Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My baby and her baby

Shhh...I snuck a pic of Penny when she was sleeping. I had to take it with the Mac Photobooth. She never suspected a thing!?!

you all know how much she hates having her picture taken.

But this was so precious. Her snuggling with her loofah dog that we've named Hannah.

Penny was given Hannah by her aunt Vals when she stayed at the in-laws in Greenville. And she actually likes it. She is a toy snob. This is one of two toys that she will play with and sleep with and not completely ignore.

The best: she will squeeze the squeaker and moan at the noise...::deep squeak:: "oh no, Hannah, don't be upset-moan" :deep squeak: "Stop it, Hannah!-moan" I really need to get that on video sometime.

Happy start of Labor Day weekend, peeps! Wear lots of white, drink lots of *stuff*, and eat lots of watermelon. Now, I know that wearing white and eating watermelon while drinking *stuff* is disaster waiting to happen, but I have faith in your graceful abilities. Mine on the other hand...

I am how I am

I was looking back on my last couple of posts (and I know I have not been posting regularly, sorry!), and I sound like a worried wart and a Fretty Betty.

And while those thoughts from the past couple of days are very accurate, I don't want to sound overly gloomy.

My family makes fun of me because I never was able to say anything bad about anything... I always couch things nicely.

"I hate my brother, but sometimes he is okay." "I hate my Latin Class, but I'm sure it will be okay"

And I am at it again: This will be okay.
KW has started to realize my stress and has taken to letting me know how valuable I am to him and how much he loves me. (which every wife needs, I think!)

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I have some great friends here that have made the journey here worth it. Also, seeing KW's growth while at law school (professionally and personally) has been amazing.

And after I process it, all of this makes great blogging fodder (which is what it is all about, right?!?)

BTW: have a great new find on Move, Bug!

School is back in session

So KW has started his 3rd and final year of law school. And I am so conflicted. I am happy, I am sad. I am scared, I am elated.

I am happy that this is KW's last year of classes (unless he gets his LLM), and he knows what is going on with all of his classes so this should not be as stressful. However, he is now on Law Review and that is A LOT of extra work. Right now he is working on Law Review at the night...he has NEVER studied at school at night. Yeah, he studies in his office and I don't see him a lot but I know he is there for a quick kiss or chat if I need it.

I am also happy that we only have one more year in Michigan (no offense, Michiganders) and to start a new adventure next year...but I am also scared (partially described here). I will miss the friends I have made here. That is one of the biggest problems of roaming as we do. I am also anxious to experience everything I can for our last year here. The good news: I will not be traveling as much, so I won't miss as many fun events this fall.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Random Streams of Thoughtciousness

To steal from Amanda, I thought I'd give you some random thoughts because my week has been so crazy...I am not sure coherent sentences will come out.

*I know I told you that my boss is leaving, but this has been particularly hard for me. I love my boss. He is the perfect amalgam of what a boss, a mentor, and a father should be. I used to joke with a coworker that he is like my dad but we both behave around each other (no fights, snide remarks, stop trying to control my life-teenage history)--it is nice. So, it hit me like a ton of bricks (that is a pretty good emotional picture for me) that he was leaving.

*With his departure, my job-that I love-was created to only be over sought by my boss is now in peril. Now I am not going to lose my job (there will be too much to do with my boss gone), but my job will not be the same. I may be sent to another department or shuffled somewhere. And this sucks too, because I was really looking forward to what this year will bring.

*Some Good/Bad things--I may end up having to travel less, which is less time away from KW and Pens but it will short cut the TRS-magical-mystery-tour. I may end up getting more responsibilities and promoted (but I hate responsibilities because they scare me)

*To top off a cracker jack week, I got threatened with a frivolous law suit by an angry parent. But at a law school you never joke about these things so it was not fun. It is resolved, I did nothing wrong, she just wanted to threaten and see what would happen. An elephant's heart medicine would not have brought down my blood pressure that day.

*KW is putting 18 more options on the pile of what he might do after graduation: Germany, Luxembourg, Australia, UCLA, NYC, and maybe even Atlanta (want to know which one scares me the most: Atlanta (UCLA is bad though, bad...I refuse to go...sorry). I am afraid of moving home because I don't want to move away after...and my rambling man husband might get itchy and that will suck to move again.

*My mom, who-like her daughter-does not always act well/give sound advice at first because she can't get over the hysteria, gave me some great advice: stop worrying, you can do nothing about any of this, and know that you are not in control of your life. God is and you have to put your faith in Him. I know all this is true but hearing it from my mom did wonders. Magic Mom Powers, huh? My mom also told me that she would spent weeks worrying about where I would go to Preschool because that would effect my entire life: development, high school prospects, college, career path, whether I hated her and moved away to Michigan. And she looks back and laughs because everything would have turned out the same (except the hate part of course)...she sees the paths looking back much clearer. And that made me feel better, safer..knowing my mom knows what I am going through and survived, nay thrived.

Yes that is right...Nay.

other more random thoughts:
*started running with a girlfriend in the morning (okay jogging....okay jogging a little while walking...okay mostly walking). Point being: my shoes are killing me. Anybody have suggestions on what kind of tennis shoes work good/don't give you blisters the size of Montana?

*I am getting excited about the fall TV lineup and for some reason really want to watch the Fringe...okay the reason is Pacey Whitter...but shut up.

*shockingly, I haven't killed my office plant and two church plants I care for. I think I drank some toxic waste and developed a super mutant power to conquer my purple thumb...cause this thing is rockin'

Sorry, for the random thoughts, but it felt good to get it off my chest. Especially the mutant powers. How can I use this power for evil?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Favorite Things Swap and a new venture

Are you guys ready to do an internets swap!?! Go over to Wendi to check out her awesome Favorite Things Swap.

I am playing, are you?

Oh, and the button up there...yup, I helped Wendi with it!!! This was one of the first few that I have done on trade.

I am hoping to start expanding this as my knowledge grows but it is definitely a slow process. So if you would like a button, banner, or icon, let me know! I would love to get some more experience. Please email me if you have something you want to do and we can talk about a trade!?!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun Times on Wednesday

I got some bad news today. My boss is leaving the office. I know this doesn't sound like earth shattering news, but I love my boss. He is what has made this job awesome. He is by far the best boss I have ever had. He is lenient but structured. Organized but flexible...and he will be missed.

So to lighten my mood and yours...I found this for you:

I love the Brian Williams cameo...classic

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why TRS is Quirky #2

I hate syrup, honey, molasses, or any other sticky liquid.

Now, I don't like having sticky hands (I mean, who does? Does someone out there really just love having gunky, don't answer if they do...I enjoy my bubble). But I don't HATE sticky hands.

I came from my hatred of sticky liquids honestly.

When I was little, my parents shared the "getting up and make breakfast for the brats duty." My mom always prepared eggs and wheat toast with fruit. My dad always made orange rolls, cinnamon toast, and pop tarts (when mom wasn't around). My favorite was waffles. He would "cook" Eggos and ask each of us if we wanted "strips" or "pieces" and he would cut the to our exacting specification. Man, we felt special. I always had strips...I was a big kid...I didn't need pieces.

But I also had LONG LONG past my shoulder blades hair. So every time I would have syrup with my waffles, some how some way I ended up with syrup in my hair. Now, that is not tragic except that on school days this would mean a rush around the house, washing my hair, drying my hair, brushing my hair. And these were the two things I hated most: rushing around and messing with my hair. And lets face it you never are too gentle with hair when you are rushing around.

After awhile, I declared ENOUGH! I would forgo my syrup to keep my hair and sanity clean.

Now I hate the taste of any sticky liquid. It is too sugary and grainy and weird...and like some Psych 101 experiment I secretly fear that it will get in my hair.

Maybe this is always why I wear a ponytail. Ah, to be inside my head...
scary place.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm quirky--okay just plain weird

Let's do a show of hands okay?

Who here knows I am a weirdo? (oh, well you don't have to be so enthusiastic with your show of hands) Okay so that is everyone.

Who here finds my weirdness adorable and quirky? (KW raise your hand, please)

Who here has certain quirks that you don't readily admit? (ah, see slower with the hands this time)

There are certain things that I have considered sharing on the blog that I have quickly dismissed because I may lose my readership (yes, all three of you, shut it...i value you!).

But I'm going to suck it up and bare my soul and some of my eccentricities.

1.) I don't like going to the bathroom in public. Now, I know most people would prefer to "go" at home, but I really really dislike it. I'm not so weird that I won't "go" out...I just have things I do to deal with it. Like squatting, trying to touch nothing with my hands, and if something touches the floor...its gone, just leave it. I have lost many a chapstick to this cause. After washing hands, use paper towel to grab handle if it swings you don't have to touch anything, remember? Seriously, if I ever become elected to public office, I would make it law that all bathroom doors swing out. Like surgery rooms.

My hatred of public bathrooms has been exacerbated at work. Where there are 500 people (instead of my usual 20) and the staff bathrooms are cramped and cold. So I have a bathroom that I feel is farthest away from foot traffic, has space, a purse hook, and is warm. The best part of my day is when I walk in there and I know it hasn't been used yet. Wait!!! how do I know it hasn't been used...the lid is still up from the cleaning during the night. Now I still follow all my rules, but it just makes my weirdo heart scream with glee a little.

(So have I lost you yet...Darnie, can you guess which bathroom I'm talking about?)

Okay so I talked too long about that one...I guess I'm too passionate about bathrooms...see weird.

I'll be filling you in on my weirdness later, trust me. If there is anyone left.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

TRS-Coming to a City Near You

Some good news and some bad news, internet peeps.

The Good News...I may be coming to a city near you!?!
That is right...for my lovely recruitment job I am going to be in the following cities:
Atlanta, GA
Miami, FL
Fort Myers, FL
Tampa, FL
Orlando, FL
Naples, FL
Houston, TX
Dallas, TX
Tallahassee, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Gainesville, FL
Chapel Hill, NC
Davidson, NC

Here is the bad news: The way my schedule works out I will be spending 2-3 week periods away from KW and the Penny.

It hasn't hit really yet, but it will not be pretty. I hate being away from KW for more than 4 days (and that is a lot better than 2 years ago where 1 night would send me into apoplectic shock).

However, I do think that it will have some fun points: absence making the heart grow fonder and all...but the good thing on the KW front is that he is looking into coming and meeting me on a couple of the trips!!! work will pay for some of it (esp. the ones where he is looking for a job or where we have free room and board) and on the ones where work can't pay...we have an expedia ticket we need to we may end up taking our first vacation alone in quite some time!!! That is enough to get me over the "I'm going to miss him so much" hump.

The really awesome silver lining: I will have extra days in some of those cities because work doesn't want to fly me back home and out again for 1 day. So, that means...I can meet my internet peeps on my days off.

Now, if you are one of those people that are wary of meeting internet friends (then you probably aren't a blogger, we have no sense of self preservation, right?), turn away. But if you live in or around the cities listed above and would like to meet for coffee, I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU!

The only reason I bring this up is because I am setting travel plans and if I can meet you, I don't want to be in another city on accident!

So, how bout it intenet besties...wanna meet? It would def. be something blog about.

Talking about motivation on Move Bug

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sick and wait that was Yesterday

You know when you come back from "vacation" and you say you need a vacation...yeah this "vacation" was no exception for me.

Oh wait, you don't know what "vacation" with the quote marks means? Let me inform you:

:insert snazzy '50s jingle la la lah lah la:

You all are familiar with a vacation. It is that lovely time that you chose to be away from work and your normal routine. Whether it is a day trip to the beach, a week long jaunt to the land of Mouse Ears, or a two week excursion to the Himalayas. Vacations are meant to be a time of relaxation, rejuvenation, and fun.

:insert sound of turntable record screeching:

However, if you are doing the following things, your vacation turns into a "vacation":
-Balancing time between in laws and family
-Having to visit that aunt you haven't seen in forever
-attend a wedding
-participate in a wedding
-watch the crazy diva antics that ensue at a wedding
-go on a mother-daughter blind double date
-set up your mother's computer, photo station, and herb garden
-coordinate a super specific drop off for your rat like dog
-deal with mother in law

With any of these actions you are no longer in the land of are in the land of obligation. Oh yes you get to take time off of work and look like you are away at some fun filled destination but really it is just a new place and a new stress.

Sigh, still it was better than the same old stress, I can tell you that.

*warning: this was all said in jest. If you are related to me in any way, please discard what you just read and leave the blog immediately--oh, and I love you...kisses!*

Talking about fat/skinny pants at Move Bug. Give me some advice!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Being okay with the Midwest

Okay, I am back from my long sojourn from the south. To say I am happy about being back would be a bit of a lie. I cried a lot before leaving my mom's house, but I always do. And yes, I did cry a bit about having to get back into the routine of work again...but I do that all the time too. What can I tell you, I am a crier.

But back I am...with a fun addition to the Roaming Southerner blog empire (blogipire? empirblog? the folks who created Brangelina have nothing on me!): Move Bug Move.

As many of you know, I have been tracking my weight loss for awhile with my fun ticker on the sidebar to the right. I also have talked from time to time about what I am doing the Good, the Bad, the Sweaty of my weight loss saga. Well, my fear was that this would turn into a weight loss blog, which I am not comfortable with...and really, how many times can you (if you are not losing weight--I hate you you size 2 freak!?!--no no...we don't hate at the Roaming Southerner...only love and judgemental glares) read a blog about weight loss if it doesn't interest you.

In an effort to keep myself accountable but not bore those who love being bored my non-weight loss antics. I will probably link to the bottom of the TRS post when I have updated the site. So without further ado...I give you: Move Bug Move. yeah, I couldn't come up with a better name. If you have a better one...let me know!

As the week progresses, I will be spilling the beans on the CK winner (and no McMommy it is not you with your power hungry points giving extravaganza...sorry), filling you in on some of the wedding drama (if KW lets me!), and starting up a
new fun filled month of CK Trivia!

Missed you my bloggie buddies. I really did.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Not the show, but the fact that I have lost all but one of my loyal readers, thanks Amanda! But I have nothing much to say, but


I love southern food
I love the southern people
I love the southern heat

These are my people and this is my town and I pray that I am back here one day permanently.

However, I trust in God that we may end up in Wyoming, Alaska, Hong Kong or England.
and my mom is trying to get a grip on it.

Seriously though, my brothers are the funniest most hilarious people ever...and my mom and dad only add fodder to their awesomeness.

How I have been able to stay away from them for 9 months is beyond me.

Icing on the cake: I get to see two of my best and only girl friends from high school of Friday!

I miss y'all please show some love, even if blogger doesn't.

Blogger: a testy love has been two days of waiting to see if Blogger loves me again from being away for so long. And it has reluctantly accepted me back into its life...for now.

The past few days have been full of talking to my mom until I am blue in the face...laughing with my brothers until my stomach hurt...and having a great time!

The only trouble has been my lil' Penny. She is not used to the space of a house or a yard or hard wood floors...and it has been not so much fun for her. The space is confusing to her...the hardwood slippery...and the yard...okay, that is fun!

KW and I are having fun not being at work and just hanging out with no plans.

Today my mom, dad, and my youngest brother is going with us to the Georgia Aquarium. It should be fun if for nothing else because my brother is sure to have a colorful commentary for everything.

Well, I need to run. There are 4 dogs here now, and they need lots of attention. Not to mention my office has been calling for information that I can't give them, and my mom is trying to cram 10 months of mother-daughter bonding in 6 days.

Sorry for my absence of can blame my finicky love, Blogger.