Saturday, October 24, 2009

A playlist to labor to

One of my friends, who is a labor & delivery nurse, was talking about music for laboring, and I said, "I just don't think I can do the calm, meditative music. I'm going to need something to jam to." Her response was, "whatever works for you just please no ENYA...I'm so tired of it."

So here is what I am thinking for my labor themed playlist:

A great get pumped song:
Europe-Final Countdown:

If you have ever seen some of the natural birth moves, this makes sense:
Shakira-Hips Don't Lie

Cause Gloria will tell you the truth:
I will Survive

Because Axel Rose welcoming you into the world is completely normal:

My favorite for the Power Hour:
MC Hammer's Too Legit 2 Quit

A classic for the home stretch:
Salt N' Pepa's Push it

I am going to try and have a more calming selection too...
but to be honest...I am not a music person and will most likely listen to my white noise machine more than anything...

so what would your choices be as a Fun and/or Soothing song?


Erin said...

That is too funny! :) I don't think I am going to do music, but I will take my iPod in case I change my mind!

Anonymous said...

I think I just snorted :) Too funny!

I brought a little bit of everything to l & d . . . music I could jam to, ocean sounds, classical. All of it worked for me at one point or another!

Cita Online said...

I'd choose Shakira too!

But thinking about it, I'd pick a DVD over music - specifically the Pride & Prejudice BBC version to keep my mind off everything else.

Big fan of your music choices, you're going to do great!

Anonymous said...

Dude, You are my hero! I'm working on a few little diddies myself if you need some live music. You're gonna be amazing! I can feel it! EB