Monday, December 07, 2009

The First Week

Baby has her days and nights confused.
We (and I mean me because Kdubs can't successfully nap during the day) are up all night. She is not necessarily fussy, she just doesn't want to be put down to sleep.

She nurses like a champ but my nipples aren't handling it as well. Cracked and I think a few plugged ducts from where my belly bandit was rubbing up against the bottom of the boobs. TMI? Sorry, there is no such things after birth.

I definitely have the weepies. But I know it is a combo of the impending move, lack of sleep, being overwhelmed by the baby and finding out that Kdubs will have to leave before us (which is good for the grandparents, doctor's visits, and getting the apartment in Vienna set up...but bad for me).

Have to run, time to feed...ouch.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my nipples got all torn up with Joshua. That lansinoh lanolin stuff really does help. I would put it right on my nursing pads to keep them from sticking to my poor, cracked girls. Massaging the plugged ducts while she's nursing will help too. It will all even out, TRS. The first weeks are the hardest for sure. I cried randomly all the time! The sleep deprivation alone is enough to induce tears!

Cita Online said...

You are too funny.

Hang in there chica - I'm sorry KW will have to leave before you do. When do you head over there?

Erin said...

Alex, just be careful to make sure that those cracks don't get infected. Watch C's mouth to make sure she doesn't get white patches and/or a diaper rash...both Emery and I have thrush right now, and it is PAINFUL! Don't want to overwhelm you, but my thrush is a result of unhealed cracked nipples. So, be on the look out!

amanda said...

congrats on surviving the first week honey!! cracked nipples and all - you are doing great!!

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

The pain goes away. With Ella it took 2 weeks and one day and then all of the sudden it was just gone. Ahhh, that was a great day:)

The Mrs. said...

hang in there with the boobies. Massage your breast while shes nursing on it, painful at first but it will help clear the ducts out. You can tell where the clogged one are they feel like rocks. mmmm comfy.