Monday, July 06, 2009

Maternity Clothes

Quick Question:
Where should I look for maternity clothes?

I am not a big fan of the goofy obvious maternity wear:

Loud colors, obnoxious prints, and bows oh lord the bows.

I have been wearing the empire shirts and maxi dresses from normal women's wear lately. But I haven't seen a lot of clothes that I like in maternity sections or stores (not that I have looked a ton).

Can anyone recommend some good stores (on-line or in-person)? What about key pieces? What could you not live without!?! I'm just trying to figure out ways to not waste money and to not look stupid. (Ha, it is an awesome mantra!)


Formerly Gracie said...

Define "goofy obvious"... :-P

My favorites are from the Gap and Old Navy. I bought it all online, and returned what I didn't like to the stores.

If you didn't want to spend a lot of money, you could also try resale shops. I've manage to pick up a few nicer pieces for about a third of the cost.

CTB said...

I've never been pregnant, but my good friend got some really cute things from the Target maternity line last year.

Erin said...

Target, Old Navy are the places I have bought. Also, finding a friend for hand me downs is helpful.

McMommy said...

Don't even go for the maternity! Just go to Old Navy or Target and get a bunch of the summer dresses and flowy, loose-fitting shirts in a larger size. You will look fab! You may need to invest in some maternity capris or shorts or skirts though...just don't spend alot of money. Those maternity places will rob you blind!!

Krystyn said...

I did Old Navy and Gap...mostly just T-shirt like shirts and lots of stretchy skirts that were not maternity.

Jenny said...

Another vote for Target and Baby Gap - all the way, baby. :)

K Rée said...

Dawn and I have suggestions!

Dawn's friend went to Old Navy and got the ribbed tanks (that I wear like every know the ones)... she bought a size or two up from "normal" and layered them. Old Navy also has those wonderful skirts with the big banded yoga-pants-ish waistline.

Also, Dawn says her friend used wrap sweaters that drew attention toward her shoulders, but neither hid nor accented her baby belly. She's been able to wear those post-pregnancy, too.

I know neither of us know from experience, but we do watch way too much fashion-tv.

The Mrs. said...

gap and old navy.

i'm with you, why just because we are knocked up do they assume that we want to look like big ol dorks?