Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Break it down

So this job...probably should expound on what it is and what we are doing, huh?

Well without going into the name and crazy details of the job (cause we have all learned from Dooce about that!), here is what I can tell you about this job:

It is a brand new position created by this non-profit organization to build a European presence.

Translation: KW is the only person in the company for thousands of miles. Most work will be supervised by email, and he will be going at it blind for the most part. This also means that we have no support system in filing visa work, understanding the health insurance system, and oh, I don't know...how to translating things from GERMAN!

The job will entail a good bit of travel

Translation: When the bosses want to meet with someone in Europe or go to a conference but don't want to go themselves...they send KW. And me. and our baby. I am actually going over there as unofficial help. I will help with travel arrangements, phone calls, and minor research. Mainly whatever needs to be done that can be done around a baby. This travel will mean a lot of trial and error in the "Traveling with baby" category. Expect a lot of funny, awful, and crazy stories.

There are a lot of good and bad aspects of this job:

Bad-Kdubs will have to go over to Europe without me (while I am hugely pregnant).

Good-Kdubs will have the opportunity to hopefully get the apartment and office details squared away before we get there.

Bad-He may have to go over without us after the baby is born if the baby's visa takes a long time to get squared away

Good-He may have to stay with us longer if HIS visa process takes longer than expected

Bad-I have no idea how to take care of baby much less in a foreign country

Good-There seems to be a cool network of women called the Vienna Babies Club and a possibility of a few expat women living in the an apartment compound that has been offered to us.

Bad-Cannot take things from showers or big baby accessories with us to Europe (too expensive to ship)

Good-We will finally have an excuse to pair down our crap!

Bad-KW leaving today for a week to go to Germany and Austria

Good-we get to spend 24 hours together for 2 years once we are over there.

Armed with a Rosetta Stone in Deutsch (I think I spelled that right), the trusty internet, and a great family support system...I am going to figure out how to do this.

So in the future you will probably read about my adventures in bureaucracy, more fears about raising a baby, tantrums about leaving Penny, wails about Kdubs leaving me...and probably more nonsense about Jim Halpert (CAN YOU BELIEVE HE IS ENGAGED!!! I mean I like Emily Blunt and all, but he is off the market!!?!!?!? oh, wait...so am I....)


Stephanie said...

Im so excited for you!! I know its all so new and you are probably freaking out a bit inside and excited all at the same time. At least I was. I have only been officially "ex-pat-ed" for 3 months, but its been a really good experience so far. Frustrating yes, but good. A real eye opener thats for sure! Also I have heard Vienna is GORGEOUS! What a cool experience!!

Cita Online said...

You have to leave Penny? So sad... When I told JCPF that you two were moving to Vienna for a job, he nearly flipped. JCPF dreams of working in Europe at some point, so you'll have to keep me posted on how this adventure pans out.
It sucks Kdubs has to go so soon, and with you so pregnant, but I'm glad you get to travel together all over Europe! Should be a lot of fun, and the baby will only make it that much better, I'm sure :) Love, Cita

Buffalo Betty said...

Um, am offering my services in strategic communications and stakeholder assessments. A highly qualified consultant with a passon for international travel.

Oh, and I love babies.

Erin said...

I am overwhelmed just reading this post...

laugheveryday said...

You can do it (said in my ah-nuld accent). You must feel crazy-overwhelmed now, but everything will work out and what an amazing adventure your little one will have!

Bella said...

Oh my, you are handling this way better than I would be!

The Mrs. said...

what an adventure! good luck getting everything squared away.