Thursday, May 14, 2009

TONIGHT at 8PM-For you Kelly

Bones season finale is tonight

I am so freaking pumped!

If you do not watch Bones, you should, but you may not want to start tonight. Cause tonight has been building for a LONG time. But I would highly recommend watching back issues on Hulu or Project Free TV.

If you want to know more about bones, click here.

But here is the sounds like a CSI or Law and Order but it is 100% different and better.
It is smart and funny and dammit sexy.
But such are things with David Boreanaz...

I never watched Buffy or Angel, but Special Agent Seeley Booth makes me want to cheat on my first celeb crush..

Sorry John...
But I'll be right back at you at 9...
Good night of TV


amanda said...

awww jim and pam!!!


The Mrs. said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm david............

I love my husband to death but should the chance ever arise I might just have to leave him for that hot peice of man.

I think my hormones are a bit out of wack.

the ben show said...

whoa... that picture! I'm sorry I didn't see this yesterday. You know, in hindsight, I'm okay with the episode because if he really has amnesia, I think it will cause some good old school tension next season. Yes, I've officially put too much thought toward this!