Monday, March 28, 2011

So remember

That time when I said I was going to post all of February...I thought I did a good job, until I looked back and it was like 4...4 times.  Wow.

Well, we are back in Vienna again.  And I wanted to wait awhile to post my feelings when I was sure of them.

To be brief: it is better than I expected, better than last time.

Kdubs is available more, Cdubs is able to do more, the acquaintances from before are becoming friends, and we are carving out a life here.

Cdubs is walking and talking and being such a big girl.  She is into EVERYTHING.  Her current obsession is socks.  She loves to get them out, carry them around, chew on them, pull them apart, try and put them on over her already socked feet...

She loves to tear apart drawers that I just put together...she doesn't want to play with toys.  She wants to play with rocks, straws, pot lids...and socks.

She is building up quite a vocabulary. She says (in order of first said): Dada, Mama, Tickle, More, No, Yes, Sock, Shoe (both or just Sah and Shhhh), Uhoh, Pop Pop, Moo, Baybee, and Gaga.

Gaga around here means 2 different things.  It is what she calls my Mother in Law and how she asks for her favorite song:

We try and play just the lyrics now, because that video is FREAKY!  I will admit, I am not a huge fan of Lady Gaga, but when my SIL played it for a 4mo old Cdubs...she went CRAZY. Jumpin' Dancin' and groovin' it is no different. And while I don't think it is a great song 'message wise' it has a beat and it kept Cdubs entertained while on the plane...

Oh, did I not mention that?  Yeah, she didn't sleep at all for the 20 hours of travel.

Thank you Gaga...for keeping us sane.