Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fun times with KW

K-dubs is what people call "that quiet guy." He doesn't say a lot in groups of people. He typically allows other people to talk and asks very good questions (which is totally why everyone loves him--and makes my crazy antics look crazier). But when we are just hanging out by ourselves, he says some of the most ridiculous things EVER.
Case in point #1: When we were first dating, I was not feeling very well after one of our dates. While walking up the escalator from the Metro station, we had this conversation:

TRS: Oh I'm not feeling very well
KW: Oh, it a stomach ache? head ache?
TRS: No...just feeling off...
KW: Do you have a fever?
TRS: No, I don't think so
KW: Because if you do, the only cure is more cowbell

deadpanned...kept walking up the escalator...
and all I could do was sit on the escalator steps and bust out laughing.

Case in point #2: While driving to school last week, KW was talking to me about his plans for the day. He looked down the road and saw that a crow was nibbling away on something and not moving as we got closer. We got closer and closer, and the crow was not moving. Finally the crow flew away at the last second and KW said, "Woh Bird..." (and in an accent) "Say hello to your mother for me."

The guy kills me every time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Lucite Stripper Shoes Here

Okay, I will admit it...I have never been to a strip club. Shocking, right?

And after this video, I can honestly say I don't see the appeal.

Even if this was a hot girl in lucite heels...I would be worried about her hurting herself. I mean, I am betting that the managers of a strip club don't allow gym mats on the bottom of the pole, just in case.

And no, I have no idea why this guy made this video or is attempting to perfect his pole dancing skills. Maybe it is because his wife won't let him have dinner until he gets his pole-dancing skillz correct. It is like my mom with math homework...geez, mom.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Magical Non-Microwave Meatloaf

After many demands for the meatloaf recipe, I had to share:

The reason I call this magical meatloaf is that I can bribe KW with it anytime, and he would do anything to get it!!! Go to social functions that drive him batty, chores that make him nuts, and family obligations that he could do with out.

It is that good.

It is very different than traditional meatloaf for many different reasons. The first being that this recipe came from my mom's 1972 Baking With Your Microwave Cookbook.

Original Recipe-TRS EDITION in BOLD:
1-1/2 Ground Beef (I use ground turkey or half and half for a fatty meal)
1 c. crustless bread cubed (I shred the bread very fine)
1 onion diced(I dice the onion very fine)
1 egg
salt & pepper (I also add 2 tsp. of garlic powder)
1/2 c. of ketchup
***mix with hands--it is necessary***

2 TBS worchetershire
2 TBS mustard (liquid)
1/2 c. chili sauce
1 c. ketchup
3 TBS. Brown Sugar
(I add 2 TBS of Tabasco-use less if you like a milder taste)
***mix in separate bowl***

I form my meatloaf into mini loaves (usually six loaves per batch) so every bite is an end piece.
Spoon sauce 1/2 mixture onto meat loaves
Place the loaves on tin foil for easy clean up.
Preheat and Bake at 350 degrees
Check after 25 minutes for temp and spoon over extra sauce
Bake until meat registers at 160-165.
Let rest. if you go till 170, it can get a bit dry

If you want to double the sauce recipe and cook the extra in a saucepan (kill those germs), no one will complain for the extra sauce. K-dubs never does!

So this is my magical meatloaf recipe. I wish I had pictures but my hands are always meaty and place for my precious camera.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Grace in Small Things

Cruising by Jimaie.marie

and noticed her call to participate in the Grace In Small Things challenge. Schmutzie says:
Every day for 365 days, I will post a list of five things that have graced my life, either on that day or at any time in my life. Feel free to join me.

I love the fact that Schmutzie or Scmutz (who has amazing headers, go check em out!) as I am calling her in my head verbalized some of the things that I automatically thought about doing this:
I don't want to be a Pollyanna
I don't want to not be sarcastic
but I also want to battle my natural tendency towards bitterness.

My mom has always made me counteract my negative comments with something positive. So after my Words I Hate post, here are 5 things that I feel have graced my life recently.

1.) Looking forward to a fun weekend, hanging out with 2 girls that remind me of my family (which I will post about later).
2.) People understanding my work situation a little bit more. Makes me feel less like a whiner or crazy.
3.) Looking at my husband and thinking, "My God, he is so stinking cute....and he's MINE!"
4.) Learning and sharing more with friends. Why does it feel so good to bond with someone? I just love it.
5.) Sharing my meatloaf with a new person and converting them to the best meatloaf recipe IN. THE. WORLD.

writing these things down, really does capture my mood and what is going on with me. I may have to keep up with this.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Words I Hate

We all have words we dislike to hear, right?
Words we don't use, words we avoid using because they sound bad, have bad connotations, or just feel weird coming out of your mouth.

Like some people hate Moist! Now, I don't have a problem with that but boy do I have a few words that just send me over the edge. Typically, when I tell people these words, they start to use them (unconsciously or obnoxiously) ALL. THE. TIME.

But I am going to suck it up and tell you these words and the reason I hate them, because it is good to let you know that I have quirks. However, I was/am hesitant to share these words because you might like them or know some one who likes them. Please know that I come by my neurosis honestly (ahem, mom) and do not expect you to share in them. I completely understand if you feel the need to hate me after this post, sorry.

Panty (ugh, I hated just typing it): I hate this word because it sounds skeezy to me. I always thought it sounded pedophilic. My family always used Unders or Undies (it is good for addressing the underwear of both girls and boys). My mom did not do this intentionally for her hatred of the word, she just was being economical with her vocab. So, I cringe at any Victoria Secret ad. I hate the Semi-Annual Bra and P--ty sale. I groan at Lingerie showers, just like the one I had to throw last week. I am not kidding when every single person there said the P-word 8 times in 3 minutes. I almost said something...I really did. But Ms. Manners, aka. my mom, in my head pulled me through.

Lessee:You hear this word at the end of any car commercial and I absolutely hate it. IT IS NOT A REAL WORD! We can argue till the cows come home, but I know I am right about this one. You can employ someone, and they are your employee. But you can not less someone to make them your LESSEE!!!

Classy:Now this is going to cause me to lose some friends here, but I really hate the word Classy. And I have a case for it, I swear.

Case No. 23153
The Roaming Southerner v. The Word, Classy

excerpt from opening statement from TRS: Growing up, my mother would always encourage us to use a different word for classy saying, "If you have to use the word classy, it isn't." She would tell me to use sophisticated, elegant, classic, stylish to describe things. Classy, she argued, is misused to its own detriment. And I agree. Classy is used mostly for sarcastic humor and many times when people use classy to describe something it is a joke and that thing is epitome of unsophistication and inelegance. Or they have no taste and the thing they are describing would be considered trashy by 98% of the non-trailer park world.

Admit it, how many times have you heard someone in Lucite heels and a fanny pack exclaiming, "OH, that gold lame jumpsuit is KLAaSee!" Maybe it is just me, but I hear it all the time.

You can call me a snob or wrong or the devil's spawn for my hatred of the word classy...I understand. But it irks me to no end, because I always want to say:
Do you really think the white prom tux with tails is classy or are you being sarcastic? Because whichever way you go will determine our friendship.

What words do you hate...what words make your skin crawl? I'm I the only crazy out there?

Monday, February 16, 2009

I don't need no medication

One pill that I do not need

FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Her Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

When we saw this picture of K-dubs favorite German supermodel:

I said, "wow, can you believe she has had 3 kids." KW said, "yeah, well she is that explains it all." *Kdubs is of strong German heritage.

KW then turns to our German derived Min Pin and said, "that is why you look so good after 6 litters, right Penny?"

He cracks me up when he says things like this to Penny, but Miss Penny has always made it her life mission to make me happy.

Erin has talked about what joy her dog brings her, and I have always wanted to write about how happy Penny makes me with her innate joy of life and how that affects me. (her unwillingness to let me capture her vivacity on camera precludes me to write about her charms--thesaurus that, Mirriam Webster)

Penny spends all of her days shaking her tail in a playful manner and running around to make sure I play with her all day long. Only worrying about food and pooping and scratching...

I have always laughed at how Penny makes me happy every morning because I cannot be sad or angry or curse the day of working when a creature wakes up so excited to greet the day. She is so happy to see happy to be awake!!!

I just love how happy she is by nature. I need to be more like my dog...happy at the day, no dreading of pain-in-the-a$$ people at work, no worrying about bills or chores...

Maybe that is what separates us from dogs: opposable thumbs and chores.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've Got a Fever

And the only cure is more cowbell.

well, I do have a fever but I doubt a cowbell will alleviate my flu.

I've been lucky enough to work from home today, but I feel like Captain Big Booty.

I am sorry that I have been an anemic blogger lately. I def. need to step up my game. Now I am trying to come up with some fun topics to write on. Unfortch, I just want to curl up with soup and Nyquil.

I will try and be a better blog buddy this week. I puffy heart all of you, really.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Too Busy Can't Type

.........S*&ER..............throwing a bachelorette party tonight...........*(#H@& is crazy.............#Y*$#..........can't write a good post............This is my IOU.

I leave you with this:

Well, are yoo?

courtesy of Giggle Sugar.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hello there, Superhero

Saturday morning I woke up to a call at 9:10am, and I am going to show my non-mom roots by saying that I was PISSED at the wake up call...not like you mom bloggers who have been up for 3 hours with 5 things knocked off of your to-do list.

So the phone call was from my friend Loretta* and it went something like this:
Loretta: Hello there, Superhero. This is Loretta from the Red Cross blood bank in Ann Arbor.
(she is so perky and happy I immediately throw away my urges to stab her with verbal daggers about the non-solicited wake up call)
TRS: Hi Loretta, has it been 72 days already?!?
Loretta: Yes, honey, it is. And I want to thank you for giving a pint of blood that saves up to three lives in Michigan alone.
(feeling like the superhero that I am, obviously, I ask Loretta about her day, tell her thanks for her service, and she is flabbergasted at being asked about herself and being thanked. This flabbergasted me!!! How can anyone be mean to Loretta?!? My sweet, cheerful superhero operator!?! She is better than the bat signal. Any way I schedule my appt. at the blood bank and go off feeling great about myself for the rest of the weekend.)

This is all to tell you that I am headed to the blood bank in 15 minutes to get my free juice and cookies. I also wanted to link up to my original post about me and giving blood...then you get the full story about me being an undercover superhero...better than the Incredibles, I tell you.

This is also to tell you to donate blood (if you can).

*Loretta may or may not be her name. I wasn't sure if I was going to kill her when I first answered the phone and any normal person doesn't need to know the name of the person they are killing. But she sounds like a Loretta...Loretta the Lovely...who I will never have thoughts of killing again. Maybe I can ask her to be my new alarm clock?

Updated: this was actually reposted by the Red Cross at their blog. So weird. BTW. Loretta, if you are reading time I will ask you your real name.

Monday, February 02, 2009


I need help interpeeps!
I need to make a few casseroles "that freeze beautifully" (name that movie!).
Anybody have a recipe or five that I can borrow.

A friend is going to need them after dealing with long distance bereavement.
I really appreciate it!