Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl vs. Super Penny

I think we all know who wins this one

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Thoughts, Musings, and Discoveries

Oh there are lots of things swirling up in my head today and not enough time or energy to properly write a, here is a list of the swirls in my noggin:

-The economic hard times has hit the land of TRS. I bought Pepsi for the first time in my life because it was $2 cheaper. Do not have a heart was not for me. It was 2-liters for an event I was hosting. I would never subject myself to such things as the demon-soda. Please.

-If I ever complain about being unproductive or needing to clean, make me call my mother-in-law. I have discovered that my MIL is the bell in this Pavlov's Dog scenario. I will be on the phone with her and all sudden I am on my knee's scrubbing base boards. Now, she does not ask about my house or really imply that my house is dirty (at least not in a few years), but something in me yearns to clean and clean hard when I hear her voice. ***In all reality, it is probably because when we were first married I would talk to her almost every other morning when I was cleaning out our first apartment in DC.***

-During my cleaning streak, I realised I did not have anymore Comet to clean my gross, stained steel sink. Chemistry to the rescue!!!! I sprinkled some baking soda on the sink, lightly dashed some vinegar on it...and sizzle seconds later, I was able to scrap up the gunk faster (and better) than you can say Johnson's chemical cleaning products!

-I really want to cut my hair. It has gotten the point of no style. It just hangs there...lifelessly. I would love to go back to short and blond, but in this economic times, going back to my high maintenance hair is probably not a good idea.

-KW and I are still looking at moving in a few months. We are not sure when, where or how, but the first leg of our journey (for KW's bar prep and bar taking) will most likely end us up in Athens. However, it may end up just being him that moves...i would have to stay here with the job and the benefits for as long as possible. Kdubs is not happy about that, but we'll see how it will work out.

-Kdubs is also back on the making me have heart palpitations (and not in the good way). He is saying that he is looking for jobs in Bulgaria, China, Singapore, Sicily, goes on and on. My fool-proof answer is now: "OK, if that is where God wants us to end up." In my head I add, "Then God and I will have a conversation and we will compromise back to Atlanta."

-I am personally very excited about all the good TV there is to be had tonight: oh, wait NO BONES, No new Office?!? well, at least I get to still watch America's Best Dance Crew and see Lil' Mama be hella crazy.

-For your watching enjoyment: Flight of the Concords...I don't get HBO, so I only get to enjoy what Youtube brings me.

You're welcome

Monday, January 26, 2009

5th Anniversary is the Fort Anniversary, Right?

People said we were "just kids" when we got married 5 years ago, but I thought I was so grown up and adult. Those people didn't know what they were talking about.

Look here, we are doing a very grown up, staged wedding kiss:

And that resulted in great big grown up smiles:

Okay, so half of our pictures I look like this:
I blame him for my ridiculous laughter--wait, blaming is childish--scratch that!

We were elegant while dancing:

But we kept looking at our feet to make sure we didn't step on the dress or trip or embarrass ourselves (yes, that is Buffalo Betty in the back there!):

We never sat down the whole night, we talked grown up talk, and were delightful host/ess...this would be the one time we sat down
and we did our secret handshake (which is very grown up--we don't spit or anything)

And okay, he dropped me during our final dance:
but I thought it was hilarious. However, KW hates this picture. See he is more grown up that my own very grown-up-ness.

In celebration of our 5th anniversary and our more grown up nature, we were thinking about going out to a lovely restaurant, dancing, staying in a hotel...but then it dawned on us that we don't want to be grown up yet:

So we built a fort on our anniversary, ordered pizza, and watched countless hours of old movies, which may or may not have included Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey:

Penny was happy because she got to stay in the fort with us all day (it is a family fort)

The construction of the fort was a big deal. We both had ideas of what was best. KW decided to use more of a lean-to construction so that we could see the TV.
At one point of "debating" the construction, KW said, "boys build forts, girls cook." To which I said, "Doody Head" "would you like to be married for another 5 years?"

But it is a good thing that we didn't go out, cause it looked like this:

10 hours snuggled in a fort, eating pizza, and being silly may not make us QUALIFIED ADULTS yet, but it sure makes us happy.

**I need to give a shout out to Sandra and Greg our wedding photographers. They saved the day when my mom decided to fire our wedding coordinator (don't ask!) and our getaway car blew up. Go over to their site and be prepared to be amazed!**

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

I have tried to stay very unpolitical in my blog for many reasons:
1.) I have lived and worked in politics since I was 18
2.) My blog was a place to be silly, record my life and not to work
3.) I usually blog to avoid KW's constant barrage of political commentary from FoxNews, CNN, and MSNBC--this helps to keep me from screaming at the TV (which KW finds less sexy than I would like to come off before we go to bed).
4.) Politics, by nature, is divisive...and I don't like to piss people off.

However, I am breaking my political silence on the blog today because today is an important day.

I was not happy about the election outcome but today is not a day of being divisive or being mean. Because it IS a momentous day to finally break the biggest racial barrier of our country. However, I do not think there are a lot of posts/ers out there saying what I feel because it is unpopular and uncool. Well, I have never been either of those things so why start now...

When K-dubs asked me what I felt about the inauguration, I said, "sad for President Bush." He found that weird, but for someone who worked hard for 2 elections for President Bush and worked in the White House as an intern (no Lewinsky jokes, please) I am sad that things did not work out better for him. I do not enjoy the "don't let the door hit your butt on the way out" jokes. I do not enjoy the snide and derision. That is why I don't give it back.

I am not an Obama mama. I did not change for Hope. But I do not wish ill will to Obama or his supporters. I am glad that we have successfully seen our nations 44th peaceful transfer of power (which does not happen easily around the world). And I pray for the safety of the people out today (my agoraphobic nature screams in pain at the sight of all those people).

I do hope that every one's hope is worth the hype. I hope that our nation continues to grow and prosper. But I am keeping my policy hat on and waiting to see what comes because that is what counts now: what he will do with the presidency now that he has it.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled silliness.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Petsugar to the Rescue

I have been having some issues with Penny recently. So I asked Petsugar of the Sugar network, what to do.

She put my question to the people. Please go and see what you think of the advice you have any advice for me?

What I wrote--

Dear Petsugar:
Penny has taken to biting – well, trying to bite as thankfully pants and shoes get in the way – some people who come into my apartment. Usually it's people who have cats, but yesterday she attacked a friend who she has met before for no reason that I can think of. This time she actually bruised someone (no skin broken and we are not even really sure if it was the teeth that did it).

Since we rescued her from a puppy mill rescue league last fall, we are still learning new things about her. However, this seems like such a behavior change. Do you have any ideas why she might be doing this and how to help her not do it again?

Can you believe my little scaredy cat puppy is getting aggressive now? I was so embarrassed that she hurt a visitor but was a little proud that she has grown out of her fear of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.

I could use any advice on this. Thanks!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What you look like blogging

McMommy and Elaine wondered "what do you look like when you blog?"

Usually, I look like this: PJs and a glass of wine

Sometimes I look like this: 80's punk from my friends birthday party.

Here are some more excerpts:
me and a birthday girl
KW (dressed as Carlton from the Fresh Prince) and me.
For the most part, I look like this:

What do you look like when you blog?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Super Penny!!! ***and elaboration

Able to leap large picnic baskets at a time!!!

*Ah the power of iphoto booth and higher reasoning skills to finally get a half decent shot of my dog after 1.5 years.
I bested you, Penelope Anne!!! and your fear of photography!!!

***contrary to popular belief, Krystyn and McMommy, Penny L-O-V-E Loves wearing things. The complete opposite of all my other dogs who just stand there when you put an outfit or costume on them...judging you and hating themselves a little bit, Penny eagerly puts her paws out for sweaters or coats, loves the clothes that my mom sends her (because KW flatly refuses to buy nonsense of all types for her--and I feel weird dressing her for the most part). So when I break down and put on things that people send her, she runs straight to our mirrored wall and looks at herself and prances around the apartment with pretty ears on and shaking her tail:

Georgia Game Day Shirt

Party Dress from Grandma-worn for her dog-friend's birthday party.

I take this opportunity to say: I don't dress her up for no reason, nor would I throw a dog birthday party...but if someone is having a party for dogs and I have a dog party dress--why not.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas with TRS...part 2

After the kick butt cookie competition

We headed to Greenville for Christmas eve and morning with the in-laws

Here is K-dubs and his two sisters Val and Bev opening presents in the morning...I believe those are nail finishing tools. Sidenote: My SILs are a lot of fun, very silly, and always crazy. It is why we get along.

Actually, that is why we all get along and are family. Yup, that is the entire K-dubs clan. When I told them to be silly this is what I got. Please notice the small one in the front. His definition of "be silly" is to stick his butt out at the camera.

And this is Kdubs and his brother/best friend doing a prom style portrait. I love watching them regress to 7 year old boys together.

This is just a pic of the 6 kids and yes, my husband is sure showing why he is HOT.

With all of the families coming in and the going back and forth, I think we "celebrated" Christmas 5 times, which is exhausting to say the least. But we did have a great time getting to see everyone.

Themed Thursdays

There are lots of blog theme days: Works-for-me-Wednesdays, Not Me Mondays, Wordless Wednesdays, etc.

I thought it was time to bring a little theme to my real life.

Really, I wanted to have a reason to be silly with my office friend.

So we came up with our first theme day very fortuitously:

Office Friend: So, my idea for our first theme day is a little out there.
TRS: Oh, so is mine...I'm a little afraid to say it.
OF: Fine, I'll say mine...Prom Wednesday...big hair and makeup with work appropriate clothes?
TRS: Oh my goodness...mine was Beauty Queen Wednesday...big hair, makeup and sashes over work appropriate clothes.
OF: This is why we are friends, what about Prom Queen Wednesday?!?

And this is the product:

My sash (that she made for me) says "Lil Miss Southern Belle" hers says "Lil Miss Academic Support (her department)

This is us both holding back our laughter

And No, I don't know why we are both doing that ridiculous face in all three pictures. For some reason it we both thought Beauty Queen with that face.

The best was one of her co-workers walks by her office and simply says, "Queen for a day, huh? good deal."

***Update to answer Krystyn's comment...for us, that is obnoxious hair and makeup...OF would say, "LOOK AT LIPS THAT IS CRAZY LIPSTICK." And we are both wearing VERY fancy earrings (which I never wear, ever!).

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas with TRS...part 1

So you put up your Christmas tree and took your Jingle Bells CD out of the player? Well put them back on, throw on an ugly Christmas sweater and sit down to hear about what Christmas looks like with a Roaming Southerner.

First and foremost it means heading back south.

Kdubs and I always take off as much time as possible for Christmas so we can split it with our families. They live just close enough (2 hours away) to visit on the same trip but just far enough (a state away) that it is obnoxious at times.

So after initial negotiations of whose family gets what day was put on hold while my mom went into the hospital (trust me, me and my brother both said, "Mom, if you wanted us to stay for Christmas Eve you didn't have to go to extreme measures."). Because K-Dubs' mother, Mrs. Dubs, claimed Christmas Eve, I had to move my traditional Christmas Eve plans with my family to the 23rd. And this is what we do:

My godmother, who is one of the best women I know, comes over with her family. They have done this since I was a baby to help me make cookies for Santa. 27 years later and only a few Christmases missed due to illness or an odd vacation on both sides parts. Now the festivities include my godmother (who we call She-that is a whole nother post), her son Ray,
her daughter Robin and Robin's husband, Tim and their two girls. Side note: if you want to know two of the most perfect girls on earth look no further to these two girls. I hope that my kids can be any where near as wonderful as them.
On to the festivities:

They include a cut throat cookie decorating competition:
This is Hope's cookie version of her, one of the Jonas brothers (I think the young one), and his body guard. Yeah, I'm not really sure why but she thinks it says Christmas because it is what she really wants: To hang out with Nick or whatever his name is.

I do my best work by cutting out cookie shapes and remaking them into something else. I made ballet shoes (for Emma, she is a ballet dancer) out of a deformed reindeer cutout.

This snail, I made from a defunct angel...the hat made it a Christmas Snail, duh

This is Emma's creepy jack in the box (she was a little sugar high when she made this).

And this was one of my favorites: a penguin wearing a hat and scarf that KW got me for Christmas. She was made from a cut out Hope made to be turned into a blog that looked like...well a penguin, in my opinion.

And this is my piece-du-resistance (no idea if that is french or correct)....My holly and berries that have dimension and texture...Martha, eat your heart out.
However, the judge: aka my dad. Did not think so.

He picked Robin's "Christmas appropriate tree.

Here is the winner gloating.

Robin and I have been battling this out since I was 6. And they let me win when I was a kid, but now, they say I can't would be impolite. Even though mine is clearly better!!!!

I did what any good hostess does...I stomped and screamed and cried about the injustice happening upon me on a celebration of the Lord's was just not right...

And then the Chinese food came and I was happy again.

Chinese food: righting the injustices of the world since The Christmas Story.

Christmas Pics-They're a comin'

So, I am finally back in Michigan (have been for 2 weeks)
Back at work (have been for a week)
Not slammed at work (for the next 5 minutes)
and have my camera and camera cord in the same place (okay maybe that is the key!)

But pictures and stories of a Roaming Southerner Christmas is coming people...hold on to your britches.

*So I put this on Move Bug a few hours ago...and didn't realize that I misposted it until now...Oops! Way to be on top of things, TRS!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Point of it all

The beginning of the year has brought me to many realizations about my blog:

1.) I enjoy looking back at my year of blogging consecutively-I have blogged for a few years now but I usually let weeks/months lag between posts.

2.) I am STILL struggling with what is the POINT of this blog.

I am not a mom blog. I am not an angsty teen blog (okay, I'm angsty at times, I admit it).
I don't have cool obsessions like Happy Hour Sue. I can't take pictures of my dog every day like Dooce (stinking rescue dog and her fear of all things camera). I don't have the fashion prowess to talk about all things stylish like the Preppy Princess. I don't have the following or cash for magnificent giveaways like the Pioneer Woman.

3.) I am as lazy with my blog redesign as I am in real life. Wish I was better. I am like the interior decorator that lives in boxes and out dated styles. I love redesigning and organizing others lives but I can't carve out enough time to do my own.

4.) I am not a great writer but I am really going to work on that this year. The blog has helped so much, but writing is not my forte. My ADD-dyslexic-Tom-Cruise-crazy (okay not that crazy) mind just can NOT formulate beautiful sentences.

Here are some realizations that I have about life outside of blog land:
1.) I am scared to DEATH of moving again in 4.5 months

2.) I am petrified to leave the friends I have made and the job that I once loved and now tolerate.

3.) I live in a constant state of desire to have kids and a house of my own coupled with fear of what they mean: Do I want to be a suburban soccer mom? I can't take care of a 3 room am I going to take care of a HOUSE!?! Can I really have and take care of kids, really?!?

4.) My crazy rat dog still makes me smile and laugh daily.

5.) I am really glad that I have not gained any weight during the holidays but I need to get with the getting on losing the last 10 lbs.

6.) This has probably been the best month of my entire marriage. I hope that I can continue saying that each month from now on. And know that when/if I can't, that this month will always be something that I look back on as the "best of times" to aspire to during the hard times.

Can I ask for some honest answers to this question? (this is evidently something I say a lot, according to K-dubs):
Any suggestions on what I should continue doing with the blog? Something else I should do that I don't? Anything?

Any body else going through craziness? I am sure I am the only one.

Santa: He Knows ME!!!

In case you guys didn't know, I'm kinda a big deal.

You know how I know?

Santa reads my blog.

Cause guess how many pairs of convertible gloves I got?


Which (as Martha says) is a good thing, cause I was wearing out my cotton Gap ones like Woh.

Still feeling under the weather, chugging theraflu, but my wonderful admin asst. brought donuts today and was totally worth the splurge.

Friday, January 02, 2009


Mom out of the hospital in time for Christmas Eve.
She is fine.

Christmas was crazy. Will write more later.

Finally back home in Michigan and my amazing internet access.

Very sick now.
Stinking adorable toddler niece and nephew and their germs.