was taking pictures for the school), but I love these close shots of him! So cute.
2.) Why am I all gushy and weird about him right now? Because he moved to Athens and we have to be apart for 17 days. We are currently on day 15. I am holding up tolerably well (read: I am not crying uncontrollably just not 100% happy).
3.) We moved all of our stuff to my parents house (which entailed an 11 hour car ride that took 16!). Got Kdubs settled in Athens (sorta).
4.) AND John and Libby got married this weekend!

This is just a picture from the rehearsal

I'm so happy that Libs is part of the family I could squeal...and well I did.

All in all things are going well. Baby seems fine, my new roommates are moving in on Friday, and my friends are taking great care of me.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Seersucker Friday

While living in DC, I loved how every Friday in the summer all of the Southern Republicans would come out in their seersucker suits. It made me smile, and I brought mine out every random Friday or so to show my southern pride.

Because I will not be able to wear my suit for much of the summer (thanks expanding waist line), I thought I would break it out today!

I'm not sure if Easter marks the time to start wearing seersucker or if I should have waited till after Memorial Day. According to wikipedia: In the South, the genteel rule of thumb is that it is appropriate to wear between Easter and Labor Day. When worn in the North, Memorial Day through Labor Day is considered the appropriate time for wear. It is widely considered a fashion faux pas to wear seersucker at the wrong time of the year.

So I hope you all will forgive me, if it is minor faux pas since the Midwest is not really the North (according to Midwesterners) and I am heading south in 3 days.

Today is Kdubs last day of finals and law school and tomorrow is his graduation. I am so proud of him. It deserves its own post next week, which I will hopefully be able to include pictures! Since I am working graduation as their photographer, I should have some good ones!

On Sunday, we are moving him to Athens, GA to start Bar Prep and I am spending the week in Atlanta getting ready for my brother, Choppy's, wedding. It is going to be a busy busy next week and a half. But it is all good things so there will be a big smile on my face no matter what.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

TONIGHT at 8PM-For you Kelly

Bones season finale is tonight

I am so freaking pumped!

If you do not watch Bones, you should, but you may not want to start tonight. Cause tonight has been building for a LONG time. But I would highly recommend watching back issues on Hulu or Project Free TV.

If you want to know more about bones, click here.

But here is the sounds like a CSI or Law and Order but it is 100% different and better.
It is smart and funny and dammit sexy.
But such are things with David Boreanaz...

I never watched Buffy or Angel, but Special Agent Seeley Booth makes me want to cheat on my first celeb crush..

Sorry John...
But I'll be right back at you at 9...
Good night of TV

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Telling people

So, if you couldn't tell from reading everything at "What the H is going on?," I have been having mixed emotions about telling people.

I had a hard time telling KW.

I struggled about when to tell my parents (story to come).

But a big thing about telling people is fear:
Fear that this baby might not make it past the tumultuous first trimester and I would have to go about telling people bad news and taking sympathy (which I don't do well-but really who does? Shirley Maclaine maybe?)

Fear that people would judge me as one of those judgey breeders that lurk here. The Breeders say things like, "Oh you don't have kids, but don't you want them...everything is insignificant compared to motherhood...." I know that I take things wrong, but I didn't want to be part of this club that I had grown to hate over the past few years. I didn't want to be lumped in as one of them.

I also don't take squealing very well. You tell someone you are pregnant and if they don't have a Y chromosome their voice goes up 6 octaves. When I was first pregnant and scared of miscarriage at every step, I just couldn't match the enthusiasm. To be fair I was also dealing with, "YEAH, but we might have to have this kid overseas or in another state...and I don't know when I'll know where I am going to be!!!!" To say there was a lot to process in a small amount of time would be a fair assessment.

Needless to say, now that it is out...I am happy that I don't have to hide things from people (probably would have been nice when I was super nauseous), but people get upset that I didn't tell them sooner or that I am not jumping up and down or they want to ask questions (they are just polite, making conversation questions, but i just want to drop the bomb and then change the subject-I don't want to make the conversation about me).

I had one person ask, "they why did you blog about it?" Because, dear readers, this is where I talk about it. This is where I put my thoughts in some sort of disorganized form. This is where I ask advice and seek attention. Why here and not the real world? Maybe cause I can ignore this if I want to and the ostrich inside me likes that!

I was thinking of doing a series of posts asking y'all questions: birthing stories, opinions on controversial issues, etc. I know that those are opening cans of worms, but I'd rather open them myself than have them spilled down the front of my clean shirt.

So, first question for the blogosphere (and I know I've asked it before for a friend), which books on pregnancy, birth and babies did you love or hate? What would you recommend?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy Dreams

Ever since I have become pregnant, I have had crazy dreams. Okay, to be fair to myself, I have always had very vivid and creative dreams...but these are some doozies. And they tend to fall into two categories:

S*x dreams (which I have never had before) and Disturbia version of real life dreams.

The first kind I chalk up to hormones. They say hormones do crazy things, and I tell you these dreams are so realistic it is bananas. I usually have make-out dreams when I am making out with Kdub or some Kdub-headless-amorphous blob. Very rarely is it someone else. But these dreams. Totally random and different people. People I know in real life. and one very good looking man I don't: Mr. John Krasinksi. That is right, ladies. This showed up in my dreams last night.

And I'm not complaining

Now usually, I save my vocal love for Johnny K to Jen's Hot Guy chat line on Daily Dish. But I had to come out and say it today.

Funny thing, in the dream, I was a Dunder Mifflin employee that was about to get fired but talked Michael out of it. Jim and Pam were not together yet, and I assured Jim that our affair would not get in the way when they did get together (they are perfect together but right now, he was mine!). Oh, and the entire Office was on a road trip Beverly Hillbillies style with stuff attached to all the cars and making stops at questionable trucker venues.

Besides the point it was good dream. And Kdubs knows my love of Johnny K and just asked "do you love Jim or the actor, cause that makes a difference, you know!?!?" I told him very politely that if one or the other comes up in real life, I'd take it.

(side note: KW never says anything about having celeb crushes because he knows he lives in with a complete unfair double standard about this...and I love him for accepting it.)

The second type of dreams:
There have been ones when my baby is red-headed freckled and SQUARE and I am trying to give it a bath in a bar sink at my parents house. Oh and my mom keeps dressing the baby without a diaper and the baby (who is a boy) is peeing EVERYWHERE! I may also accidentally drown it, but it comes out okay in the end.

Another, I am hanging out with Dooce (who I don't read very often) at her house in San Francisco (even though she lives in Utah) and meet her daughter, Leta...Leta's ethnic friend, Dora, and Dooce's new daughter (who is yet to be born) but in my dream she is 3 weeks old but looks 3 years old and, unfortunately, very unattractive. We hang out, I admire her kooky style and boho living. And I leave.

Weird, I tell you.
These hormones are CRAZY!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Flabbergasted Friday-The Announcement

12 weeks and 3 days along
2 drs. appts down
hardly any nausea anymore
VERY tired still

More Info Here. I had to put my thoughts somewhere. I will integrate back to TRS soon.