Saturday, October 24, 2009

A playlist to labor to

One of my friends, who is a labor & delivery nurse, was talking about music for laboring, and I said, "I just don't think I can do the calm, meditative music. I'm going to need something to jam to." Her response was, "whatever works for you just please no ENYA...I'm so tired of it."

So here is what I am thinking for my labor themed playlist:

A great get pumped song:
Europe-Final Countdown:

If you have ever seen some of the natural birth moves, this makes sense:
Shakira-Hips Don't Lie

Cause Gloria will tell you the truth:
I will Survive

Because Axel Rose welcoming you into the world is completely normal:

My favorite for the Power Hour:
MC Hammer's Too Legit 2 Quit

A classic for the home stretch:
Salt N' Pepa's Push it

I am going to try and have a more calming selection too...
but to be honest...I am not a music person and will most likely listen to my white noise machine more than anything...

so what would your choices be as a Fun and/or Soothing song?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A week to go!

At this time (hopefully) a week from now (God willing) KW will be home!!!

A whole month apart...I can't believe it.

Actually, a whole week has to move quickly enough not to drive me crazy and then I will not believe that I have made it!!!

I'd like to say that I handled this separation with grace and dignity, but I have not. I have moped and pouted and created ridiculous arguments. Why? Because it is easier to fight on Skype than have the ability to try and recreate our normal relationship over "new media." Since we can only talk at 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon his time (8 or 9 my time)-prime working time for him or 11pm to 1am-his prime sleeping time, we do not get to have great talks. Also, as many people in a relationship for almost 10 years can attest, some of the best times we have is just sitting around talking about stupid things that our on your mind, and I have a hard time doing that spontaneous talking during pre-scheduled times. So we have taken to fighting over stupid things just to feel like our conversations aren't "so how are you doing..." "what did you eat today..." etc.

It is sad.

I know.

And I can barely wait for it to be over!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mom Imposed Bed Rest

I was supposed to go to a play with my mom this afternoon, but after 4 failed attempts of putting shoes over my swollen feet, she put HER FOOT down as only a mom can do and said, "your feet are up for the rest of the day and you will drink nothing but water."

well, I'm not in love with drinking lots of water (it makes bathroom breaks too frequent for me). But the putting my feet up is probably a good idea. I would like to be productive, but if I can get my feet back down to size, it is probably the best thing for me.

Got to love having a mom who is dictatorial in her love and care of you!

Anybody have some fun sites to check out while I'm strapped to this couch?

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Thank you Erin and Kelly for your suggestion of classes.

I have taken a 6 week childbirth class and a breast feeding class, and you are right they have helped.
I think part of my fear is that the classes are over. When I was going to class, I was doing something, preparing, and now I am back to waiting. Can you tell that patience is not my forte?

Also, KW was only able to make it 2 of the childbirth classes, so in a lot of ways I am worried that he is not prepared either!

I'm going to try and work on putting my trust in God and chipping away at my to do list!

Any other helpful suggestions or maybe books to read out there?

Friday, October 16, 2009

This is my confession

Here is my confession:
I have not been posting awhile because I have been down.

K-dubs has been in Austria for 2 weeks now. For work. It has not been great. I have been lonely and not sleeping very great. You would think that would be a recipe for blogging all the time, but unfortunately, I haven't been doing much other than working around the house, packing stuff for Austria, and being a little bit of a Mopey Molly.

KW seems to like Austria okay. He is living a bit of a monastic lifestyle of working, living, and sleeping in a plain room with only a bed and a desk. So it has not been a crazy exotic time. He has been working all sorts of weird hours and hasn't gotten over the jet lag.

He has two more weeks.

On top of being down because Kdubs is gone, I am also scared of EVERYTHING! Going into labor with KW not here, labor in general, all the decisions about the baby (finding a Pediatrician, vaccinations, getting all the baby equipment, etc.), getting ready for Austria, visa stuff....

If I start thinking about any of it, I start thinking about all of it. And then I go a bit nuts. But I am wondering if I should start getting some of this stuff off of my mind and heart?!? I would like to get y'all's opinion on things...even though it might be a bit controversial.

Was there anything you were nervous about having a baby, labor, etc?

I am not one of those people that answers "OH DEFINITELY!" to the question, "Are you excited about giving birth?" Of course, I'm excited, but I'm also scared shitless.

I'm ready to meet the baby but I'm scared about all the changes that it will bring.

Is this weird or bad? That I am not 100% without-reservations-excited...I'm nervous too. Any words of advice out there?