Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maternity Clothes 101

As I said before, my mom took me shopping for maternity clothes.
We went to Target and stocked up on these maxi dresses.

Seriously, I have them in 8 colors. They may look like Muumuus at times with the belly, but they are so comfortable and are great to wear with my fav. jean jacket.

We also got a bunch of shirts from a place called Izzy Maternity near North Point Mall. This was the most interesting shopping experience I have ever had.

My mom and I walk into the store and a short, round man with a low cut v-neck, baby pink t-shirt sashayed up saying, "I'm Izz-ee and thees ees my store." He then proceeded to shove me into a dressing room with a ton of shirts and pants. I kept telling him, "no, this is too fancy!" "this doesn't look right" "I don't think this suits me." I swear each time I didn't love something he acted like I shot him in the heart, but he did his job we bought more than we wanted I guess he got his up-sale.

By the end of the day, I ended up with:
-half a dozen maxi dresses
-3 plain preggo tees (in white, blue, and black)
-a dozen different shirts like this one from Izzy

-maternity jeans from Izzy and Gap Maternity
- 2 flowy black yoga maternity pants from Target (SOOOOO comfy)
- 2 sports bras (now my favorite sleeping item)
- several pregnancy tank tops

My mom convinced me to get most of these things bigger than necessary so that they will be good for the whole pregnancy (hopefully).

I have to say that I really like my new maternity clothes. Hopefully, all I'll need by November 20th is some sweaters/long sleeve shirts.


Krystyn said...

Smart mom to get them bigger...I have clothes that only fit at the beginning of the pregnancy (especially on my boobs).

*jimaie.marie* said...

I am loving the look of the shirts you ended up getting! Super cute!
It was def a smart idea to get them a little big, you'll be filling them out before you know it! Err, I mean... ;D
I think the maxi dresses look adorable with the jacket and they must be so comfy to wear in this heat!

Cita Online said...

So exciting! These all look really cute... next, please post a pic of you in the maxi dress + jean jacket!
Love, Cita

Vanessa said...

I'm totally a blog stalker and don't usually comment but I laughed at your desciption of Izzy. It's the running joke at our office that he the pushiest salesman around! He'll definitely have you trying on things you have no interest at all in - and you end up buying them :)

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