Monday, August 10, 2009


I have to set up my registry asap!
What do you register for? What shouldn't you register for?
What are the MUST HAVES?

I NEED HELP! Pass it along!


Cita Online said...

No idea on the baby registry side. But you MUST check out my blog today ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey TRS! You can register for whatever you think you'll want / need for bambino :)

I registered at and for Bum Genius cloth diapers, cloth wipes, a diaper sprayer, Born Free glass bottles, Medela breastpump accessories, a few baby-wearing items, Bravado nursing bras, Glamourmom nursing tops, Aden & Anais muslin swaddles, and a bunch of little stuff like fingernail clippers and thermometers and organic cotton onesies and sheets.

I already had a car seat, an exersaucer, a bouncy seat, a crib, a Moses basket, a Babyhawk Mei Tei, a Moby Wrap, a Mayawrap Ring Sling, and a bunch of miscellaneous baby toys from the older 2 boys, so my registries weren't huge.

The truth is, babies don't need much really - - a car seat, a comfy place to sleep, diapers, a few clothes, and some sort of comfy carrier to keep them close to you when you're out and about. At first, they only want to eat and be near you anyways :)

Don't agonize . . . have fun with it!

amanda said...

do you have a baby mama friend to take with you?? one that might have had her babe not to long ago? that helped me a ton!

but my advice - register for it all! even if you think you won't use it. scan it anyways. you can always take it back later when you just need diapers!

laugh every day said...

hey! I'm going to be doing a blog post soon about our must-haves, but I will tell you now, the biggies are: bumbo, boppy, swing... Number one from the start, the boppy - LOVE. IT.

Threeboys1mommy said...

Squeee! I just thought about you all randomly like and decided to drop by. I had no idea you were expecting... or maybe I did... so many of my blogging buds are, it's hard to keep track.

Okay on to registry- I think one bed is all you need. Some people get bassinets, and play yards, and the crib, excessive! Just the crib is fine and maybe a swing that you can scoot around the living room and kitchen.

Don't go over board on the bedding- I bought PB crib bedding, cost a fortune, and once the baby is 5-6 months they start grabbing and pulling at EVERYTHING, oh yeah and they spit up a lot.

Go gender neutral on the big stuff that you can use again car seats, strollers etc.

Lots of burp cloths and swaddling blankets, they spit up constantly so you'll want to have plenty of fresh ones on hand.

What to expect your first year-book

Finally-TARGET should have everything you need!

Have fun and make sure to share the baby shower with us!

Have fun