Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Laying it out

I feel bad not explaining why I can't blog right now. I really really want to, but there is too much going on to know where to start.

So, I thought I would break it down one thing at a time in list form because I am neurotic and crazy about lists. Some of the items may be vague but they have to be for some of my readers' sake.

1.) KW finishing up law school-This is great but it brings a bunch of complications
--a.) LAST FINALS (he will be turning into Finals KW)
--b.) Bar prep (he will be a mess with that)
--c.) moving (see below)
--d.) KW finding a job (see below)
--e.) leaving friends (see below)
--f.) leaving my job (see below)
2.) Moving -linked to 1.c.
--a.) we will have to move to Georgia for some time for KW to take the bar
--b.) KW will have to move before me and live there by himself and me here for my job (linked to 1.f.)
--c.) we will have to move a second time whether that is in Georgia, in the United States or overseas (linked to 1.d.)
--d.) I hate moving
--e.) If we move overseas, we may not be able to bring Penny with us.
3.) KW finding a job
--a.) KW is still looking for a job, but we are not worried because the jobs he wants can not be applied to early. In the legal field, some jobs can be acquired months in advance. KW's will only look at him closer to the time he can start working (ie. August)
--b.) He is VERY stressed about finding one
--c.) this economy is not relieving his stress
--d.) my parents don't relieve anyone's stress
--e.) He is being creative with his job search which could lead overseas
--f.) no matter what this job will entail me moving (2.c.), leaving friends 1.e.), and leaving my job (1.f.)
4.) Leaving Friends
--a.) I have made some amazing friends here that I will miss like crazy
--b.) It took me a long time to make these friends, which makes leaving even worse
--c.) Some of my friends seem to be acting strange lately. Not sure if it is from stress or nerves, but it rubs me badly. I want to soak up all the time I can before I leave
--d.) I am trying to figure out how to ensure seeing them in the future.
5.) Leaving my job
--a.) because my job will no longer exist after I leave it (the school is moving), I am working like crazy to get into shape for the next guy
--b.) because of the move, people who stay until the move get a retention package that includes pay vacation (that would cover KW's bar costs)
--c.) to get this package I have to stay in Ann Arbor without him (see 1.b. and 2.a)
--d.) this means I might have to stay in my apartment by myself with an aerobed and a lap top for 2-4 weeks
--e.) I have no idea when they will let me leave

There is a lot more like my brother getting married the week after KW's graduation, in that week we will have to move all of our stuff and KW to Atlanta, news about KW being moved someplace crazy for a job, and other impeding complications.

All this to say, I am barely keeping my synapses firing at the moment.

With all of the planning and this bump on my finger that is weird, I am spending a lot of my free time on Google (and WebMD).

Sorry that this list was incomprehensible and not a credit to my MPA degree...see above for excuses.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Too Much

There is a lot going on right now in the world of TRS.
Several locations are being discussed for our next roam, and to say I am scared about some of them is the biggest understatement.
I can't think of anything else.

All, I want to do is Google things to give me more info on the places...and most of them do not make me feel better.

I'm trying to find things to take my mind off of it.

Anybody got any funny links they want to share?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My dog is a genius

Penny has always been good at whining at our apt. door when she needs to go out. Well, i should say when she wants to go out. 1/8th of the time it is just to get some fresh air, soak up the sun or get some attention.

So we've gotten a little complacent about answering her howls. Making her wait until we know it is for sure.

Well, this weekend she has found a way to get our attention.

On Friday night, she hit the door coil stop with a loud "BLEROOOOOONG," and I thought she accidentally hit it. However, I looked back and saw her hitting the coil with her paw and then looking at me very indigently: TAKE ME OUT, BITCH!

I thought it was a fluke or an accident.

Then Satuday it happened again!!!

And again 5 minutes ago.

She is brilliant!

I'm so proud of my lil' princess

*me, Penny, and Katie wearing robes over our clothes...well for no real reason expect silliness and Penny didn't have a robe but we tried to construct her one--that might have been the wine talking*

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cheap Hobbies

Okay, internet peeps, I was thinking the other day, "Man, i would love a hobby like sewing or scrapbooking, but I hate having to spend money."

And then it hit me, my already loved free hobby: blogging.

I haven't really totally done all of the work on this old blog yet, and I stopped in mid stream because working on it after work was not possible for my body kept saying, "GET OUT OF THE OFFICE, YOU BLOODY LOON." (yeah, my body insults me in a british accent.)

So, I am going to try and work on some fun new features of the blog, but I know that stating this commitment seal its fate as not ever being done. That is why I keep saying, "my laundry will never be done" and miraculously it has been 100% better.

It is my official reverse psychology mantra.

But I would really like to pick up some more tangible/non-computer hobbies.
Any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

6 posts written and 0 published

I can't find anything decent to write. I have tried writing several St. Paddy's post. But nothing is really amazing about wearing my favorite color green and eating some festive sushi.

Yes, that is right. I ate sushi for St. Paddy's day. It is almost un-American...uh, un-Irish?

KW is finally done studying to night, so I am going to keep it short.

I'm sorry that I suck at life.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Grace in Small Things part deux

A few weeks ago, I did a post about finding the good in small things, being less cynical, blah blah blah.

Well, as you can tell by my blahs, I need a tune up. A new outlook on the day.

So I give unto you some things that are going good unto me.

1.) After years of arguing over how much I spend on groceries, I finally submitted ever so docilely to my husband and cut back on our trips to the grocery store and doing some WEEKLY GROCERY PLANNING. And as much as I dreaded it, it was kind of nice to not have much choice of "WHATS FOR DINNER" because it was what was in the fridge closest to expiring. I am a homemaker-genius, people.

2.) After years of arguing over how much I spend on books, which saga I have detailed here (library books are gross and they never have the ones I WANT NOW!), I docilely submitted to my husband once again and did not buy the new book of my series seen here:

when I was casually browsing at B&N. Okay, really...I threw a huge tantrum that he sent all of my beloved books to the exile of my parents basement in Atlanta leaving me with the two books that I hid from him in my office (the large complete works of Jane Austin and the last Harry Potter). In my upity self-righteousness, I said, "I will find away around you and your book ban!" Which lead me to Amazon...::cue heavenly music and clouds parting::

I was able to buy three books for the price of the original, which was amazing. However, I did have to wait, which makes me GRUMPY but it was like Christmas when they came. Now, I want more.... mooooooooore.
This is a serious addiction people

3.)I started back on hard core Weight Watchers last week. I did pretty well and worked out every day and only had two crazy days (mmm...Buffalo Wild Wings and St. Patty's day party!) that I accounted for. No weight loss yet, but right now I am trying to work against nature in my mind. I lost this weight with weight watchers last fall but have kept it off without crazy dieting or exercise for around 6 months. So I think it will take awhile to tell my body to move it!

Here are some pics from the Caeli (read Irish party held by Catholic lawyers)

Me and the Dubs-he's thrilled I tell ya

Here is the best picture I could get of my jacket, but it was much cuter and less Sgt. Peppery, I promise.

4.) A NEW NEEEEEEEW How I Met Your Mother is on tonight. Mondays are almost taking over Thursdays for my Fav. night on TV. I really need to get me a DVR.

5.) It is over 50 degrees outside!?! Sunny and my puppy has decided that spring is here. She always goes a bit bonkers with the change of seasons. She is better than that stupid ground hog. Oh, and tonight is Taco salad night! WOOHOO!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am not Steve Buscemi

In my eloquently titled post, "Seriously, WTF," I shared how My heritage celebrity look a like finder likened me to Steve Buscemi. While not pouring over the minute similarities between myself and Mr. Buscemi, I noticed that pretty much every single one had bangs that swept to the side like mine. And GASP! Mr. Buscemi's hat sweeps to the same side! Maybe that is the similarity.

To scientifically prove my theory, I rearranged my picture to see who else My Heritage said I looked like:
Picture flipped with bangs SWOOPING to the other side

Lindsey Lohan? An Asian? This is pretty damning evidence that it is all about the bangs. BTW. when did Katherine Heigl ever have brown hair, short brown hair at that!

Another picture where my hair looks red (the pictures fault, I assure you!)

Catherine Zeta-Jones is back, as well as Charlotte Church. Added by Sophia Bush and a VERY unflattering picture of Drew Berrymore

This one, I tried to make my hair look blonde again. I don't have any good pics of my time as a blonde on Facebook or on this computer, so I just did the old color-me-blonde. It looks awful, but I'm just trying to fool My Heritage. First with swooping to the left:

Seriously, Lindsey Lohan AGAIN! She's not Steve Buscemi but still. I really don't think any of these actresses look like me! Stupid My Heritage!

I've done it a couple of more times with the same picture, and never got a Steve Buscemi again, but I did get a creepy picture of Dakota Fanning. I've never been so weirded out by my own face before.

Who do you think you look like? Or who do people tell you look like? Is My Heritage dumb for you too? Please share!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Today's Outfit ***UPDATED-Correction***

I was playing on Polyvore and mocked up my outfit for the day. For no real reason, just for funsies.

Today's outfit
Today's outfit - by trsoutherner on Polyvore.com

I am wearing a jacket similar to the red one and the shoes that I love are killing me. I think this is what a week in flats will do! Gerr!

Off to the gym for IN a few hours to work off my delicious southern food from last week.

***The awesome Jennycalled me out on a typo and my own laziness. I was going to work out in a few hours from my original posting time...definitely not FOR a few hours. I am the opposite of a gym nut or an exercise addict. I barely lasted 45 minutes at the gym. I told myself "oh, you'll do Abs and lunges at home while watching tv...that way you are not rolling on the ground in the grow-dee germs of the gym." HA! I did two lunges and watched HIMYM and Dancing with the Stars (I have never seen it before and was FASCINATED to see how the replacement did!). All this to say: I am not a gym rat or grammar nazi. I apologize. Thanks Jenny!***

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Seriously WTF

I was just checking up on you fellow bloggers misdeeds for the past week, I stumbled upon Jen's fun times at My heritage celebrity profile.

I thought,I should do it and actually went to do it--which goes completely against my slacker nature (see previous post)

And here is what I came up with:

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

I can see my likeness in several of them, but STEVE BUSCEMI!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?
He is the quintessential crazy ugly guy!?!
Oh man, there goes my self esteem for the day

Friday, March 06, 2009

There is an excuse, I swear

So my departure from the blogosphere last week was swift and seemingly unintentional. But it was...intentional...a little bit.

I am probably the laziest and most procrastinating procrastinator known to mankind.

I could detail all of this, but then I would be humiliated and have to go into hiding again.

I thought if I could keep myself away from the blogosphere to get my "chores" done then I would have an incentive (and reward) to get it done. Yeah, not so much. What was supposed to be an extended weekend hiatus turned into a week! I am sorry, doogs, come back!

One of my chores was to start packing up my apartment.

Yes, that is right...the Roaming Southerner is roaming again...at some point in the nearer future. Kdubs finishes law school in May, we are not sure where he will be working after he takes the bar in Georgia (probably not Georgia), and I am not sure when I am leaving my job.

I initially thought I would just leave with him, but if I stay longer, I MAY get a good severance package out of it. Which in these economic times, is nothing to sneeze at.

I am choosing not to get worried about the where and when we will end up. It always works out, right? RIGHT?....no....not worrying : breathe : breathe :

:::Deep Breath:::

okay, I'm back.

So, we packed up about half of our apartment, loaded it in a van, and moved it into my mom's basement. This way our BIG move will not be as eventful (here is hoping). Really it means, if we are making a GIGANTIC move like overseas or across the country, then we would have our essentials here to move and the extras would be safe at home...or something like that.

Now that we are packed up, I have the tornado of CRAP that I have left as a trail. Our apartment is littered...literally littered with bits and pieces of junk that we didn't want to save but don't want to throw away. So this week is major cleaning and decluttering at Chez Roaming Southerner.

What are your big weekend plans, friends?