Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Little

I made it! I've traveled all the way from Mommyville and get to write on TRS' blog for the day! I almost wrote this post at 2:00 this morning about why it sucks being up at 2:00 in the morning because Ruthie (almost 1) has a nasty cold and has been waking up at ridiculous hours the past two nights. But I spared you my spewed frustration and waited until I had a few more hours sleep, with coffee in hand. 

So, how do I know TRS? The better question is how DON'T I know TRS? When I was at the University, I was a member of the Outdoor Club, the ultimate frisbee team, FCA, and in a sorority. Oh, those don't really fit? I was definitely one of the more outdoorsy sorority members, but I had fun nonetheless. One the first day of frisbee practice my sophomore year, a very cool, very tall freshman girl joined us. We were paired up to guard each other, and not long after meeting her I decided I wanted her in our sorority. And not only that, I wanted her as my little sister. My big sister was also on the frisbee team, so I knew we'd make the perfect family. While breaking many rush rules, I got my wish. All three of us were bestowed the Granola Girl award our senior years (hence my pen name). 

TRS was my maid of honor at my wedding to Mr. Incredible (also known as T.S. on the blog), and I was her matron of honor at her wedding to KW. The summer she and KW started dating, I actually tried to hook her up with one of T.S.'s friends, not knowing this other guy was after her. Someday you'll have to get her to tell you the story of Ocean City, a small plane, and the Attack of the Killer Seagulls. 

Did you know she also does hair? She sculpted this 'do for me, and did my hair on my wedding day!

TRS is the Ultimate Cool Kid. She was the one who brought back the jean jacket. She was the first one to truly understand the greatness that is the Flip Flop (we both wore them to at least one sorority formal). She can quote all the great movies, and has a super sharp wit. She throws an awesome Bachlorette Party and it a great gift-giver. While she may be my Little, I want to be just like her when I grow up. 

But you guys already know this, because you read her blog! Isn't she the greatest? I can't get enough of The Roaming Southerner! We still daydream about living on the same street someday so we can raise our kids together.... but at this rate mine will be babysitting hers!

I love you, TRS! I hope you're having an awesome time with Penny and KW on your road trip. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Best Guest Post You Have Ever Read.

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

No way did The Roaming Southerner give me--McMommy-- the keys to her place while she is away!!

I want to award myself 150 Cool Kid Points for no reason whatsoever other than the fact that I CAN.

Because I'm in charge today.

As any frequent reader of The Roaming Southerner (hereby referred to as TRS) knows, she has an ongoing trivia game...whereby you rack up "Cool Kid Points" every time you answer her trivia questions correctly.

You can see by the scorecard on the sidebar....I have no points.
I never answer the questions in time.
Because someone continually beats me to it.
Well today, I just have one thing to say....

You're going DOWN, Adcock's Circus!

(BAM! I just awarded myself another 30 points for no reason at all.)

Ok, so now that I got that off my chest, here's my conversation with TRS in the days prior...

TRS: "So I'm going away for a few days and was wondering if you could blog-sit while I'm gone."

McMommy (acting all nonchalant): "Umm, whatever. Yeah, I guess so. I don't have to water your plants or anything, do I?"

TRS: "What? You haven't started drinking already, have you? It's only 11am, for crying out loud. Look, just write a guest blog post for me and don't mess with my blog. What are you going to write about?"

McMommy: "I've got the greatest blog post idea ever!!! No hints! It's reallllllllyyyy good though! You are going to love it!!"


Um yeah.


The truth is: I have no flippin' idea what to write about.

I mean, don't get me wrong.....I've tried and tried to think of something to write about.....

I thought about doing a post on my annoying misuse of exclamation points!!! and CAPS and ellipses.....

I thought about ways to freak TRS out about having kids. But I already did that.

I thought about writing a post using super freaky-deaky words that will get her Google Analytics working overtime. But I didn't want to be a boob about it. Or write anything that would make TRS feel emotionally vulnerable and exposed to the wackos out there.
And I don't care what you say, that's the naked truth!!

(350 CPK points for that one! Too bad so sad, Adcock's Circus!)

Oh well, I give up. I don't have a clue about what to write.

But can I offer you these little nuggets (eww! I just said the word nugget! I hate that word!) of wisdom before you leave?

1. Sometimes, it's ok to lie. But only when you have nothing to blog about and TRS has asked you to guest post. And then you name it "The Best Guest Post You Have Ever Read". (Which is obviously another total lie.)

2. Sometimes, it's ok to award yourself an additional 4,000 points to ensure you stay in first place in make-believe trivia contests.

3. Don't ever title your guest post THE BEST GUEST POST YOU HAVE EVER READ. Because that is just wayyyyyyyy too much pressure. And then people will have expectations: Like an actual entertaining blog post.
And the truth is, you've got NOTHING.
And they will totally call you out as The Most Boring Guest Poster Ever.

But then you can tell them: "SO?! Who cares?? I have 50,000 Cool Kid Points and you don't!"

But because I'm don't want you all complaining to TRS that I was the most boring guest poster in the world, I thought I'd you home with a little parting gift....

25 Cool Kid Points.

(what? You didn't actually think i would bestow enough CPK points to allow you the chance of possibly beating me, did you?)

Now does anyone around here know where the heck her plants are???
post signature

I'm Going Going...Back Back

I am out of here internet peeps! And I will miss you dearly.
But as I promised, I have lined up some premo entertainment while I'm away...

Even better than that lame and crazy assistant cruise director who loves hearing you say his name, you know who you are Edwin.

So here is your mid-week entertainment line up!

Wednesday on the Ledo Deck: I've got my girl, McMommy, guest posting. However, I have no idea what she is going to say. She will give me no hints. And I am petrified. Will she scare away all three of my readers!??! DON'T DO IT MCMOMMY! I'm only one measely blogger!

Thursday at the Neptunes Lounge: I have stolen one of my best friends (from real life) and big sister (from sorority) away from the Mommyhood: Granola Girl. And again, I have no idea what she will say. I promise you that if she wanted to, it could be full of crazy embarassing stories of me. But knowing how sweet she is...I'm sure it will be nice and knowing how funny she might want to be wearing your Depends--just warning ya!

Yes, I have coaxed some of the greatest (in my mind) mommmy bloggers out of their mini-van shaped safe haven of wiping and I may come back to the internet on Friday to see crushed cheerios in the floor mat and questionable goos on the windows (not to mention they can mention all sorts of naughty things to make my google search go crazy!).

But do come by and leave lots of comments about how much you love me...I mean THEM!

Monday, July 28, 2008

It's all about Val

In the excitement to see my family...I thought I would do trivia in Jeopardy style using my sister in law as inspiration. So this trivia will all have my sister in law's name somewhere in the clue:

1.) What calming drug is favored by our favorite Anastasia Beaverhousen? (3 pts.)
2.) What fashion rule states that men should never wear white sneakers with jeans? Named after the heart throb actor who made it up? (5 pts.)
3.) This person is also called best in their class? (2 pts.)
4.) This is the name of not one but many martyred saints in Rome whose feast day is very romantic? (8 pts.)
5.) This is just a guessing game: What is my sister-in-law Valerie's middle name? here are you clues, just has two syllables and starts with an M (25 pts.)

It is getting toward the end of the month so this could be big in the standings!!!!
Remember the person with the most points is winning something super cool! You can also try and stump me for 10 pts. a stump!

Who is the coolest kid?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Coming Week

Okay, internets, hold onto your britches...

I'm heading South in 3 short days!!!

Can you believe it?!?! I haven't seen my family in 9 months and I get to spend a whole week with them?!?!

To get to my family, I have the wedding of my brother-in-law this LONG weekend before. It is one of those destination 4+ day it is going to be a big do.

It will all be worth it to hang out with my family.

The best part (well okay, a great part) is that we get to bring Penny with us. My sweet wonderful brother is driving up to SC to pick her up before the wedding so she will be waiting for us in ATL when we get there for the week!!!

To get ready for the vacation, I am going to be SWAMPED! Work has already been crazy but I am going to have to do a butt load of work to get ready to go. AND I am going to have to get me, Ken, and Penny ready for the trip at night.

It is going to be busy as shizz.
But do not fret, my internet pets...I am lining up some fun entertainments while I am traveling all Wednesday and Thursday. And will try and be a more diligent Twitter-er, as a request from McMommy.

If you could start praying for some safe travels, my brother-in-law's marriage and wedding weekend, and a nice visit with my family, I would appreciate it...

However, more prayers are needed...head over to McMommy to start cheering for Heather.

Here is my comment for the Heather-quilt: I couldn't post my pic on McMommy's site.

here is the other button I made...

Heather-san, You have much power to dominate your enemy!

We are behind you!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things I Want My Daughter To Know #2: Manners (beyond please and thank you)

The long awaited and debated sequel in my series of posts about what I want to teach my children. Again, this is for me to get y'alls opinions and also think about what I hope to pass on to my next generation--whenever that happens, Mother!

Merriam-Webster, who I already have issues with, defines manners as:

(1): a characteristic or customary mode of acting : custom (2): a mode of procedure or way of acting : fashion (3): method of artistic execution or mode of presentation : style bplural : social conduct or rules of conduct as shown in the prevalent customs c: characteristic or distinctive bearing, air, or deportment dplural (1): habitual conduct or deportment : behavior (2): good manners e: a distinguished or stylish air

My mom always told me that manners existed to make everyone feel comfortable (not just yourself). Now, she wasn't a big formal place setting for every day use (paper towels are great everyday napkins for us!) but she had several rules that she implemented that I hope to pass down to my children.

1.) Ma'am and Sir. My parents instituted saying Yes/No Ma'am/Sir from a very early age for three reasons. They used it as a sign of respect but also to signal that we were really listening (no "Yeahs" in our house). My mom also said it is easier for me to say ma'am as a little kid than to remember if the adult preferred to be called Ms. Mrs. Miss. Still Married name. Divorced name. First name...that also allows the adult to tell me what name they prefer.

Look, I know some people don't like it when they are called ma'am because it makes them feel old, but I'm going to shoot straight with you: Get Over It! I call a two-year old ma' has nothing to do with age. When I use it for people younger it is usually used to get the child's attention and signify that we are talking about something serious. "No, sir! we don't play in the street...lick a toilet bowl, or call people names." (if I could record the sound of sounds really southern, I can't lie.)

KW was not brought up saying Ma'am and Sir by his Yankee parents, but he has learned to say it and has realized that most people will consider him a kind, polite, and considerate person when he does...instead of short, rude, or pompous. Ah, the power of one word!

2.) No calling people after 9pm. This particularly includes people with children under 12. Even with cell phones and caller ID, at best it is distracting to the routine of evenings and bedtimes, at worst most people get nervous when people call late (right, McMommy?) thinking something is wrong.

3.) Opening doors for others. Yes, guys should open doors for ladies at all times! (My only exception is car doors...that should just be for the guy's significant other...think about it...that is socially awkward otherwise.) But it is not just for guys! Everyone should open doors for EVERYONE, not just elderly, handicapped, and young (although you really should for those). I see opening a door for someone as an acknowledgement that THAT PERSON EXISTS. You are saying to that person/stranger...I realize you are there. When I first moved to DC, I was alone for most of the time and would walk around the mall or grocery store desperate to talk to someone. For someone to acknowledge that I was there!!! The first time someone opened the door for me there (2 months after I moved there and I had a cast on...I almost cried!). Even polite behavior can make someone's day!

These are the first three that come to mind, but I'm sure there are many others. What manners were you taught? What manners do you think are superfluous or necessary?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Laughing At Work

Okay, work is crazy and I have never been a good at home blogger. Yes, Curtis, I blog during lunch and when sitting on the phone for hours listening to a dial tone. I admit it. But before I head into my morning meeting...I wanted to leave you with this:

I know Mariah too early in the morning is harsh but this makes me laugh every time.

CK Trivia:
1.) Who is the Uber-fabulous designer/stylist to Mariah? (4 pts.)
2.) Who is Mariah's new husband? (2 pts.)
3.) What MTV show did she famously strip down for? (2 pts.)
4.) What is Mariah's alter ego name? (2 pts.)
5.) How big of a diva is Mariah? (best/most creative answer gets 20 pts.!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trivia for Trivia's Sake

Since trivia is meant to be meaningless and well, trivial, I thought I would throw out some fun random questions that come to my head:

1.) Which 80's girl group lead singer had an "affair" with Prince? (3 pts.)
2.) Can you give me the line from the Aeneid when the Trojans receive their fateful horse from the Greeks? (5 pts and because I am an Latin geek 10 pts for the Latin)
3.) What is the significance of wearing "Something Blue" at your wedding? (4 pts.)
4.) Billy Madison was talking about this biological function when he said, "Chlorophyll! It's more like Borophyll." (5 pts.)
5.) This baseball Hall of Famer was at the All Star Game last night and I said, "oh, He is from the Hanukkah Song!?!" (KW said, "and an amazing baseball player!) that baseball player. (5 pts.)

So, do you feel smarter in the dumb arts of trivia? Good!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good Investments

So, KW has handcuffed me to the TV to watch the All Star Game. Don't worry, my captor is humane and gave me control over the laptop.

I know, somehow I am cool with the NBA Draft Night but this is seriously the most mind numbing thing on TV. I would rather watch Wipeout, it is that bad.


I was cruising my blogroll, while I had the following conversation with KW:

KW: Hey did you hear that?
Me, devoted wife: Uh huh, that is cool...
KW: What is cool?
Me: baseball, right?
KW: NO! They just said George Steinbrenner bought Yankees stadium for $10 million and it is now worth $1 Billion
Me, still glazed over: That is a good investment
KW: We should do that.
Me, now alert cause this is totally something he would want to do: Yeah, but he had to put a lot of money into it, right?
KW: sure but it is worth it
Me, slightly alarmed but still laughing too hard at blogs: But they are tearing it it is obviously not worth it...shoddy craftsmanship
KW: Don't worry I won't try and purchase a baseball field for investment purposes
Me, mollified with eyes never leaving the computer screen: Promise?
KW: Yeah, but I did see a golf course in SC for $1 Million
Me: Well, that is okay...wait WHAT!?!

Never talk to husband while blogging...bad things could happen.

Thankfully, I saw some change in the dryer earlier so we are set for a down payment, don't worry

KW just informed me that he bought the YANKEES not the building...duh!

Cyber Stalking Gets You Nowhere...Fast

While strolling through the aisles of Beans & Co., I stumbled upon a blog that seems to belong to Beans' mysterious uncle: the one who likes to gum babies heads, finds amazingness on Youtube (that Amanda passes on to me to make me laugh when I am down), and seemingly has really cool taste in blogs and sites.

I was glancing through his sadly neglected blog (after carefully deducing that it is Beans' uncle) and found this site. Oh my Love and Betsy! It is amazing.

This site is from a photographer, named Bill Wadman, who posted a picture every day for 365 days. Some of the pictures are of really cool people (like her, him) and some just regular cool people...and his work is amazing!

Ugh, I want to take pictures like that someday...okay I want a decent lens someday as maybe one can beget the other...when I win the lottery.

But one interesting aspect of the site is that each person has their name, a description of themselves, job, and the location of the shot.

I, in my vain narcissistic self, asked myself (we, narcissists, often talk to ourselves...being the best people around to talk to), "What would my title/description be?" and "What do I want it to be?"

Awhile ago, I was joking with someone that I needed a business card that said:

The Roaming Southerner
blogger-graphic designer-Pox Free Since 2008

and while that is a good start, that obviously can't be it. Can it?
It is like trying to write your eulogy or what you want to be buried in?

Some of the people are called Sasstastic or Bon Vivant or Astronaut (okay that is only Buzz Aldrin), but I still have no idea how I want to be described.

Loved- yeah, that sounds good
Hilarity on a Stick- awesome I'll take that label
Ex Tomboy- that fits
Mom-to-all- My brothers and some friends would say so
Adventurer- No, that is KW's thing
Ostrich- KW calls me that because I hate Schindler's List and bad things like genocide and perms.
Blindly Faithful- yup, that sounds like me. I just trust in life, God, people.

I don't think I want to be labeled anything plain: Wife, Daughter, Non profit slave...I want some vibrancy. I was plain in HS in an attempt to blend in...NO MORE!

What do you want to be labeled? Anything you don't want to be labeled?

Monday, July 14, 2008

In My Opinion: Jon & Kate Plus 8

So if you pay attention to the mom blogosphere, you may have noticed some uproar about Jon & Kate Plus 8.

I have watched this TLC show for years...since it was just this special about a crazy family with 6 newborns. And I enjoyed it. It was nice to see how someone handles something that scares the bejesus out of me. It made child-rearing seem less scary even with all the chaos, crazy, and poop.

But people on the blogs are talking about some of the negatives of the show:
1.) The way Kate is shrill and kinda OCD
2.) That Jon and Kate are monopolizing the situation for free stuff
3.) That they are hurting their children in the process

Here are my thoughts on them:
1.) Kate's shrillness bothered me at first, but it made me feel better "at least I'm not that sharp with you, KW." I do think that Kate is a bit crazy about the anti mess, but if I had to clean after them and was a nurse/had preemies/knew all the germs in the world...then I would be that nuts too.

*it is said on certain blogs that they have a personal chef and more help than it seems on the show...I still say, "good for them!" If the show lets them have a bit easier time with 8 kids, then that is cool.

2.) once again see "if the show lets them have a bit easier time with 8 kids, then that is cool." KW has often said, "why would they do all of these activities with those kids if it is driving them crazy?" I told him, "they can't just stay inside in a bunker the whole time, plus they get to have these memories."

*also, they have to eventually have 8 college tuitions, braces, etc to pay for...if this lets them do that, then it seems like a good thing. The show also allowed Kate to quit her nursing job and now I think that Jon works from home too. They get more quality time with their parents, which always seems like a good thing to me.

3.) Stuff like Gumgate and Cupcakegate were not fine points in Kate's parenting that is for sure. Like Joel (i think it was Joel), had his teddy threatened to be thrown away when Kate found out that there was gum on it, I had my comfort item, my blankie, threatened away for me when I would lose him (yes, he is a HIM) or left him out where he didn't belong. My parents always used to pretend to throw it away to mess with me (well, mainly my dad)...that never went over well. But back to Joel: I think Kate lost it as anyone does/will do with kids and PMS let alone someone with 8 kids and we saw it happen.

Look, I see the good and bad with this show and the exploitation of the family. However, I still enjoy the show, with the Gosslins the best...and understand that other people have other thoughts. I have commented on a few peoples sites and forums, but just thought I would express myself into the blog-o-world. I watched all the episodes last night and I still feel that it works for them, who am I to judge! If you have any opinions: let me know!

PS: don't tell my mother-in-law, but if a camera crew followed me around all day they would see some 'tude from me directed toward KW...just saying.

PPS: I don't think the Aunt Jodi blog is legit. She seems cool and wouldn't be kosher with all this.

Friday, July 11, 2008

You You You Outta Know

You knew I'd be back didn't you. I know I know, two days and no posting...I was almost lost to you all, I swear. I was lying down in the mirey hole or holy mire of work. Yes, it had a striking resemblance to those Career Builder commercials:

No, I don't have an office manager made of postits announcing jousting time or a spiffy three-ring binder helmet but close! But I fought back...won my race...and I am back to you, my love, my Internet.

In plain hard truth, I had been putting off a really intricate and difficult task of a web redesign for awhile because it needed to be done in one long haul. So, I took myself "off the grid" to be more efficient but spending 10 straight hours staring at computer screens and pictures didn't really incite me to want to do it for fun.

But I am back.

Saw this while I was searching for the Career Builder's Donkey Lips! From Salute your Shorts. This is proof that God exists and that he loves me. What? Some see a waterfall or a butterfly and know God. Me? God was checking out the old blog, saw the post on my love of Nick, and placed this ad to show he cares. Thanks, God, for the chuckle.

Oh, and for the officemate who told me that she found out last night that has been speaking incorrect Portuguese to her husband (who is Portuguese) for years. Instead of saying, "Let's go to sleep"...she has been saying "Let's got to sloop!" "Did you sloop well, last night, dear?" "Oh, I'm a sloopy head!"
I was laughing so hard that Diet Coke almost came out of my ears. It was magnificent.

So, you can take your mountains me laughter is proof that God exists and that he loves me!!! So there!

B.T.Dubs: Missed you!!! Smooches

Trivia Time:
1.) I am mocking a song in the title: from what CD is that song from? (2 pts.)
2.) The singer has had two very public break ups, name those Exes (3 pts. each)
3.) In what TV show did the singer get her start in? (3 pts.)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Had to Pass it Along

Found this at Wendi's and had to share:

1.) Do you know the other forms of this vaccine that strengthens the effects of the original? (I know two, if you can tell me more bonus points!) 5 pts.
2.) What is the easiest way to transmit cooties (yes, there is a real answer)? 10 pts.
3.) What is the suggested age range for The Cooties Game? 3 pts.

Monday, July 07, 2008

I like to Rock And Roll

Today a miraculous thing happened...for a Monday. McMommy and I have discovered our shared love of Hair Bands.

So to wake your faces, enjoy a little GnR

I was deciding between this and Paradise City. But The Jungle is a little more in your a Monday.

Today's Trivia:
1.) What Teen Movie featured a kick butt rendition of Paradise City? (5 pts)
2.) What movie did the lead actor from Question #1 star as a pot head employee of a record store? (3 pts.)
3.) From that movie, what is the name of the lead actress' real life child? (2 pts.)

Bonus: What twin hair band duo rocked our faces and t-shirts in the 80s? (5pts)

It is like 6th degree's of Kevin Bacon only sillier. I'm trying to do a better job of stumping Adcock but still making my questions clear. If it is not: tell me...I will work on it.

To wind you down: my favorite song of the 5th grade

Because I like him like that

We all know I am a bit crazy about KW's I demonstrated with my week long of festivities commemorating my husband's birth.

Well, it isn't over.

I decided a month or so ago to throw him a Little Boy Birthday Bowling Party complete with Transformers Theme.

KW had a traumatic experience in his childhood. ::You may want to be sitting down for this:: When he was 9 years old, he was invited to go to Richard Henley's birthday party at the bowling alley. He was extremely excited. When he asked his mom if he could go, she said no because they had tickets to see the Nutcracker that day and he had to go with the family. KW was crushed. So off they went to the Nutcracker, while KW missed out on the gloriousness that is 10 9-year olds hopped up on sugar throwing 8 lb weights at each other. When they got to the Nutcracker, KW's little sister threw up on the lady in front of they had to leave. So this tragic missing of the party was for naught. (Although seeing Val throw up on someone sounds like fun to me!)

KW has lamented this missed party ever since. If you ask his mother what is one of the two things that KW always complains about, she will say, "having to walk out on Ernest Scared Stupid in the movie theater and missing Richard Henley's birthday party."

To right this egregious wrong, I am throwing him his own bowling party. This week will be full of me getting ready.

I have to book the lanes, get the goody bags, make sure the friends are coming, and....I'm sure I'm forgetting something?

What else should I do? You all (well most of you) have kids...what do you do for these parties? Anything I should adapt into big kid fun? Mini bottles of hooch in the goody bags seems like a good idea?

Hope you all had a great 4th! I had a blast watching some rednecks blow s**t up. Yes, we have rednecks in Michigan. I also have cooked out 3 times this weekend, drank lots of yummy drinks, and had a great time. Oh, don't let me forget to tell y'all about this divine and deadly creation: the Mexican Martini!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Must I Must I Must be Productive!***QUESTION UNANSWERED***

***Since No on has gotten question #3 yet, I will give 25 pts. if someone can answer it!***

No long post till this evening, but I do want to encourage you all to try and stump me for trivia points and still leave comments (even if Jill steals all the points in 2 sec!)

Click Here to learn more about Cool Kid Points and to join in on the fun!

Quick Trivia:
1.) Can you tell the phrase that I am paraphrasing in the title? (2 pts.)
2.) Which book did it come from? (2 pts.) and who is the author? (1 pt.)
3.) Which TV cartoon star uses this phrase when starting her teaching job? (5 pts.)

***I'll rewrite the question: Which TV Cartoon uses the title of the book when one of it's stars starts her new teaching job? (25 pts.)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Al-E's Gotta Brand New Bag

Look what I got in the mail last week!

It is from my bestie, McMommy! She showed off one that she got for her birthday and sent me one for being her on-call photoshopper (it sounds better than Blog-Button-Bitch). Isn't it supercute!?! I use it all the time. And if you know me, I have tons of bags but this one is so it has amazing amounts of pockets.

Now, McMommy has gone and outdone herself! She has started her own business venture of monogramming, which I'm totally crazy about! Go over to and look at the cool bags, jewelry, housewares...everything personalized. My preppy heart sings as my eyes drool at the catalogue. I can't decide if I like the Sorbet Swag bag, the travel cases, or the Nottingham collection...okay all of it! The cool thing is that you can customize all of your bags with specific monogramming, colors, ribbons, etc. So if I wanted all green all the time...that could happen! This is mondo exciting!

Go over and visit her and see what is up...tell her I sent ya! I sound like a little country store proprietor!

When KW saw this picture, he said, "It looks like you are the Emergency Response Team for Southern Needs!" I totally could see it: my cool pockets stuffed with prepared grits, mini jugs of sweet tea, containers of sweet potato casserole, rations of pound cake, and chick-fil-a coupons. HELP ROAMING SOUTHERNER HELP!!! My heart is too clear and blood pressure too normal...I need fried okra STAT!

Dun Da Duhn! The ROAMING SOUTHERNER to the rescue!

CK Trivia:
1.) what song am I mocking in the title? (1 CK pt.)
2.) who sang it originally (2 CK pts.)
3.) what 1993 comedy aptly featured this song during a montage (5 Ck pts.)

Childhood Memories

While growing up, I was not the coolest kid in the block (try to act surprised). I spent a lot of my time hanging with my brothers and neighborhood friends watching Nick on the weekends. Whether it was Saturday morning cartoons, Friday afternoon getting ready for the gloriousness that was T.G.I.F., or chilling while out on a sick day, I am the product of a Nickelodeon household. Many of my jokes with my brothers are from those shows: Doug, All That, Salute Your Shorts, and Adventures of Pete & Pete. Also, Nick had many of my 5th grade heroes: Clarissa since she Explains it All, Alex Mack (hello her name is Alex and she's a girl!), Melody from Hey Dude (she had the best hair!).

Now, YouTube is sufficiently lacking in evidence of these hilarity quips. But to this day, my brothers and I still mimic Kennan Thompson's Food on a Stick Sketch. There isn't much to just shake your butt a lot and say, 'Uhn, Uhn, Chicken/Pork/Cheese/any type of food-on-a-stick.' We thought it was HILARIOUS! Okay, I still do.

Any other Nick Lovers out there? What was one of your fav. shows growing up?

CK Trivia for Nick Shows:

1.) What is the name of the tattoo on Little Pete's arm? (2 pts.)
2.) What kind of pet did Clarissa have? (2 pts.) And what is that pet's name? (2 pts.)
3.) What production powerhouse got their start producing hit cartoon shows like David the Gnome? (10 pts.)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More CK Point opportunities

This whole Cool Kids Trivia Club is a brain child after my girl, Red & White Preppy (FYI, not Red, White and Preppy...that is someone else...found that out by mistake), guessed my Sister Mary Clarence reference some time back. Now, I have explained many times my fascination with nicknames: mine from my family, mine from KW, how this is passed on by my dad, how everyone I know gets a nickname sooner or later, that includes my dog.

The only thing that is funnier to me than nicknames and the way you get them is the Alias. The Otherwise Known As. The AKA...

So for your trivia...can you give me the actual name and the show of these famous aliases:

1.) Anastasia Beaverhousen (1 CK pt.)
2.) Regina Falange (2 CK pts.)
3.) Jack Package (3 CK pts.)

If you are not familiar with Cool Points, please read up here.

My Cool Points Brings All the Commenters to the Yard***UPDATE: Winner and New Idea***

To reward my freakin' cool peeps, I have decided to do a bit of a contest!

If you haven't noticed, I'm a bit of a pop culture addict. It infiltrates my subconscious, my writing, my moves...everything!

Every post or so, I will most likely make an oblique cultural reference (this could be music, movies, TV, history from any era!)and ask you a question to go with it:

Who sings the song I am mocking in my title? (2 CK pts.)
or What is the real title of the song I am mocking in my title? (1 CK pts.)
Who is that singer married to? (4 CK pts.)
YEA, Jill, who guessed almost the second I hit publish! 7 CK pts. to you!

Yes, it is sad that I know this off the top of my head. Since I obtained this info trying to act like a Cool Kid, I have dubbed these Cool Kid points. I figured I should exercise all that knowledge in my head, reward those who know it as well, and educate those who don't!

The first person to get the answer correct wins the allotted points (more points for the harder the question).

The person with the most points at the end of the month wins a fun sure what it is yet, but it will be worth it. I will keep track on my sidebar!

So to start us off...can anyone answer those questions above?

My girl, Red White & Preppy, came up with another version for those late commenters...ask me a trivia question PERTAINING to the topic. If I can't answer it...1 CK pt. to you!
This is gonna be fun!