Sunday, April 19, 2009

4 more weeks

It just hit me.

My husband has 4 more weeks of law school left.

I am very exited to be done with this stressful time. It has not been an easy 3 years for us in some ways. I am ready for him to not be studying all the time and hope that he may be able to turn off work stress easier than school stress (I know I am deluding myself on that one, but just let me for a little while).

But this craziness has been 3 years of our lives. The largest chunk of our marriage so far was spent here. And we are leaving it soon.

KW will graduate mid-May. We will then pack the apartment up and move our stuff and KW to Georgia. I will come back for a few weeks to finish work (which will suck because I will be living in an empty apartment for awhile).

But the main part: CHANGE IS COMING.
And I hate it. I do not like law school, but I am ape-sh*t scared of leaving this bubble that I know even if it is not perfect.

That being said, i think it will be really fun to live in Georgia while KW prepares for the Bar and while we figure out our next move.

Sorry for this meaningless outburst. But 4 weeks and change will be here. BLERGHS!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Easter weekend

So what did I do for Easter?!?
I hosted my parents to the great frozen tundra that is Michigan!

My mom and dad came up for a visit (even though they are coming up in a few weeks for graduation) because I have been very homesick lately.

It was a great visit. They wanted to stay in one of the casinos in Detroit, so they got us a room and we stayed with them on Friday and Saturday! It was a perfect stay-cation. We took them to see the Detroit Art Institute, who has a great Norman Rockwell exhibit. The Ford Museum is also a must for our visitors:

The parents next to the Famous Weinermobile, which allowed my dad to sing the song--out loud. thank goodness I am not a teenager anymore and embarrassed by them. I just sang along.

Posing in the Model T

Dad exploring the trains. They have these enormous trains in there. From Henry Ford's personal train car to these massive engines.

No idea how that shot of KW got in there...

My mom with her iPhone, which is humorous because she barely knows how to check her email on a real computer.

The Ford Museum also has this HUGE train snow plow from Canada, and for some reason it always intimidates me, but that could be from the fact that these mammoth trains are very close together and I have daymares of them coming to life like Evil Thomas the Trains. --my imagination has always gotten the best of me--

KW classic annoyed expression with my excessive picture taking.

KW strolling amongst the evil rolling machines of death

Mom and Dad sitting in the seat the Rosa Parks bus. Crazy trivia fact: the Ford Museum bought that for $500 from a man using it as a tool shed.

The museum also has the chair Lincoln was shot in, all of the old president's cars, lots of memorabilia, and well...tons of cars. It is a must if you are in Detroit.

Hope every one's Easter was great. I think I am 3 pounds heavier from the excellent food we ate!

Monday, April 06, 2009

She likes me, she really likes me

The one, the only, the Preppy Princess has gifted me this wonderful Friendship Award. I don't get a ton of these, and I have to admit that I am always bad at passing them along when I do because I want to give them to everyone. However, I will play by the rules:

Per the rules: these blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

Kels @ The Ben Show
***My Doppelganger! Kels and I have way too similar taste in movies and tv. We quote too much popular culture to be healthy.
The Mrs. @ Trying Our Best
***Always great for a laugh and a smile and a story about her amazing kids
Krystyn @ Really, Are you Serious?
***Such a great blogging friend because of her lovely comments
Kristen @ Zandor
***Hello Jello has become my favorite phrase lately.
Jimaie @ Jimaie.Marie
***Love her spirit and sense of humor...and has been a great twitter friend!
Erin @ Peach In the Evergreens
***One of my oldest blog friends. I love that we go through family withdraws and missing the south!
RWP @ Red and White Preppy
***RWP gives us all a peek into her boy crazy life. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she is someone who I want to be friends with in real life.
A Girl @ a boy, a girl and a pug
***Hilarious posts about her smooshy face pug! Esp. the management memos to the pug!

Well, I actually followed the rules! Way to go me!

But please go see these great blogs. They are a lot of fun and are a part of my daily reads!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Somebody's Getting Married and a lost train of thought

My brother, Choppy, is!!!!

Choppy and Libby got engaged awhile ago, but they have set the date and are getting hitched.

I couldn't be more excited.

Libs is the shizz. I have really loved getting to know her, esp through our rando facebook chats.

I have even gotten to know another one of her bridesmaids from it (hey, Sarah!) and marvel at how weird the world is:
Sarah and I on facebook seem like kindred spirits. We love Gilmore Girls, the Office, Pride & Prejudice, etc. Yeah, this isn't like searching for the lost Incan ruins...there are lots of girls who like those things. But finding someone who does share interests AND is friends with the girl my brother is spending the rest of his life with is awesome! Cause me and John are not really known for our similar interests. (Minus quoting random movies and tv shows-but who doesn't like doing that!)

Any way, Sarah and I had gotten onto the reason I blog because I still don't broadcast my blogging for fear of ridicule.
But I told her I do it because I don't scrapbook, I am not a prolific writer, I like the instant gratification of blogging, and I lose journals left and right (a good example how this applies to blogging--I actually had a different blog for several months before this one, but forgot the password one day and couldn't access my account). I don't blog for people to read it *but love comments. But I do it, because I like to look back on things and realize that there is proof in this world that I am ridiculous. And in some morbid way, I like to think that when I am gone this little piece of me will be around to say, "I existed."

All this to say: I am pumped about John and Libs getting married, meeting new people, and losing my train of thought.