Friday, May 29, 2009

I got the better end of the deal

With Kdubs and I be apart for 17 total days (we are 3 down and counting people!), I thought I was getting the raw end of the deal. I shall demonstrate my theory in list form:

How TRS thought she was getting the shaft:
1.) I had to come back to Michigan, where it still gets cold!
2.) I'd have to live with roommates (the kind you can't walk naked around cause they didn't say, "till death do us part" which of course includes the cellulite-is-no-grounds-for-abandonment clause) for the first time in 6 years.
3.) He got to be in the cutest house in Athens
4.) My work days are long, and my nights are lonely :-(
5.) I have a need (like oxygen) to be touched. Like one of those sad kids that never got touched as children and can't get enough of it so they do crazy things...yeah, I think that will be me in a few days.*
6.) Kdubs sucks at talking on the cell phone
7.) I don't have a kitchen to cook dinner or proper cable to watch tv. And KW was getting my brothers leftover Tivo (don't even get me started on what a leftover tivo is...I'm just glad to have it).

How I figured out that I actually got the better end of the deal:
1.) Michigan for all of my bitching is at its best this time of year and my non-AC car is holding up well in this weather (it will not when I am back in GA).
2.) I have some kick ass friends here. Each one of them has invited me over for dinner the past few nights (I only ate by myself one night and that was a choice--my future roommates invited me over for dinner before they packed and I thought we would have enough time together in the future). I also got one of my awesome preggo headaches yesterday at 3 and I had two people call and check up on me. They all have indulged my paranoia and checked in on me to make sure some serial killer hasn't gotten me.
3.) While I have very little in my apartment that is mine...what is mine is very neat and tidy. This never happens with all of my stuff. Maybe the zen minimalism has some advantages. Or maybe it is just nice to know that if I put something up, it stays up, and if I don't my new roommates will notice and judge.
4.) work isn't fun but I like being able to have some quality time with my office friends and it has been nice to have lunch with a good book every day (sometimes with a friend too). Nights are still lonely and I've had a hard time sleeping, but not as bad as I have been before (read first years of marriage in which I would cry until KW came back).
5.) I miss hugs and back rubs and the such, nothing can be done about it. Except maybe the pedicure message chair *
6.) After much consternation (which involved finding a new charger for the cell phone he never uses and teach him how to use it), KW has been very good at talking to me at several points of the day. He even says he misses me each time.
7.) I am very good at eating out by myself and the extra three pounds I've gained are going to have to be watched but since crunches are out of line...I'll just visualize them in my head

So, just for me...some Friday eye candy

Jim Halpert has nothing on him.

*It is a widely told tale in my household that growing up I could not get enough of hugs. If someone was hugging somewhere, I needed to part of it. My parents indulged me as a toddler to be in the middle of their hugs and still love to tease me about it now (even though I can see over both their heads). My mom, who is not a big hugger, used to say, "that it is impossible to hug you too just won't let go." I won't. And I found the only person in the world who won't pull away until I am done with the hugging. (maybe this is my apt is always messy.)

I feel the need to add at this point, that I know that 17 days is nothing. I have a friend who just found out she is pregnant and her husband is being deployed for 16 months starting in September. See?!? no real complaints, here!?!? I'll take it, please don't make me switch with her!


The Mrs. said...

hey look 17 days still sucks. Especially when its not the normal way of living for you. I mean its normal to us, cripes its like water to a fish, but there are still times it sucks and right now is one of them. Blame your hormones. That always works.

And not having proper cable, really, I'm serious, my heart hurts for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, hang in there, TRS. 17 days is a really long time, sweet pea. Maybe you should make one of those pre-school-esque construction paper countdown things. You know - - the ones where you tear off a loop each day? That helps me and the boys when Brent is out of town for his MDiv classes.

Erin said...

You can do it! :)

Krystyn said...

You definitely got the better end of the deal! It's hot here!!!!