Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Cdubs

A year ago today...we were blessed beyond measure.

We had a pre-birthday party after thanksgiving dinner.  And my godmother made Cdubs the same birthday cake she made me for my first birthday. 

She was not in love with all of the sugar...and mess.  She is her mother's daughter.

To say that I am so in love with my life as a mom and my daughter is the biggest understatement.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Cowardly Lion

There are many reasons that I am cowardly.  Many reasons that I don't do what I am supposed to do: trust in God.

My cowardliness has and will take a toll on my relationships.  So I am putting what I am scared of...out into the blogisphere:

1.) Going back to Austria.
Maybe our lifestyle will sound glamorous or exciting to someone.  However, not sleeping for 5 nights in a row in a hotel, husband and wife being stressed at each other with getting around foreign cities, and a baby striving for routine, does not feel glamorous.

I am scared to my core of going back.  As much as I hate being away from Kdubs for many weeks, I and the baby have thrived being in a stable environment.

2.) Not being a good mom.
I, so much, want to be a good mom and role model to my daughter.  And this takes a lot of thoughts, time, and it should

3.) Not being a good wife.
The balance between wife and mother is so hard.  When the question becomes, whose needs become more important?!?

There are many other things that I am scared of...but these are the top three.

What are you scared of?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween 2010

 I am a little late on updating about Halloween.  Well, story of my life it seems.  To play catch up:
1.) Kdubs has been gone back to Europe on a 40 day work excursion around Central and Eastern Europe
2.) Cdubs and I have been staying at my parents house in the ATL (we also spend some time with the in-Laws in SC). 
3.) We missed him, but we made it...
(and there was much rejoicing...yea!)

We were having a hard time picking out what Cdubs would be for Halloween, and by we, I mean me, my mom, my mother in law and my sister in law.  Not Kdubs. 

Since I hate making choices, we did two:
1.) (above) was the Monkey for the Monkey Baby, which is what my family calls her.
2.) (to the right) is Dorothy using the dress that Kdubs bought her from Belgium when I was pregnant...yes, before we knew our baby was a girl.
 We already had red shoes and I fashioned a wig out of yarn and a headband...I couldn't figure out how to make the back.  So it is like a reverse mullet.

I was the cowardly lion....fitting, right?

There is a whole post that needs to be written about my cowardliness at the moment.  But I also need to write Cdubs' birth story (now that it is almost a year past), travel tips with a baby, and show you all the craft that has been going on here.
I'll get to it.

But again, I use the Cdubs to distract and entertain:
As RuPaul and my great grandmother demonstrated, no one looks as good when the wig comes off.