Thursday, June 04, 2009

Maybe I have more substance than I thought

Alright, I will admit it. I love stupid reality tv. Not the "I'm a celebrity Get me out of here" variety or Big Brother or even American Idol. The faux-scripted the Hills.

However, I actually had to turn off the last episode of the Hills (where Heidi and Spencer get married). I was watching to see Lauren's last episode, but I can't handle all the Speidi. It is too much.

Some-Friend of Heidi: "Heidi, which champagne bottle should we open first?"
Heidi: "The most expensive!"

SFoH: "What is the wedding going to be like?"
Heidi: I want it to be over the top and dripping with diamonds...

Ugh, I just can't handle it.

I can handle the stupid over the top indulgences every other week, but why not this one?

Is it because there is supposed to be a marriage in there, under the hoopla? And being Catholic, my nature is to think of marriage as a sacrament (that which brings you closer to God)...

Now, I'm not saying I got married in a potato sack carrying a pack of carnations, but this over the top-ness is too much. The same goes for the Whose Wedding Is It Anyways and that new Hitched or Ditched show. It skeeves me out.

Maybe you can do a lavish wedding and still be focused on the wedding but it sure seems difficult. For me, my mom was the one who wanted to pomp and she focused on that...I focused on making sure I was married by the end of the day. It worked for me.

All this to say: Kdubs mocks my addiction to pop culture fairly frequently saying things like, "You are very smart, why do you watch/read such dumb things." I usually answer, "well, War and Peace gets a little dull the 18th time around." But maybe turning off the Hills signals that I may be less addicted to pop culture than I expected.

Hold on, there is some new updates to Popsugar. BRB!


Anonymous said...

You're awesome. I also love reality TV... but Speidi is a bit much. Not just on their dumb "wedding" but also with the whole "I'm a celebrity..." fiasco. Sending in dummies under a blanket to be hoarded by paparazzi? Seriously? Anyways, back to
Love, Cita

The Mrs. said...

oh that hitched or ditched show is just mildly alarming. I'm with you the problem with all those weddings show is that the real purpose of a marriage gets lost. And there is a real purpose right....

The Preppy Princess said...

Okay, I am feeling like dumbest girl on the block.

I have been going back and going back and going back to the other blog, and not seeing any updates for so long I started an email asking if you were okay, what could I do to help because clearly something was wrong, etc. Seriously. I didn't think to check this blog until just now!

So glad you are doing well, even if K is gone for such a stretch.

Moron in Michigan

Formerly Gracie said...

Some people just have skewed priorities. What skeeves me out is the fact that people watch that and think it's NORMAL... People like my sister who's getting married next year.

Knows she was the most extravagant wedding, but had no clue that her fiance has never been baptized... anywhere.

She only found this out when they couldn't find a church to marry them.

thebenshow said...

I knew I was getting old when I found I couldn't watch any MTV shows anymore. (except, of course ABDC, that's a given!)

I only saw a COMMERCIAL for some abomination called Bridezillas and I felt like I needed to take a shower!