Friday, August 14, 2009

Birthday to Me

So 28 years of me being on this planet has come and gone!!!
But this birthday was special for me because it is the first one in awhile that K-dubs was able to fully participate in the birthday festivities.

He took me out to breakfast to my favorite-Waffle House-by was so nice and just plain fun.

We took my cousin to see G.I.Joe. Popcorn and favorite treats!
The movie was okay. I loved the cartoons as a kid but they have globalized Joe and for a lot of reasons I got severely ticked at the politicization of Joe. The movie was really loud (I felt like an old fart until Kdubs and the cousin agreed that it was unnecessarily loud) so I couldn't really enjoy it.

He got me a cake (from Publix, of course). However, i was a brat about it because I wanted a Great American Cookie Cake. We decided it was a hormonally pregnant fit.

He also got me some awesome presents. He hasn't been able to take much time for presents in the past but he did great this time:

A great green Vera Bradley purse that I said I liked 6 months ago but never mentioned again.
A very pretty necklace that we had to unfortunately return (but I got a great gold one that is very unique).
And a very pretty dress that he picked out at Dillard's all by himself. I can't imagine him walking around Dillard's looking for a dress for his 6 months preggo wife.

He went out to dinner with my family and even happily took the requisite picture around the cake (which he usually grumbles about).

Needless to say...I am one lucky girl!


Cita Online said...

First, I'm thrilled you got a Publix birthday cake, even if there was a hormonal pregnancy fit involved ;-) Also... when are you posting pics of the requisite "around the cake" shot, or the vera bradley purse, or the dress, or the gold necklace?
Love, Cita

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, girl! I turn 30 this September. Ughhh.

laugheveryday said...

happy b-day dops!