Friday, June 12, 2009


KW's flight has been canceled...and then he got a new direct flight...and then that one has been delayed.

There are big storms in Atlanta.

Right now, I'll just take him getting here safe.

Prayers are always welcome!


Krystyn said...

Oh, I didn't even think about him flying to you first....yeah, it's awful weather here. I hope it clears up soon and he makes it safely.

Erin said...

I hope he made it safely. This happened to Jack the weekend that he was flying down for our big wedding shower. He didn't get there until 20 minutes after the shower started, and he was supposed to arrive the night before!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Sorry we weren't able to make it on Saturday - we were at the Vacca Shark's until way late. Hope KW got in okay and your travels to ATL went well yesterday. We're praying for you guys! Love, Cita

Liz said...

So umm....has he made it home yet? (big grin)

The Mrs. said...

hope you guys made it down to GA safe and sound!