Monday, July 31, 2006

More-Or-Less-Moot Monday

Okay, So Blogspot did NOT want me to download pictures right I was doing a pictureless version of More-or-less-Moot Monday, but it has fixed itself...yeah! And NO! I am not going to pick the obvious and talk about how it is more or less moot to post my More-or-Less-Moot Monday posts without being able to download pictures. And NO! I will not pick the obvious, D.C. Metro system, that gets me to work an hour late every other day as my choice for this More-or-Less-Moot Monday blog. So what will I choose?:

Yes, is one of the great bastions of online book sales, and if you know me, you know I love books! But I am looking at how to sell books back, and it DOES NOT make sense! Can't I just return them like I would an ill-fitting dress from or the unfortunate choice of underwear from VS? No, and itis not clear from the outset what you are supposed to do. You have to register your book, sell it, and then find a seller, but dear readers, what do I do with said book. Do I send it to Amazon? keep it till it is needed? what? I can't figure it out! This process falls under the categories of things and do not let you see all the steps necessary to participate ahead of time. This irks me and makes me not want to do it. Humph. But since its for work, I have to.

Anyway, trying to sell back books on amazon is more or less moot on this More-or-Less-Moot Monday.

Now I am not as fancy as Shannon over at Rocks in My for right now, I will update it with people who leave comments on what works for them!

Friday, July 28, 2006

So, What are we doing this weekend?:
-Packing up as much as we can
-tying up loose ends
-Visiting our Nephews and niece. (the joys of my life-more on them later)
-Doing a girls/guys afternoon...I am going to do brunch and nails with Kristi and KW is going to go to an O's game with his workmate David (not to be confused with Dave).

Please leave a post to lift up our packing dredged spirits.

Feel Good Friday

So I am now participating in "Feel Good Friday," which is supported by the lovely ladies at Diva Spot. Its a fun blog to browse.

What is making me feel good this Friday?:

My office is hosting a farewell lunch for me and my cubemate Melissa, and they are serving CHICK-FIL-A. This fast food haven is Atlanta born and southern based. They have a Christian based mission and is a truely amazing organization (I will have to espouse the virtues of Chick-fil-a later...lets just say: I did a masters essay on it-its that good). To round things out (mainly my bum)...I had Chick-fil-A last night because we are trying to savor the last vestiges of Southerness that we can (even though DC is not the south). Where we live in DC is the closest the area has to Chick-fil-A and since there is not one in Ann Arobr..THE CLOSEST ONE IS IN OHIO!, I am savoring the deliciousness that is Chick-fil-A while I can. I have strategically placed pictures to make you drool.

*Chi-Chi-Lay was one of my first words-thats how much I love this stuff!

What makes me feel good this Friday: Chick-fil-A!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

100 things...

So, I just found out (when I was reading about Faithful Mommy, who just got blogger of the week) that when you hit the 100 post mark you are supposed to do a "100 things about me" post. Now, I haven't hit 100 posts on this site, but I'm sure I'm closing in on it with posts from my last blog. So to bore you to death, I am going to work on my 100 things about me...Hopefully stuff you didn't know! (I found a lot of similarities with mine and Faith, so I am kinda working off of hers.) Please feel free to comment.
1. My name is Alexandria after the "woman of questionable morals and attitude" (5 letters, rhymes with witch--my mom said this!) from General Hospital. Not really a nice thing to be named after since my brothers were named after uncles and priests.
2. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia
3. Yes, I was born in downtown Atlanta (odd, I know) and I was raised all around the city and suburbs.
4. I was married to KW when I was 23
5. We have been together for 5 years now.
6. We want four children eventually
7. And we constantly talk of adoption.
8. KW and I are exact opposites and of one mind...All the time
9. I was raised Catholic
10. I went to a non-denominational church for several years in college to see what it was about and work with middle school kids.
11. My parents consider this my rebellion.
12. I have two younger brothers, and we are very close in age
13. And like each other, sometimes. I love them, but they are boys and like to do their own thing.
14. I was raised around a bunch of boys and always was embarrassed when I had to act like a girl
15. My dad is from Atlanta, his mom is from Atlanta...That makes me a third generation Atlantian (really rare, I swear!)
16. I don't have a heave southern drawl but I kinda wish I did.
17.I have promised myself that if I start sounding like a Michiganer...I'm implementing a full on southern twang to counteract it!
18.I am too much like my mom for either of our own good.
19. I love daisies and orange/peach roses and Dogwoods!
20. I am a rule follower - most of the time. (I don't LIKE to break the rules)
21. I hate wearing shoes. I think it was all the Catholic school regimented shoe-wearing.
22. It took me until last year to really want to wear skirts again after wearing a uniform skirt for 6 years in high school. Skirts can actually be nice when they are not plaid and polyester! Who knew!?!
23. All my life growing up. I wanted a best friend. My brothers played together all the time (and I would join, but not the same). I wanted some one to "get me" not make fun of me.
24. I met my best friend 5 years ago in Washington, DC while I was up for an internship.
25. I actually had a crush on KW for a year before we met in DC.
26. In case you didn't know it KW is my best friend
27. I thought that my relationship with KW would be a summer fling! Yeah, I was right about that?!?
28. My nicknames are many and varied: Alex, Ali, Ali baba, Baba, Baba binki, Binki, Gertrude (my brother started calling me this when I was 17, when I asked why he calls me that, the answer is always because its short for Gertoskovich--yeah he's silly like that), Erma (each member of my family has an ugly name given to them by my dad (he also does the other names)...This is mine.
29. Nothing in particular scares me, but I get scared all the time--I'm just paranoid y'all.
30. I am so paranoid that my friend in HS gave me a button that said "I'm only paranoid because everyone is trying to kill me." It seemed to fit.
31. My mom always said, "God will take care of you." and I always thought, "I'm giving God a little bit of help."
32. I love thunderstorms! ALL THE TIME! I miss the good ones in ATL.
33. I hate paper cuts!
34. I went to an all girls camp from when I was 8-17. It shaped me into the woman I am, it gave me some confidence, taught me to lead and to be lead, and helped me learn what a good relationship with God is.
35. I love pets but they don't always love me.
36. I would love to have a dog, but I want to be able to give it enough attention.
37. I rode horses since I was 12. I owned the sweetest horse in the world, who had no idea that he as a horse (he thought he was as big as a puppy, when he wanted to cuddle).
38. KW wants a German Shepard so bad he could spit.
39. He wants one because he thinks he is a "German" (with his German heritage) and a Shepard "he loves to take care of everyone"
40. I love photography, but I never remember a camera, EVER!
41. I love to paint, I'm not great at it, but I wish I was good enough to make that my living.
42. I have pale skin...It doesn't like sun, so I don't like the sun by default!
43. My eyes are crazy. They are blue sometimes and green sometimes. Its like crazy hypercolor!
44. Before 5th grade, I would lie about anything
45. My parents had to sit me down and tell me that no one would trust me EVER if I kept up, so I worked really hard to quit lying...I still try to tell the truth as much as possible so I am always believable.
46. I love to read. All the time. Check my purse, there will always be one book in there for "reading emergencies."
47. I do NOT like people touching my feet.
48. I do NOT like getting my nails done, because I feel like I am wearing someone else's hands...Don't ask
49. I was very shy throughout highschool. My biggest ambition was to blend with the lockers.
50. The day I started college, that all changed!
51. I have always cared what people thought of me. And I get hurt because of that.
52. I'm always trying to get a tougher skin
53. I love Diet Coke, and I am constantly trying to get off of them. Its so hard!
54. My favorite adult beverage is Miller Lite. I am a cheap date (yeah KW)
55. I have to pay the bills in my house, but I am not good at it.
56. My hair was blond growing up, but started turning that mousey brown color as I got older. My mom got me into highlighting it...So I have continued the tradition. Except for the rare times I dye it dark brown for fun!
57. I do not like to drink water. I know its good for you, and I force myself to drink, but I don't like it! You hear!
58. I love being southern, but I have actually never watched Gone with the Wind...Its too emotional for me.
59. I do not like fat but it likes me.
60. I do NOT like crowds, I get very scared.
61. I like to travel, but I am a homebody
62. This tends to make me a smig of an agoraphobic.
63. I love different types of music.
64. I have played violin and piano, but neither really well.
65. I do not own an iPod.
66. I love chocolate chip-less cookies.
67. I have always had a security blanket...I'm not sure if I could ever get rid of it.
68. I am electronically challenged. I think it genetic.
69. That's my favorite color - Green! But if you know me...This is obvious.
70. I don't like going to the bathroom in public restrooms...I avoid it if possible
71. I LOVE French fries
72. It is my desire to have a small cottage style house and fill it with love and family.
73. I am going to have my kids call my mom, Goose. After Mother goose (my dad always calls her mommy goose)
74. I have been learning American Sign Language since I was in 2nd grade.
75. I am can sign but I cannot read because I have never signed with anyone really. I just learned because a girl in my elementary school was deaf and got second in the school spelling bee. I thought it was cool and wanted to learn sign language in case she wanted to talk to me.
76. I lock my doors as soon as I am in the car and the apartment (paranoid remember?)
77. I have never broken a bone (knock on wood)
78. But I have been knocked unconscious more than 2 dozen times. I went through a spell when I was 8-12 where I would slip and hit my head all the time. If you think that this is what makes me the way I am, you are probably right. Good for you!
79. I love to invent things.
80. I also love to make things better and invent things
81. I am not a good bargain shopper, I just buy more of a good deal
82. My favorite moments are doing things that "boys" tell me I cannot do. See. 12, 13, 14.
83. I love purses!
84. I dance all the time. Not well. But like I am in a music video. I don't know why.
85. I sing out loud in the car. I have no shame with this. I love it.
86. I wear a size 10.5 shoe. No one makes a 10.5 shoe. This also explains 21.
87. I always want to improve myself in all ways.
88. I don't have very good self-esteem! see above.
89. I know that I have had a blessed life.
90. I like to make people feel at home, all the time. I think its built in southern trait.
91. I could live on three spices: Salt, Pepper, Garlic Salt.
92. I like to bake and cook, but I am not great at it yet.
93. I hate cleaning up after baking
94. I do not like chocolate except once in a blue moon.
95. KW and I made a deal when we got married. I would do all the chores necessary except taking out the garbage. I hate it.
96. We are always discussing what constitutes garbage...Old food in the fridge: I say its garbage.
97. I'm a push-over! And HOW!
98. I am very nervous about moving to Michigan.
99. I am looking for a job. Any help is appreciated.
100. I love Cheese but since KW is lactose intolerant, I have to get my fix on the side. Poor KW.

WOW, sorry that was long. I'm sure you didn't need to know that much, but ohwell.

Treasure Tuesday on Thursday

So I have been cruising around the web, connected by Shannon's "Rocks In My Dryer," and I found this blog, called "Faithful Mommy." Yes, they are full of good sound womanly advice. You won't find alot of tips on Fantasy Football or Truck shows (buy, hey maybe you will). They do alot of home repairs, taking care of kids, and taking care of yourself advice.

"Faithful Mommy" has started a link sight of "Treasure Tuesday" to have people share things that they treasure. Faithful Mommy posts pics of her house and things that she loves like her baby grand piano. I have plenty of stuff like that, but its all at my parents house. For those who don't know, I live in a VERY VERY small apartment. Since KW and I moved 400miles the day after we got married, we did not get to take any of these wonderful treasures with us. Hopefully, we will recieve some of these later when we move to Michigan.

So here is my Treasure Tuesday post on Thrusday:

Natural Ice Cherry

Not only is this the best Lip Balm EVER. It has SPF and tingles wonderfully when applied. When I got my first tube, I do not remember. I fell in love, but soon realized that I could not find any more. I created a massive tri-state search in every drugstore, grocery store, convenient store, department store. And still no luck. My youngest brother went on a trip (out west), and he came upon some at a ski lodge (of course they would be there, its pefect when you are skiing). He sent me several glorious tubes which I cherished. But then through the course of time, I used or lost them all. Then came the next statewide search. I found the yucky mint kind: NO GOOD. I emailed the company who assured me that this product was located at my local CVS or Walgreens (LIARS!). So I was going to the gas station one day with no Natural Ice on my mind (I had already switched to Burts Beeswax, which is good but it is no Natural Ice). And there on the checkout was a boot* full of Cherry flavored Natural Ice. I cleaned them out. Finally, two years later I ran out. I was devastated. Someone mentioned using, and I couldn't have typed fast enough. AND JOY OF JOYS they had it! I ordered 20 of them, delivered to my door and it was worth every red cent. They are now spread out in between my purses, coats, and drawers at home and the office. And thankfully, I will know where to go when I run out again.

My Treasure this Thursday and forever: Natural Ice Cherry.

*the boot wasn't an acutal used, leather boot it was an acrylic "show" boot...I don't know what it had to do with Natural Ice though.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More or Less Moot

If you have a hard time thinking of things that work for you, please join me for "More-or-Less-Moot Mondays" for my homage to Shannon's "Works for Me Wednesday"

Fake it Till you Make it

After reading so many wonderful posts on what works for people, I am at a lost at what works for me. I am feeling a bit blah to day (for many reasons, which would be too boring to post about), but whether you are suffering from boredom, sadness or ennuis (a fancy french word for the case of the sullens)...I find the term "FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT" works for me. Since I work in an office and deal with ALOT of people, I need to act happier than I feel. To get myself psyched up for being happy, I do several things:
1.) wear a really cute outfit--if I can. Although I would love to wear something as dull as I feel, I make myself wear something cute. I will sometimes get compliments on it, and that will always make me feel better
2.) List 5 things that are positive about the day (actually write it, not just think makes a difference to see it in writing). Not just "oh its sunny"...really something good. If it takes you awhile, its probably a good thing because that means you are really looking for the good.
3.) Find a focal point. Like women giving birth, find something that makes you smile and focus on it. This was good for me today:

How can you not smile at that face? Its great (and no I do not know that baby, I found him on the web and he makes me smile...which is even better).

4.) DANCE! I like to put on music while I'm doing chores and dance like you are in a music video. You know the good dancing. I also do the one when no one's looking...the crazy spazy kind. Both are good for different reasons.

While this is not a fail proof method, these work for me to lift myself out of the sullens.

Faking it till you make for me (I'm actually feeling a bit better already)

*it=being happy

Please head over to Shannon's Rocks in my dryer

More Comics

Better than Air-conditioning.

Can't You see why I love this comic strip (Prickly City:


* I hope that I am a friend like this to people and it is always good to know you have a few that will stick out a storm with you.

If you don't already check out Pearls before Swine, it is clever and sweet and rip-roaring hilarious.

Leaving the City of Learning

So Paris is called the "city of lights," I think that Washington DC can be considered the "city of learning" or maybe the "city of thought" -na, too much, "city of knowledge" -way too much, how about the "city of debate." I'm not sure what I will christen this city when I leave, but I will miss being around some of the smartest and most educated people in the country. D.C. is known to house the highest concentration of people with advanced degrees (including me!--I like being in that group). I definately will be sad to leave a town where people know whats going on in the country (and sometimes the world).

Friday, July 21, 2006

Georgia bound

On the Road again...
I'm on my way to Georgia.
I will keep writing throughout the day.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A letter to my dark mistress

Dear Diet Coke,

I know we have had many long, drawn out conversations about this at my desk, by the fridge, next to the vending machines. I think you know what is coming. I'm having second thoughts about us. "Oh, yeah!" you say, "I've heard this before." And you are right...I have weebled and wobbled on how I feel about you. I am off the wagon and on the wagon and back off. It is not fair the way I keep dragging our relationship out. You know I can't love you like I do forever. You are just not good for me. You maybe killing brain cells, hurting my immune system, and even causing me to retain the weight that you claim to want me to lose. And they won't let me keep drinking you when I get pregnant (whenever, that is).

Yes, we have had some great times. All those cocktails you've added a delightful fizz too, the slumber parties in high school, and those hot, summer vacations were you have kept me cool. AND YES, you have been helpful. You've kept me awake during cram sessions for school, all nighters, long road trips, and boring days at work...but you have a cost for all of that goodness.

Besides coming between me and my true love (who, you are correct, thinks you are no good for me), you cost a lot to maintain. $1.00-$1.39 to spend time with you on a whim is just not cost effective. Also, I hate to tell you also are dark and sticky. When I spill you (which I inevitably will do), you make everything sticky and even stain! That is the last straw. You just stained my beautiful white linen skirt that remained clean throughout the day, until you came by.

I really think this could be the end of us. Please try to make this easy on me. Stay away...well, after I stop the all night road trip tonight. It's always painful trying to get over someone you love, but I will do my best. Don't worry I will only have good things to say about you and will only think of our good times.



The NEW hair

On Tuesday of this week, I went in for my last hair appointment with Mohammed. I have an extreme love for Mohammed for several reasons:
1.) It took me forever to find a hair dresser who could do my highlights appropriately
2.) and NOT give me the Florence Henderson-mullet-do that for some reason my hair always depreciates to.
3.) He likes to talk AND not talk. He'll talk to me when I want to talk, he'll let me read my guilty pleasure magazines (Teen Vogue, Comso, etc.)
4.) AND he doesn't charge for the extra deep conditioning that makes my hair "silky and smooooth"

So I went and got my hair dyed dark:

No, that is not me (I wish I was that cute)...Since KW and I are neanderthals in the world of technology, I do not have a digital camera to take and post a pic of my new do. But this is what it somewhat looks like without so much layers. It will be nice because there will be less up keep and with an unknown amount of income for the future...less money will have to go to the hairdresser.

The funny thing is that everyone asks, "Does KW like it?!?" Real nervously, they whisper this phrase like my caveman husband might beat me senseless for changing my appearance. The truth is that he likes my hair closer to my natural color (although no one knows what that really is--trust me it is alot lighter than the dark brown I'm sporting now). Its definately fun to change the hair up every now and then. When I do get a pic, I will definately post it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

...Continued from below

The Roommate
Description: That one person who perfectly meshes with how you live.
SuperPowers: Indestructibley made to coexist with you! You both like the same sort of messiness, goofiness, t.v., music (of at least you can tolerate it)...and most of all she is the best around 2am.
Downfall: You can't live with the perfect roomate forever (and have a husband)

The Joey
Description: The guy who is your drinking with you, eats your food, sleeps on your couch, and makes out with your friends buddy. He is always ready to tag along on an adventure and entertain you when you are bored.
SuperPowers: Amazing abilities to search the web for entertaining things. Omniscent knowledge on how to get you drunk and when you desperately need it. Super amazing abilities to just go with the flow
Downfall: Hangovers

The GoodTime
Description: The one who you don't see alot anymore, but every once in awhile pops back into your life (just at the right time) to make you smile
SuperPowers: Having the best laugh in the world
Downfall: He is everyone's he's super busy

The friends that every one needs

I have been thinking alot lately about what I need to survive. And my friends definately qualify as a survival necessity (see my dark time when I first moved to DC with no friends). But even though you move away from friends, the good ones will still be there. These friends make it into the FRIENDS HALL OF FAME! So here are the people I think people need in there life:

Definition: The one you know will be there even if you insult them, laugh at them, are sad, bad, and mad. They may not know it, but just being able to live with you with no buffer...makes them up for sainthood.
Powers: Able to make you laugh out of a bad mood, knowing what irks you, knowing how to calm you down, and able to make you happy with a simple hand on the back.
Downfall: Not understanding IT, whatever IT maybe...but loves you anyway.

Definition: That one friend, who can travel with you, go to exciting places with you, hang out with you, cry with you. She's the do-all-friend.
Powers: Being amazingly excited and happy for you! No matter what it is about. Spurring you on to greatness, she is the one who thinks you can do anything and will be your cheerleader and your muse.
Downfall: Being as cool as she is, She's very in demand to be everybody's EB, and will probably be doing the amazing things that make her EB.

The Big Sister
Definition: Whether it is your actual big sister, or the big sis in your sorority, or just someone who seems like your big sister, every girl needs someone who is their role model and looks out for them.
Powers: Knows things years (or 18 months) ahead of you and readily passes down this information. Presents a seemingly perfect model of what you want to be like without seeming too good. Makes you feel special simply because she loves you. Knowing what you are thinking from 100s of miles away.
Downfall: Having a smartypants husband who makes her move away!
(to be continued...)

What works for me: Secret Words

What Works for Me: Secret Words

When my husband and I were starting to get serious, we began the practice of having "secret words" when we were with a group of people. One to say, "I love you," one to say, "Let's Go," and a few others. These words can be used in completely normal conversations..."Your GREEN plates are so beautiful, Georgeann!" could mean "Please get me out of this situation...I am freaking out!" I got this idea from my family having a secret password. If someone was to come and pick us up saying, "your parents sent me," we were supposed to ask for the password even if we knew who they were. Funny enough, when I was eight, my mom had a minor fender bender on the way to pick me up from school. She called her friend from a pay phone (way back before cell phones!) asking her to pick me and my two brothers up. The woman came said, "your mom was in an accident, Lets go home." Now, I somewhat recognized this woman (all adults look the same except for your mom) and I knew her kids in the car but I stopped my brothers from getting in the car and said, "whats the password?" Of course she didn't have it, and I wouldn't get in the car. The poor woman had to go drive to where my mom was dealing with the fenderbender...ask for the password...come back...tell me the password...and THEN I got in the car with her. She probably never did a favor for my mom again.

Nevertheless, I think having secret words to share for safety or to show your love is a great way to make special connections within your family. I am definately going to have special words with my kids to let them know I love them and their safe. I hope it will make them feel as loved and special as my secret words made me. Thats why they work for me.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Do you want to be a Diva?

brought to you by Spurgeon Preston Smith
What is the Appeal of Being a Diva?

With our drama-filled and drama-lovin' culture, are people finding an appeal to being maniacal (great word, Spurge-pictured Right) and downright nasty. When I was in drama (and not hiding in the lighting booth), I loved playing the wicked characters. Its fun to be someone without morals in a made up situation. But I pose this first food of thought...are people treating our world more like a made up situation, a place without consequences, and the people in it as meaningless. If you were/are a diva, then you would answer, "duh!" Thanks for the food for thought, Spurge.

Monday Roundup

Some funny stories left on my comments:
From a role model of mine from Furman:
I hope this isn't too racy for anyone out there, but the thing that just doesn't work for me is the NuBra. Have you heard of this thing? Basically, it's a strapless bra (and when I say strapless, I mean it doesn't have anything but the darn cups!) that adheres to your skin. I know, I know . . . this alone makes it sound like a very bad idea! I think that the whole point of the thing is to offer some, errr, coverage under strapless tanks/dresses/etc. without sliding down your body as the typical strapless is prone to do.Now, I see several problems with this design. #1) You are placing an adhesive object on a very, shall we say, sensitive part of the body. #2) As you sweat (and sorry, I do!), the adhesive gradually wears off. #3) As said adhesive wears off, the edges of this contraption slowly peel away from where it belongs, causing much pain and anxiety for the wearer. #4) You can't wash the thing. Enough said.Now, despite these obvious reasons for avoiding the NuBra, I caved under the pressure of my more fashion-conscious friends (read: friends without kids) who convinced me that this was the coolest new undergarment on the market. I decided one Sunday that I would wear my NuBra under an equally impractical top. I was determined to look "cute" (read: not covered in spit-up, snot, or other foreign baby substance) at church. I got dressed, took a long look in the mirror, and darn it, I looked cute!Later at church, while carrying Joshua on my hip, I noticed people staring at me a little longer than normal. I thought that they must be noticing how cute I looked! I told myself, "See, self, it IS possible to be a mom and look cute at the same time. Way to go!"Unfortunately for me, my bubble was burst as a complete stranger came up to me and forcibly yanked my impractical top up over what had previously been my half-exposed, NuBra-covered, left breast. Since the dreaded NuBra is flesh-colored, the whole church had probably been staring at me because they thought they were looking directly at my boob. Don't you love it?NuBra- it DOESN'T work for me!

From my best friend from Furman (who I think would also call K.Huck a role model):
I can't seem to get my digital pictures onto paper. I know I'll never be a scrapbooker because I'm infamous for starting projects and not finishing them. I'd much rather not ever start than spend all the money and have beautiful books with only a few pages filled in, nagging me each time I sit down to rest and making me feel guilty for not being one of those super creative can-do moms. So I just don't. Anywho... guess how many pictures are in iPhoto? 1,461. And counting. I have a snapfish account, but I'm too lazy/cheap/disfunctional to actually upload, order, and pay for prints. Real photographs: more or less moot.

Its Movie Review Time

So KW and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean with my brother, Choppy, and his non-girlfriend this weekend. It was allright. Some really cool fighting scenes, Kiera Knightley was tough (so thats good), Orlando Bloom was great, and the cinematography was beautiful...but***Spoiler Alert*** (Don't keep reading if you don't want this spoiled) ...there was no real ending, and I mean no resolution at all and the plot just kept going. It was kinda dissapointing. It was just a bridge to the third movie, which I will be happy to see. But I was greatly dissapointed by the end. But maybe it did its job: because I am totally up for the third installment.

My overall review:
IT !

Monday, July 17, 2006

More-or-Less Moot Monday

If you are needing some hints or a laugh before: May I submit for your approval:

My friend sent me a link to this wonderful website, which hosts a "Works for Me Wednesdays." Its typically women telling good mom-tricks-of-the-trade. Things like what works best for fussy babies, ways to stay organized, etc. I admire these women and think it is a great thing to put helpful hints for the poor fools like me who will be helpless when we have babies. But until I have helpful hints, I thought I would start a list of things that DON'T work. Things that are a waste of time, cause embarrasing situations, or are down right moot. Please feel free to leave your story of mootdom in the comments section.

For my first More-or-less-Moot Monday entry, Lean Cuisine lunches. These "good-for-you," portion controlled meals are pretty much worthless. Take this new brick oven style pizza...looks delicious on the cover but open the package and discover that your low-cal pizza treat is the size of a graham cracker and all of the toppings slide off after your first (out of 2) bites. After which you are starving and begin to devour anything that is edible in front of you.Lean Cuisine lunches...more or less expensive, more or less untasty, and more or less moot.

Friday, July 14, 2006

So Everyone has had a Bad Boss

Since I am going to see the new Devil Wears Prada movie soon with the greatest Dintern known to man (date to be determined), I thought I'd reread the book. I started reflecting on all of my bosses, the good...the bad...and the ugly. My devil from work was no where near the diva of the book or Naomi Campbell, but he (yes HE) could give them a run for thier money. Here is the latest story of a Naomi-ex-assistant dredging up old war stories.

Naomi Campbell finds new ways to hurt assistants

Naomi Campbell is being sued again by a third former assistant who claims she was subjected to "verbal, physical and emotional attacks." The assistant was 19 at the time and is seeking unspecified damages for "assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, reckless infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment." The suit claims Campbell struck her in the face with her Blackberry, slammed her against a wall, and slapped her repeatedly across the face because a piece of her luggage got left behind during a trip to Brazil. Additionally, Campbell threw a cell phone at her face during a subsequent outburst at the model's New York apartment. Another charge claims Campbell got pissed during an April 2005 photoshoot in Morocco over some forgotten clothing and left her assistant stranded in Morocco without money, tore up her passport and threw it into the swimming pool, and left her to pay the hotel bill. Lastly, at Campbell's Park Avenue home she ripped a sweater her assistant was wearing "off her neck" and accused her of stealing it.
Any diva can throw a phone at their assistant, but it takes a maniacal genius like Naomi Campbell to tear up their passport and leave them stranded in another country. How are people still agreeing to work for her? I hear one time she dangled an assistant above a tank of sharks until they were crying and admitted they stole a pair of jeans, and then she pretended to let them down but instead punched a hole through their face and threw them away in the garbage. True story.
Halfway through the story I thought, "Doesn't everyone have a boss that inflicts some sort of emotional damage? Does this mean I can sue my mean bosses? Or at least make them pay to keep me medicated? Where is this going to lead? Someone makes me cry and now I can sue for emotional damages. Awesome! Lets all sue!
But none of my bosses left me in a foriegn country with no way out and no maybe my life isn't that bad.

A message from the Middle East

For those who don't know about the Fund for American Studies, we have a program that is based in Crete that brings people from around the Middle East to study free market economics. The institute started yesterday, and we found out that some of our Palestinian students just made it out of the airport before the bombs went off. Here is an email from our Institute coordinator:

I know how worried you must be about the Institute, so I'll try to send more regular updates. Last night was the first orientation. To be honest, I don't think I've ever been as nervous---I just didn't know how things would turn out. It was actually one of the calmest orientations I've ever had. I'm sure that things will get intense soon, but at least there is a basis of friendship now, from the beginning.
After the orientation, so many students came up to me and thanked me
(TFAS) for not cancelling the program, for continuing to push forward.
The Lebanese told me that their parents had told them that even if they wanted to stay home, they would force their children to go to IIPES because they need it now more than ever. The parents hoped that maybe they could do more good for the region here than back home.
Some of our Palestinians have arrived, including a boy from Jenin. This is his third year trying to get here and he finally made it! It was his first time on an airplane, first time out of Palestine, etc., and he is going to be a real asset to the program. He told me "peace is not easy, but it's not hard either." His attitude is incredible. Over the last three years he has never once complained when he was stuck at the border; he always said, I'll try again next year.
There is a Palestinan and an Israeli here who work for cooperating think tanks, and they have researched together, etc. online. They both said in the orientation that they're so angry that they had to come to Crete to meet each other, when they live just moments from each other.
It really does seem to be an incredible group of students. This is going to be a tough month. They're emotional, they're exhausted, and I think they're desperate for any message of hope right now. I hope we can provide even a bit of that.
At least we're here together, which is a start. I'm worried about the alumni, of course. So far, everyone is safe. Some of the message groups are very peaceful, with messages of hope for stopping the violence. Some
('04 especially) are filled with incredibly angry and even hateful messages. No one can blame them, of course. The Israelis, especially in the north, are hiding in shelters. And you know what is going on in Lebanon.
Anyway, that's where we are at this point. We have some more orientation sessions today, and we will have some tours of Chania.
Hope all is well.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

go recess warriors!

My love of the south

I seem to label myself a bit (but don't we all). Someone at my office was laughing about my love of being southern because she said it reminded her of the manic loyalty that the Greeks have to their heritage. She even gave me a sheet of paper made by her Greek students entitled: 41 Reasons Why We Like Being Greek. So in this spirit, I am making Reasons Why I Like Being Southern. Please feel free to add:

1.) Because we call any type of carbonated beverage Coke. "What kind of Coke do you want?" "oh, I'll have Sprite thanks!"
2.) Because you NEVER visit anyone emptyhanded (stolen directly from the Greek list, but it still applies)
3.) Because we can simultaneously shorten any word or lengthen it by several sylables.
4.) We have our own version of history.
5.) Because a southern woman can complement with grace and cut you to your knees without you knowing the difference.
6.) Because we still show reference and respect to EVERYONE with a ma'am and a sir.
7.) Because we know the proper way to eat grits: with butter, salt and little pepper.
8.) Because we make seersucker look good.
9.) God is not a four letter word.
10.) Because everyone knows someone who knows you through your neighbor's sister's husband's nephew, who sat next to you in your 2nd grade class. Remember?
11.) Family is as prevelant as Kudzoo
12.) And Kudzoo seems beautiful until someone tells you that it kills

(to be continued)

Introducing the Husband: KW

Blogging Name: KW
Birthplace: Riverside, CA
Heritage: German and Irish (but he only likes to claim the German side). His family is from Buffalo, NY so there is a bit of Yankee in him events his family now resides in Greenville, SC
Age: 26 (I often mess this up and think he is a year younger)
Likes: Hard work and hardworking people, his family, the NBA (I know, its horrible but I love him inspite of it), doing things (esp. if it is free), exploring, sports in general, being quiet in crowds and noisy with just the two of us, and Food and lots of it (esp. if it is cheap).
Dislikes: Laziness, expensive food at small portions, people who hate Catholics, not being appreciated, and doing nothing.

This picture was taken by our friend Dave, who accompanies us on many of our adventures, when we went to this crazy sandwich place in Gaithersburg, MD called Roy's. KW is consuming the Bender Schmender with is 5-HUGE layers of meat. That picture is only showing half of the sandwich and one person. It was originally carried out by 5-6 people with cow bells and whistles...KW was in hog-heaven. More about his eating feats later.

Conservative Catholic Woman

This blog is a continuation from my old blog

Conservative Catholic Woman

It did not work out between me and that blog for two reasons:

1.) I did not end up having enough time when I started my new job.

2.) I lost the password.

So here starts my new journal about my journey "to the Great Wide Midwest" (ugh.--no, I mean yeah!). Let's see how long it takes me to forget this password.