Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What to Wear for HuckMom

So Huckmom from http://huckabyfam.blogspot.com has taken up the challenge...Thanks Kel! Kelly is going to the Ritz at Lake Oconee for her Mom's 50th birthday. They are also taking the kids. She asks "what the heck do I wear to dinner in the "fancy" dining room with my 3-yr old and nursing baby?" And she would like it to be on the Target and Old Navy budget.

Well Kel, I will do you one better. I am betting that I can get a good outfit with stuff you probably have in your closet with a few accent pieces from our fav. Target. For the ever changing Georgia weather, ever changing lifestyle of a mother of two I would recommend layering (lovely to hide spit up, slobber, and food of all kinds). I saw this great coat at Target for less than $60 and thought it would be a great focus piece. With a coat like this, you can build around what you have.

I thought the simple black skirt/black shirt combo would be best (thinking that this is the make-shift Little Black Dress for the nursing). A flowy chiffon draped skirt is a little dressier than the typical skirt. You could pair this with either a sleeveless shirt if you or the climate is feeling hot...but I think the 3/4 length shirt is a great line on everyone.

The best part of this outfit is that you can pair it with things that you have. If you have black shoes, like these from Payless, then rock em. .

But if you want to glam it up then go for metallics. Gold is big right now and can be used as a neutral (like black). Silver is also good for women fortunate enough to have Kelly's warm coloring and dark hair. Here are some accessories that I loved from Target and Payless. (I am really into one stop shopping...and Target just did it for me with this assignment).

I hoped this gave you some fun ideas, Kel. My disclaimer with this assignment is that I fell in love with this jacket a few weeks ago, so it came into my mind immediately. If you have other ideas let me know!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Personal Shopping

Okay, so I am obsessed with the blog: http://preppychicblog.blogspot.com. She takes requests for new-outfit-crisises...and does the hunting for you. Since I have some time on my hands and preppy chic is loaded with requests, I thought I would try my hand at this. If you want to send me an occassion that you need to look fierce for, your budget, and other details, I will be happy to throw my two cents your way. I also will try to be more budget friendy than Preppychic is....because well, I can't afford much now, so I am always shopping on a budget. I am working on a good example now, so let's see how this goes. If you want to have fun, just send me a hypothetical dressing situation and I will try my best.

New Puppy for Bo

My little brother, Bo, is getting a puppy this week. He has asked my opinion (mainly because I was going to anyways) on what he should call the dog. He is a 3 year old beagle. He is not a puppy but we call all dogs that are cute, puppies. Sorry, Pitbulls, even at 3 months old you will never be a puppy...just scary. Here is a pic. What do you think he should be called. Here is his top ten names...I have added a few cause I can.

1) Duke
2) Winston
3) Bruno
4) Frank
5) Huck
6) Walter
7) Jack
8) Dusty
9) Otis

I think Cooper or Winslow would be good as well

What else can I find in my photolog

Stephanie lost on the desert island that is her bed!

Patty and Mike looking cute on her birthday!

Patty Pat stealing the camera for a self portrait (in case you were wondering, I have 18 of this shot obviously this was after a few drinks)

Steph and me doing our thing after a lot of dancing and a few good drinks. Watch out Nacho bar at the 7-11, here we come.

Me and Patterson. Me looking huge and goofy and Patty looking tiny and goofy. She claims she is sitting down, but we all know the truth: I am a Giganitor. Watch out small tiny Japenese villagers...

Some more New Year's Pics

Cindy conquering the bottle...just before it conquered her. Poor Birthday girl!

Well instead of the dark man of mystery...you could have this! Takers, anyone?

Just a fun picture with us lookin' goofy

S-U-C-C-E-S-S--thats they way we spell Success

Wouldn't you want this to be your Mystery New Years date? You know you do.

So tardiness becomes me

Well I did it again folks. I left you for awhile but this time I totally blame the world of electronics. KW's miracle Mac won't upload pictures and I find myself very uninspired to blog without pictures. You know how it is you get blogger to upload the pictures you refresh and they are gone. Do that about 20 times and you have the frustrating breakdown that sends me running to the couch with a diet coke to pout. But I have come to terms with my hatred of the Mac, and I am giving it the old post-college, out-of-work try.

The other thing I have going against me is that my wireless is out (has been since Christmas)...which is why blogging is sparce [is sparce a word: I think i combined scarce and spare? who knows, its not like I am s-m-r-t] I hate sitting in KW's dark cave of an office (which he says is good to study in, but it sucks all the creative-witty juices out of you that make me the blogger and friend that you have come to know and love.

So no promises of regular blogging, but I will try.

I also am going to try and post the 100s of pictures that I have tried to post before. Gasp of breath...Leg in run position ala Looney Tunes character...AND HERE WE GO!