Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Homeward Bound

Horrible movie (I hate movies with talking, real animals--freaks me out, please don't ask why).

We are heading home in 4 days!  4 DAYS, people!
And Cdubs and I will be there for close to 6 months.

Part of my plans for being home include a bunch of classes.
I am taking cooking classes with my dad (this was Kdub's gift to me for my birthday) and sewing classes with my sister in law.  I have never sewn with a machine before and my mom is giving me one for the last couple of birthdays (she has wanted to give me one for years, but we haven't been in a place to get one, I want to make stuff for I said, "screw it, I'll just haul it around with me".)

We have so much to do before we get home, and it is going to be a busy time after.  But I am thrilled.
Pictures from the past couple of journeys coming up.

I also need to work on the site revamp and post more...I'm a true slacker.
Please be distracted by the cheeks:

let the checks mesmerize you

focus on the cheeks!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Another hotel room, another beer***aka. TRS and Google can't spell

Just days after cutting a sliver of a tooth, Cdubs has loosely agreed to come on a couple of trips with us before we head home on Sept. 19th.

Today, we are in Ljubjana*, Slovenia.  And no, I can not spell that name without the help of Google.
*Kdubs just informed me that even Google got it is Ljubljana....something like that.

It is a very small but very pretty city.  It is like all major European cities: it has a picturesque countryside, nice city center square, and a river in the middle.

But Ljubs is like a European city meets Epcot.  It is so clean and almost too picturesque.  It seems like the metrosexual of all the Eastern European cities: well groomed to a point of questionability.

However, tonight, Kdubs is out to a work dinner and I am in a hotel with a sleeping baby, my Kindle and the local beer: Lasko.  It is pretty good.  Def. in the top 5 beers of the Eastern bloc.

Tomorrow, we leave for Zagreb.  Until then, I bid you zbogom (goodbye) and sre─Źno (good luck-in Slovenian).

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


We have less than 20 days until we go back to the States.  This time for a  LOOOOONG visit.  5-6 months!  This means that I need to clean, clean, clean.  I like to leave the apartment IMMACULATE so I can come back to a spotless (although dusty) place.

Before we leave, we are hitting three more countries and the baby has decided to teeth and/or hit a growth spurt that means we are out many hours of sleep.

Needless to say, I have less time for blogging than I would like.  However, I should do it...because I have time...I have just been spending it with my newest internet distractions:

StumbleUpon:  Have you done this yet? It is crazy.  You list your interests and then just hit Stumble! and you get tossed to all sorts of interesting and different sites.  It is the most fascinating thing.  I have found some weird sites, some great sites and some in between.  But it is now this itch I can't stop scratching!  The next stumble will be even better than this more time...and then I'll clean...

From Stumble, I have found the Gawker sites:
Craftgawker: A world of crafty cuteness.  Since my mom is getting me a sewing machine for my birthday, I am on high alert for cute things to learn to create!
Weddinggawker: My SIL is getting married this winter...and I am hooked.
Foodgawker:  It is like asking the internet, "what should I make today?"  With beautiful pictures.
Dwellinggawker:  I don't have a house, I don't have anything to make beautiful, but I can NOT stop looking at ideas of what I might want to do for my dream home.

So, I am sorry I am not posting (all 2 of my readers)...I will become more disciplined and stop hitting the STUMBLE button!  Just after this next hit.