Friday, May 29, 2009

I got the better end of the deal

With Kdubs and I be apart for 17 total days (we are 3 down and counting people!), I thought I was getting the raw end of the deal. I shall demonstrate my theory in list form:

How TRS thought she was getting the shaft:
1.) I had to come back to Michigan, where it still gets cold!
2.) I'd have to live with roommates (the kind you can't walk naked around cause they didn't say, "till death do us part" which of course includes the cellulite-is-no-grounds-for-abandonment clause) for the first time in 6 years.
3.) He got to be in the cutest house in Athens
4.) My work days are long, and my nights are lonely :-(
5.) I have a need (like oxygen) to be touched. Like one of those sad kids that never got touched as children and can't get enough of it so they do crazy things...yeah, I think that will be me in a few days.*
6.) Kdubs sucks at talking on the cell phone
7.) I don't have a kitchen to cook dinner or proper cable to watch tv. And KW was getting my brothers leftover Tivo (don't even get me started on what a leftover tivo is...I'm just glad to have it).

How I figured out that I actually got the better end of the deal:
1.) Michigan for all of my bitching is at its best this time of year and my non-AC car is holding up well in this weather (it will not when I am back in GA).
2.) I have some kick ass friends here. Each one of them has invited me over for dinner the past few nights (I only ate by myself one night and that was a choice--my future roommates invited me over for dinner before they packed and I thought we would have enough time together in the future). I also got one of my awesome preggo headaches yesterday at 3 and I had two people call and check up on me. They all have indulged my paranoia and checked in on me to make sure some serial killer hasn't gotten me.
3.) While I have very little in my apartment that is mine...what is mine is very neat and tidy. This never happens with all of my stuff. Maybe the zen minimalism has some advantages. Or maybe it is just nice to know that if I put something up, it stays up, and if I don't my new roommates will notice and judge.
4.) work isn't fun but I like being able to have some quality time with my office friends and it has been nice to have lunch with a good book every day (sometimes with a friend too). Nights are still lonely and I've had a hard time sleeping, but not as bad as I have been before (read first years of marriage in which I would cry until KW came back).
5.) I miss hugs and back rubs and the such, nothing can be done about it. Except maybe the pedicure message chair *
6.) After much consternation (which involved finding a new charger for the cell phone he never uses and teach him how to use it), KW has been very good at talking to me at several points of the day. He even says he misses me each time.
7.) I am very good at eating out by myself and the extra three pounds I've gained are going to have to be watched but since crunches are out of line...I'll just visualize them in my head

So, just for me...some Friday eye candy

Jim Halpert has nothing on him.

*It is a widely told tale in my household that growing up I could not get enough of hugs. If someone was hugging somewhere, I needed to part of it. My parents indulged me as a toddler to be in the middle of their hugs and still love to tease me about it now (even though I can see over both their heads). My mom, who is not a big hugger, used to say, "that it is impossible to hug you too just won't let go." I won't. And I found the only person in the world who won't pull away until I am done with the hugging. (maybe this is my apt is always messy.)

I feel the need to add at this point, that I know that 17 days is nothing. I have a friend who just found out she is pregnant and her husband is being deployed for 16 months starting in September. See?!? no real complaints, here!?!? I'll take it, please don't make me switch with her!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy Week

In the past week, there have been a lot of changes in my life.
1.) Kdubs graduated law school

I have like 3 gazillion pictures (cause I was taking pictures for the school), but I love these close shots of him! So cute.
2.) Why am I all gushy and weird about him right now? Because he moved to Athens and we have to be apart for 17 days. We are currently on day 15. I am holding up tolerably well (read: I am not crying uncontrollably just not 100% happy).
3.) We moved all of our stuff to my parents house (which entailed an 11 hour car ride that took 16!). Got Kdubs settled in Athens (sorta).
4.) AND John and Libby got married this weekend!

This is just a picture from the rehearsal

I'm so happy that Libs is part of the family I could squeal...and well I did.

All in all things are going well. Baby seems fine, my new roommates are moving in on Friday, and my friends are taking great care of me.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Seersucker Friday

While living in DC, I loved how every Friday in the summer all of the Southern Republicans would come out in their seersucker suits. It made me smile, and I brought mine out every random Friday or so to show my southern pride.

Because I will not be able to wear my suit for much of the summer (thanks expanding waist line), I thought I would break it out today!

I'm not sure if Easter marks the time to start wearing seersucker or if I should have waited till after Memorial Day. According to wikipedia: In the South, the genteel rule of thumb is that it is appropriate to wear between Easter and Labor Day. When worn in the North, Memorial Day through Labor Day is considered the appropriate time for wear. It is widely considered a fashion faux pas to wear seersucker at the wrong time of the year.

So I hope you all will forgive me, if it is minor faux pas since the Midwest is not really the North (according to Midwesterners) and I am heading south in 3 days.

Today is Kdubs last day of finals and law school and tomorrow is his graduation. I am so proud of him. It deserves its own post next week, which I will hopefully be able to include pictures! Since I am working graduation as their photographer, I should have some good ones!

On Sunday, we are moving him to Athens, GA to start Bar Prep and I am spending the week in Atlanta getting ready for my brother, Choppy's, wedding. It is going to be a busy busy next week and a half. But it is all good things so there will be a big smile on my face no matter what.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

TONIGHT at 8PM-For you Kelly

Bones season finale is tonight

I am so freaking pumped!

If you do not watch Bones, you should, but you may not want to start tonight. Cause tonight has been building for a LONG time. But I would highly recommend watching back issues on Hulu or Project Free TV.

If you want to know more about bones, click here.

But here is the sounds like a CSI or Law and Order but it is 100% different and better.
It is smart and funny and dammit sexy.
But such are things with David Boreanaz...

I never watched Buffy or Angel, but Special Agent Seeley Booth makes me want to cheat on my first celeb crush..

Sorry John...
But I'll be right back at you at 9...
Good night of TV

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Telling people

So, if you couldn't tell from reading everything at "What the H is going on?," I have been having mixed emotions about telling people.

I had a hard time telling KW.

I struggled about when to tell my parents (story to come).

But a big thing about telling people is fear:
Fear that this baby might not make it past the tumultuous first trimester and I would have to go about telling people bad news and taking sympathy (which I don't do well-but really who does? Shirley Maclaine maybe?)

Fear that people would judge me as one of those judgey breeders that lurk here. The Breeders say things like, "Oh you don't have kids, but don't you want them...everything is insignificant compared to motherhood...." I know that I take things wrong, but I didn't want to be part of this club that I had grown to hate over the past few years. I didn't want to be lumped in as one of them.

I also don't take squealing very well. You tell someone you are pregnant and if they don't have a Y chromosome their voice goes up 6 octaves. When I was first pregnant and scared of miscarriage at every step, I just couldn't match the enthusiasm. To be fair I was also dealing with, "YEAH, but we might have to have this kid overseas or in another state...and I don't know when I'll know where I am going to be!!!!" To say there was a lot to process in a small amount of time would be a fair assessment.

Needless to say, now that it is out...I am happy that I don't have to hide things from people (probably would have been nice when I was super nauseous), but people get upset that I didn't tell them sooner or that I am not jumping up and down or they want to ask questions (they are just polite, making conversation questions, but i just want to drop the bomb and then change the subject-I don't want to make the conversation about me).

I had one person ask, "they why did you blog about it?" Because, dear readers, this is where I talk about it. This is where I put my thoughts in some sort of disorganized form. This is where I ask advice and seek attention. Why here and not the real world? Maybe cause I can ignore this if I want to and the ostrich inside me likes that!

I was thinking of doing a series of posts asking y'all questions: birthing stories, opinions on controversial issues, etc. I know that those are opening cans of worms, but I'd rather open them myself than have them spilled down the front of my clean shirt.

So, first question for the blogosphere (and I know I've asked it before for a friend), which books on pregnancy, birth and babies did you love or hate? What would you recommend?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy Dreams

Ever since I have become pregnant, I have had crazy dreams. Okay, to be fair to myself, I have always had very vivid and creative dreams...but these are some doozies. And they tend to fall into two categories:

S*x dreams (which I have never had before) and Disturbia version of real life dreams.

The first kind I chalk up to hormones. They say hormones do crazy things, and I tell you these dreams are so realistic it is bananas. I usually have make-out dreams when I am making out with Kdub or some Kdub-headless-amorphous blob. Very rarely is it someone else. But these dreams. Totally random and different people. People I know in real life. and one very good looking man I don't: Mr. John Krasinksi. That is right, ladies. This showed up in my dreams last night.

And I'm not complaining

Now usually, I save my vocal love for Johnny K to Jen's Hot Guy chat line on Daily Dish. But I had to come out and say it today.

Funny thing, in the dream, I was a Dunder Mifflin employee that was about to get fired but talked Michael out of it. Jim and Pam were not together yet, and I assured Jim that our affair would not get in the way when they did get together (they are perfect together but right now, he was mine!). Oh, and the entire Office was on a road trip Beverly Hillbillies style with stuff attached to all the cars and making stops at questionable trucker venues.

Besides the point it was good dream. And Kdubs knows my love of Johnny K and just asked "do you love Jim or the actor, cause that makes a difference, you know!?!?" I told him very politely that if one or the other comes up in real life, I'd take it.

(side note: KW never says anything about having celeb crushes because he knows he lives in with a complete unfair double standard about this...and I love him for accepting it.)

The second type of dreams:
There have been ones when my baby is red-headed freckled and SQUARE and I am trying to give it a bath in a bar sink at my parents house. Oh and my mom keeps dressing the baby without a diaper and the baby (who is a boy) is peeing EVERYWHERE! I may also accidentally drown it, but it comes out okay in the end.

Another, I am hanging out with Dooce (who I don't read very often) at her house in San Francisco (even though she lives in Utah) and meet her daughter, Leta...Leta's ethnic friend, Dora, and Dooce's new daughter (who is yet to be born) but in my dream she is 3 weeks old but looks 3 years old and, unfortunately, very unattractive. We hang out, I admire her kooky style and boho living. And I leave.

Weird, I tell you.
These hormones are CRAZY!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Flabbergasted Friday-The Announcement

12 weeks and 3 days along
2 drs. appts down
hardly any nausea anymore
VERY tired still

More Info Here. I had to put my thoughts somewhere. I will integrate back to TRS soon.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Shake it Off

Okay, I'm coming out of this blogging slump.
And I apologize for the three readers I have and have lost by not writing anything.

To put it mildly, everything is in flux and I only wanted to write about the big amorphous things going on in my life that wouldn't make sense. I couldn't write about fun, silly things. It would have looked something like this:

Monday: Watched HIMYM, it was good.
Tuesday: Ate fatty food while watching biggest loser and Watched My Boys, Hilarity. (seriously, Best one liners in the history of one liners)
Wednesday: watched Better Off Ted (if you are not watching this show, do it...and thank me later)
Thursday: Too much TV...need Tivo
Friday: Watch nothing on TV while waiting for K-dubs to call it a night for studying
Saturday: tried to not watch TV, but fail
Sunday: probably the same

Exciting, huh? You want to read that every day for 3 weeks straight wouldn't you?!?

Needless to say, work is chaotic because I am trying to end everything up here with some grace (not my forte)...Kdubs is leaving soon which depresses me like woh...and change just keeps coming.

So let me play my mom's favorite game: name 3 things positive with all that negative!
1.) I get to have a few extra weeks of hanging around my friends (because I am working while Kdubs moves on his own)
2.) I get health insurance for an extra month
3.) big news announcement coming up soon! better than the pig flu, i promise.