Friday, June 26, 2009

19 weeks Preggo

I am at 19 weeks along this week
I am not really showing. I have definitely gained weight (blerghs, about 12-14 pounds of it). I also haven't been great about what I have been eating.
I mainly just look like I did before I lost the weight. I fit into most of my bigger clothes. They just get tight by the end of the day. I have lost most of my good curves and gained more (ahem, in my ass).
I used to roll my eyes at pregnant women who would complain about gaining weight, but it is disarming to see your weight (something that as a woman, you naturally watch) go up and up.
I know I am gaining weight in okay proportions, but I would like to stop looking fat and start looking pregnant.

*I picked out this outfit to wear for the rest of my progression pics. I stole this shirt from my youngest brother--love the Old School with the Big Wheel
Quick poll question: How do you control your weight gain when pregnant? You can't diet? Do you act somewhat like dieting? Do you work out more? Or do you just try and lose it afterward?


Erin said...

Okay, don't look fat and you're starting to look preggo! You must have some strong ab muscles because mine let lose weeks ago! I def look preggo!

Weight gain..I am at week 21 and have gained 13. However, I was heavier than I would have like to have been when I got preggo.

Eat healthy and exercise, or eat whatever you want and enjoy it but with moderation! I am choosing the latter one!

McMommy said...

a.) So you are going to wear this outfit for the rest of your belly pics?? HA!!! This is going to be GOOD! I can't wait to see how that shirt turns into a crop top for you.

b.) If I can offer you any advice, it is this: DON'T WORRY ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT. It just doesn't matter.

My neighbor across the street worked out her entire 1st pregnancy and gained 50lbs. This 2nd pregnancy, she was not allowed to work out at all...and guess what? She weighs EXACTLY THE SAME at each appointment that she did with the 1st pregnancy! See? It doesn't matter! Who cares?! You can lose it all afterwards. I gained 40 with Matty and by the time I had left the hospital two days later, 20lbs of it was gone. You'll be fine, I swear.

Jenny said...

I gained 30 pounds almost exactly with both of my girls. I didn't exercise through either pregnancy, with the exception of walking. (But I couldn't do much of that because I had such severe varicosity.) I never "dieted", just tried to eat healthy, remembering I was eating for two. Well, except for early on - I ate whatever sounded good in the first trimester. Continue thinking about the things you've learned from Weight Watchers - watch your portions, eat when you're hungry, and eat a balanced diet. I really didn't stress out about it, though. In early pregnancy you don't want to eat; in late pregnancy I couldn't eat (no room and reflux!). I would also tell you that the best way to lose the weight is NURSE! The weight will literally fall off of you. :) Consider purchasing a book about nutrition when pregnant and nursing. There is stuff you should know of foods to avoid, especially when nursing. :) Enjoy your pregnancy! There's nothing like it!!! I loved it!

*jimaie.marie* said...

That in between stage drove me nuts both times!! DOnt worry, you'll get that big ole belly soon enough ;) I think you look great, it's going to be so fun watching you grow and grow in that same outfit lol! love it!

Krystyn said...

Looking good.

I taught 7 aerobics classes a week when preggo with Izzy and one with Natalie, only for the first 20 weeks. And, guess what? I gained the same weight.

Try to be conscious of what you are eating....remember the baby is growing from what you eat.

At the same time, you get to give into some of those cravings (for me chips, chips, and chips); and don't worry about it too much. I have a feeling it's all about your genes anyways.

Formerly Gracie said...

I've been walking and eating healthier with this pregnancy than my last... oh yeah, and running after a 3 year old. I haven't been tracking my weight, but I FEEL a lot better about it this time around.

Don't "diet", just try to make good choices. Yogurt, in place of ice cream. Filling up on veggies first. That sort of stuff.

I also found that it doesn't take much to fulfill a craving. So have that ice cream anyway... just don't eat the WHOLE carton, haha :-)

The Mrs. said...

psh, I say don't worry about it, unless you start heading towards 80 lbs gained.

I always gained right around the 25 mark, I always lose in the begining so that cushions the blow of wight gain. All in all, I do try to keep my "cravings" in check, I eat what I want but I try to remember that its not a total free for all. And exercise? What is that?

Breastfeeding always helped me drop the weight within the first couple months. That's my exercise.

CTB said...

What a fun shirt!