Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Almost Done

I finally got a bit of time on the internet...
We have been holed up in the airport hotel while K-dubs is taking the Bar.
By 5 o'clock tonight, he will be done, and we can end this chapter of our life!!!

No more tests (if he passes) any more studying (if he passes)...

I'm getting my husband back after 3.5 long years!

Considering that I restarted this blog when K-dubs started law school (can I just say, "I was VERY lonely"), I am not sure how much I will blog when he is out. Of course this peanut of a baby (which my book says is the length of a banana now!) will keep me posting regularly!

The belly is definitely growing

Hopefully, pictures will be forthcoming!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pre-Post to the Post Where I Apologize for My Posts

You know how every other one of my posts is apologizing for not posting lately. Well, look at me pre-planning...

I am hoping that I will be able to post with regularity the next week, but it may not happen.

We are leaving Athens tomorrow (with my baby bro, Bo) to head to Atlanta to help mom with John (my other brother)'s wedding reception party. (you may remember that he got married earlier in the summer.) Now my mom has a chance to throw a fun party for him and Libby.

After this weekend, K-dubs and I will head to downtown Atlanta to prepare and take (well he will take) the Bar exam.

He is so close to being done.

And I am scared shitless by it. It has been almost 4 years (3 years of school and a year of LSAT prep and Bar prep) of our life revolving around law school and law. K-dubs is a work-aholic, and I know this will continue with work but our nights and weekends will have some sort of freedom to it! What is that like!?!?! No studying or worrying about studying or guilt of not studying...

I don't really remember what that was like from D.C. except that it involved being dragged to crazy events and spectacles. And now I can't complain because at least it won't be STUDYING!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maternity Clothes 101

As I said before, my mom took me shopping for maternity clothes.
We went to Target and stocked up on these maxi dresses.

Seriously, I have them in 8 colors. They may look like Muumuus at times with the belly, but they are so comfortable and are great to wear with my fav. jean jacket.

We also got a bunch of shirts from a place called Izzy Maternity near North Point Mall. This was the most interesting shopping experience I have ever had.

My mom and I walk into the store and a short, round man with a low cut v-neck, baby pink t-shirt sashayed up saying, "I'm Izz-ee and thees ees my store." He then proceeded to shove me into a dressing room with a ton of shirts and pants. I kept telling him, "no, this is too fancy!" "this doesn't look right" "I don't think this suits me." I swear each time I didn't love something he acted like I shot him in the heart, but he did his job we bought more than we wanted I guess he got his up-sale.

By the end of the day, I ended up with:
-half a dozen maxi dresses
-3 plain preggo tees (in white, blue, and black)
-a dozen different shirts like this one from Izzy

-maternity jeans from Izzy and Gap Maternity
- 2 flowy black yoga maternity pants from Target (SOOOOO comfy)
- 2 sports bras (now my favorite sleeping item)
- several pregnancy tank tops

My mom convinced me to get most of these things bigger than necessary so that they will be good for the whole pregnancy (hopefully).

I have to say that I really like my new maternity clothes. Hopefully, all I'll need by November 20th is some sweaters/long sleeve shirts.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Internet Issues

So, you know how I said, I'm sorry for posting, and I'll post more...

I swear it is not my fault. My new place has the worst Internet connection. It goes in and out and is very unreliable.

Here are some high points of my week:

1.) We had our 9th annual Maleless Retreat this weekend. It was wonderful to see almost all of my friends from college. We got to hang out at my parents lake house. This year was a bit different for me since my participation in the drinking games consisted of chugging water (good for the baby, bad for continual sleep).

2.) I got to go see Legally Blonde the Musical with my mom and sister-in-law! It was a lot of fun. I loved seeing the show on MTV and seeing it live was great. Best of all was spending time with Libby. I have to say that I really love getting to know her and am so excited that she is in my family now!

3.) My mom is having John and Libby's wedding party this weekend. So it will be a big party with lots of family and friends. I'm going to have to learn to keep people's hands away from the belly.

4.) Speaking of the belly, I am now officially in maternity clothes. My mom went out with me and helped me find the perfect jeans, lots of maternity shirts, and more maxi dresses. It is actually fun to get dressed now. Before I dreaded the thought of putting on my non-maternity jeans (I didn't even realize it until I got the new jeans).

5.) I went to see a new doctor/practice. Actually, she is a midwife. I liked her, but the practice (we'll call practice B) is definitely not as swanky as the first practice (call practice A). I think it is good to have less doctors (4 as opposed to 6) less chances of having a doctor in the delivery room that I don't know. But really is that even that big of a difference. Practice B seems fine. It doesn't seem as high tech as practice A. Practice A was crazy busy and I would just be a number on a file. Practice A however is very efficient. Any thoughts on which practice to go for? I can't decide.

6.) here is the latest belly pic from this weekend at the lake. (22 weeks)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow, I haven't updated in a week

Where have I been? I have started 3 or 4 posts but never finished them. I have been actively reading the blogs. And for some reason feeling very busy.

How am I busy when I am not working right now (I left my job when I moved and have not looked for a new job here because we don't know how long we will be here and who wants to hire a preggo pop?)?

I seem to waffle from extreme crazy movement (driving to my mom and then ken's mom and then my mom again while they were sick) to incredibly boring lulls.

Crazy-Highs: We have had lots of visitors. I have been spending days, nights, and weeks cleaning the house we are living brothers have both lived in this house for the past 8 years and have left 8 years of crap and grime for me to clean up. I am working to get the house ready to sell when we leave. (yes, my parents are the best for letting us live here.) My parents are going through some non-fun things that involve ending up with pseudo custody of my dad's half brother's son (who is 11 years old and unfortunately has had quite a lot of bad things happen to him in 11 short years). My parents are/were textbook empty nesters. So this transition has been hard for them. I have been called in to pitch in, which I am happy to do.

Lulling-Lows: Throughout all of this going back and forth from Athens to Atlanta and cleaning and driving...I have long patches of waiting. Waiting for KW to stop studying for the bar each day...waiting to figure out where we are headed next...waiting for the pregnancy to make more progressions.

Yes, even the pregnancy seems to go through crazy times of Hurry-Up-and-Wait. The first trimester was not difficult compared to a lot, but it wasn't a lot of fun (read nausea) and this trimester has been great in comparison. I spent a lot of the first trimester and even second trimester feeling not really pregnant. Now, I feel great and definitely pregnant. And we have had some really great milestones: moving ultrasounds, good 20 week check up, getting a belly. I am getting the look of pregnancy and getting comfortable but then I start looking to the next stage.

I know I need to just enjoy this stage as I have it, but I'm so impatient!!!!

So this was a very disjointed and long post with too much packed in. This is the problem of not posting in a week. And a lot of it is vague because I shouldn't go into the details.

I hope to be back to my stupid regular posting now. With some new ultrasound pics and maternity clothes questions.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I'm just as bad as US Weekly ***new note

Look what I just found out!!!

My second favorite half of my favorite tv couple is engaged!!! Just like on TV!

I was just talking with my brothers this weekend about whether or not Jenna Fischer was also pregnant in real life (in case you didn't know, Pam is preggo!!!) I told them that I did not think so because I keep on top of these things. And they didn't write in Angela's pregnancy, so I don't think that they would have to do it. I mean, she is sitting behind the desk 80% of the time.

So what do you think? Is she pregnant in real life? Here I start bump watch all on my own!!!

btw. I just found out that this is the second marriage for Jenna. She was divorced in 2007. I don't know why this made me less happy about the news. But it did. I may be a bad person.

***I have worked out my feelings on why I this being a second marriage for "Pam" made me less happy, and it came to this: you always want the fairy tale ending for the characters you like and I didn't like the thought that Jenna married her Roy (or her Barry, if you are a Friends Fan). It is a bummer. Divorce is not fun, but I don't dislike Jenna for having to go through just makes the story a little less perfect (but it is much more interesting, i'm sure--I mean the Office would have been one season long if she had ended up with Jim out right).

Monday, July 06, 2009

Maternity Clothes

Quick Question:
Where should I look for maternity clothes?

I am not a big fan of the goofy obvious maternity wear:

Loud colors, obnoxious prints, and bows oh lord the bows.

I have been wearing the empire shirts and maxi dresses from normal women's wear lately. But I haven't seen a lot of clothes that I like in maternity sections or stores (not that I have looked a ton).

Can anyone recommend some good stores (on-line or in-person)? What about key pieces? What could you not live without!?! I'm just trying to figure out ways to not waste money and to not look stupid. (Ha, it is an awesome mantra!)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mom update

Mom called after her meeting with the oncologist. It doesn't seem to be cancer.
We are very excited.
She isn't sure what it is really...but they all said, it doesn't seem to be life threatening and are working on pain management until they can figure out how to prevent it.

Thanks for your prayers

OMG! I am having a Baby Freak out # 1

Up until today, I have been able to keep my OMG-I'M-HAVING-A-BABY fears in check. Maybe it is the hormones that have been blissing me out or not really feeling pregnant or having too much on my mind. But today in the grocery store (after being completely PMSy to Kdubs for 24 hours), it hit me...panic.

Walking through the baby aisle at Kroger (which I usually never do, but I got lost in a new Kroger and decided to chance it), I saw the diaper aisle and freaked:
***Kdubs and I have been talking about cloth diapering for awhile. I know, laugh all you want, I am not the most green person out there and that is not why I'm considering it. I'm considering it for 2 reasons: 1. Kdubs really wants me to try (he is bit more crunchy than me and says he will consider it garbage and take of it (see here for relevance--#95 and 96) and 2. people have said, "you can't/shouldn't do it" which is the best way to get me to try. So a lot of this fear is related to the people saying "you can't/shouldn't" being right.

Then I saw the baby food section and freaked:

Then I saw the formula section and freaked:

I think this all stems from the guilt I felt for drinking a diet coke at that moment. My doctor said one diet coke a day would not hurt anything but I hate that I have fallen back on the wagon. It just makes me so happy. UGHS!

Btw. my friend (okay she is more of a wife of a friend of my husband--but I went to her baby shower so we'll just say friends, right) became a new mom 3 days ago and I just found out she is having a not so awesome time with breast feeding. This is not helping my fears. This woman is awesome...she is a nurse in a infant surgery wing, so she is kick ass with babies. I mean I know that doesn't mean she is a master breast feeder but still! Speaking of her, I need to figure out a way to get her to be a real friend before this peanut comes out so I can utilize her new knowledge. She is one of the few prego people I really liked (while she was prego) because she is snarky and witty and even keeled....I MUST MAKE FRIENDS WITH HER???

Do you think calling her up (never talked to her on the phone before) 3 days after the birth of her child and bombarding her to be my friend is too much?

yeah, me too...
I'll try the gradual facebook communication...