Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Internet Issues

So, you know how I said, I'm sorry for posting, and I'll post more...

I swear it is not my fault. My new place has the worst Internet connection. It goes in and out and is very unreliable.

Here are some high points of my week:

1.) We had our 9th annual Maleless Retreat this weekend. It was wonderful to see almost all of my friends from college. We got to hang out at my parents lake house. This year was a bit different for me since my participation in the drinking games consisted of chugging water (good for the baby, bad for continual sleep).

2.) I got to go see Legally Blonde the Musical with my mom and sister-in-law! It was a lot of fun. I loved seeing the show on MTV and seeing it live was great. Best of all was spending time with Libby. I have to say that I really love getting to know her and am so excited that she is in my family now!

3.) My mom is having John and Libby's wedding party this weekend. So it will be a big party with lots of family and friends. I'm going to have to learn to keep people's hands away from the belly.

4.) Speaking of the belly, I am now officially in maternity clothes. My mom went out with me and helped me find the perfect jeans, lots of maternity shirts, and more maxi dresses. It is actually fun to get dressed now. Before I dreaded the thought of putting on my non-maternity jeans (I didn't even realize it until I got the new jeans).

5.) I went to see a new doctor/practice. Actually, she is a midwife. I liked her, but the practice (we'll call practice B) is definitely not as swanky as the first practice (call practice A). I think it is good to have less doctors (4 as opposed to 6) less chances of having a doctor in the delivery room that I don't know. But really is that even that big of a difference. Practice B seems fine. It doesn't seem as high tech as practice A. Practice A was crazy busy and I would just be a number on a file. Practice A however is very efficient. Any thoughts on which practice to go for? I can't decide.

6.) here is the latest belly pic from this weekend at the lake. (22 weeks)


McMommy said...

HOLY MOLY.....You are PREGNANT!!!!!!! You look SO AWESOME! I looked like a whale at 22 weeks!!!!
p.s. I'm like my mom...I'm crying every time I see you! (I swear she used to tear up every time she saw me...which was EVERY DAY! She'd be all "I can't believe you're pregnant!")

Buffalo Betty said...

More preggers pics!

Loved seeing you play Circle of Death with water...

K Rée said...

You are one hot mama. Seriously... you look great!!

Since we went through being chubs at the same time, I hope it's ok to tell you that your previous comments about looking like you did pre-weightloss are not all that accurate. You look fantastic with a baby belly!

*jimaie.marie* said...

Awww!! I love the pics we get to see you of you and your growing belly! You look beautiful!!!!!
I am so jealous you go tto see Legally Blonde the musical, I too watched/loved that reality show and it totally made me want to go see the show live! lucky girl! :D

Pages' Page said...

You look fantastic! And I know it is such a cliche, but you are glowing! The cutest pregnant mama picture I've seen.