Monday, June 30, 2008

Watching the Weight-Update

If you are watching my bug (the sidebar to the right!), then you might have noticed it hasn't moved in awhile.

Now, this isn't because I have stopped the Weight Watchers or working out. I just haven't had a whole lot to report.

My weight loss since Maleless has been minimal. Mainly, on the shy side of a pound or so. I have been content thinking, "At least I didn't gain!" Which with Maleless is a good thing. But I was a little sad, because I was doing well with my points (I thought) why no progress?

Well, it doesn't help that I have a really old fashioned scale: Since this scale is not like the digital WW version that tells you if you lost .4 lbs, you don't get that satisfaction of "AT LEAST IT WAS SOME LOSS!" I tried to convince KW that we needed a digital scale for our weight loss efforts, but he scoffed and said, "Oh no, you wanted the cute antique scale to go with your cute antique inspired bathroom...sorry, no go!"

Of course, he is under the "If you feel better, then good" philosophy of weight loss. But I am a girl...I want results and I want satisfaction for denying myself my dear sweet french fries. Now, I don't weigh myself too often...usually twice a week. For my official weigh in on Fridays and usually on Sunday or Monday as well. However, on these mid week weigh ins I typically weigh less than I do on Friday. Is this because I splurge my extra points on Thursday night? Or is this the weight loss gods way at a joke? Either way, I'm not happy.

This morning, I stepped on the scale and saw a loss of 3 LBS! Again, this is the type of scale if you lean forward you are a pound lighter and back a pound heavier...I always lean forward, so it is accurate, right? But three pounds! That is a big even bigger deal because that takes me to 10 lbs lost and into a a lower poundage know being a 138 and going into the 120s (I am not that light or small, at 5'10" I just want to say it to make myself feel better, okay?). I haven't been in this weight bracket in awhile! granted I'm a 9 on the decade, but still...WOOHOO!

So my question to y'all is, do I count it? Do I signify this weight loss and put it into the Bug Mover or wait to weigh in on Friday and just take this as an emotional victory?
***Even though all of you said to count it...I decided to see what I weighed this morning and count that! It was just 2 lbs difference. I know I should count everything but I want to be true to the process and not have a gain later cause I overestimated my loss. Thanks for the sure made me feel good!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Post Draft Wrap Up

Shameful from all the yummy Draft drinks.
Note to Self: Self, you know better than to mix your liquors.
Note to Sober Self: Yeah, but they are so tasty!?! Stop being such a Know-it-all

This Picture is Captioned: Bee-ing Hungover Sucks.

KW had a great time though.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

Do me a favor and Listen to this video while you read. It really does my sports post justice:

So today is the most wonderful day of the year in the world of KW. It is NBA Draft Night. There is a history between the Draft night and K-Dubs. He has loved and followed the Draft for around 20 years now, and don't think that the Draft does not reciprocate. For more times than not, the Draft has decided to celebrate on KW's birthday. Actually, for all of the years (7) that I have known him his birthday celebration was watching the Draft.

There are many other reasons KW loves the Draft:
1.) He loves the NBA (much to the chagrin of my family)
2.) He loves scouting talent (and the whole week before the draft talks about the skill level and potential of each new player)
3.) He loves trades! (KW wants to be a General Manager for an NBA team, much in the vein of Stan Kastan. He wants to make deals and figure out how to "make" a winning team.

We usually go to bars for this day and watch it on a big screen with cold glasses of Liquid Gold, but this year I decided to do something different. I am having a few people over and having a viewing party (even though none of these people care about the Draft, at all). For food, we will be partaking in food from each of the top 4 teams, such as:
1.) Chicago Bulls--Chicago style hot dogs (or as close as this southern girl will allow)
2.) Miami Heat--Chips and Salsa and Mojitos (I can't make Cuban Sandwiches)
3.) Minnesota Timberwolves--I couldn't think of anything from Minnesota so I have Miller Lite from Milwaukee (close to Minnesota, right?)
4.) Memphis Grizzlies--Now, you think I would pull out the southern food but my lazy bones is just making sweet potato fries and having BBQ chips.

For dessert, we are having KW's favorite: Tupperware Eclairs. A whole post will have be done for these!

So I'm putting my jersey on and getting hyped! Or I'm waking up this morning with him shaking the bed saying, "ITS DRAFT DAY, ITS DRAFT DAY!"

Oh, my silly husband...This, however, does start Festival Birthday Week for him. I do something every day for a week...but more on that later.

I will just leave you with his favorite NBA "thing." It is the introduction of the Bulls when MJ, Pippen, and Rodman were together (the glory years to KW). You don't have to watch is mainly for him to know that I remember how much he loves it!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Story of Penny

Hehloo Internets Peepole,
Thees eez Penny! I half stolin thee compuper frum my mater too tell you-thee peepole who my mater spends all hur tyme wif insted ov me-about me...PENNY!

I am frum Oheeo and my furst name was Karmen. Thee crazy ladee who rescued me called me that--I liche Penny better. My pareents fouhnd me uhn petfinder and drof funf (4 in German) tymes to Oheeo uhnteel they cud geet me! They reeely wahnted mee! I wuz bohrn in a hurrible place cahlled a puppy mill, but my rescuerer got me after I hahd drie (3 in German) batches of leetle ones and a hurt knee. I had lots of friends therer but not alott of luv.

My mater and pater hav made my knees all better and now I kan juhmp verrie hi.

My mater liches to cuddle wif me and giv me baths and rubs to help wif my sensitive skin. She eez thee onlee one who kan fix my knee.

My pater liches to make me cumfy beds and tehll mee to stop begging four hees food. But hee eats lots of pee-nuts and peenuts buhtter. THEY ARR MI FAVOURITE!

I liche to strruht dahwn thee sidewahlk, luk at myzelf een mirrours, acht eenterested een tings then scoff at their reedichulousness. Mi parents tink I am liche a supermodel (you know...that other German model wiv thee show on Bravo!), but I doo not liche cameras...I ahm skarred ov lotz of tings. Mater tinks it eez because I spent mi furst 2 years een a crate and did not see much. But I am geeting braverr. Mi best friend, Koda, helps me.

Thees eez KODA! She eez coming to stay in drie (3 in German) days!
Mater will half a harderr tyme trying to bee wiv you, internets, wiv two of us too play wiv.

Peece out, Internets. Can you pleeze stop taking mi mater away?!? NO, okay...theen I come and eat your peenut butters.

XOXO Penny

The Princess is Back

Okay, so to move that disturbing picture of the man in overalls down and away from common sight. I thought I would share some pictures of my baby:

Penelope Ann

Yeah, she is a little rat like. That is why she is often referred to as the Rat Princess.

This is me trying to get her to look into the camera with pretty ears (she is doing pretty ears in the photoshopped picture below). Penny hates the camera, esp mine because it is loud. However, Buffalo Betty was able to get a few. Thanks, Betty!

Here is Pens with THE Buffalo Betty right before we went off to Maleless.
Two things are extraordinary with this picture (yes, Betty is gorgeous but this is about Penny, okay?):

1.) Penny's scary robot eyes. Even though they are a pretty shade of green. She looks like a robotic rat in this one.

2.) While I was at Maleless, my mother-in-law let Penny stay in the house. See! She is in the house in this picture. My MIL has vowed for no dog to enter her house. KW can't remember if she is allergic or scared or both. However, it was 98 degrees (not the band) in SC that weekend and the garage was too hot for the Princess and she volunteered to let her stay in the house!!!! this was huge. Now, Penny never left her crate while in the house, but she is a dog of leisure and was grateful for the A/C.

One day I hope to get more pictures of the pretty Penny. Until then I will just keep giving her nicknames and being a crazy dog mom. Hopefully a little less crazy than some (I don't dress her up...much--only for humor like the dog Wonder Woman costume for Halloween See! Hilarity!)

However, we do call her ridiculous sorts of nicknames (ala Hank Azaria's dog walking character in Mad About You): Pens, Penicillin, Penalynn Lott (Gilmore Girls reference for you), Penitentiary, Penn & Teller, get the point.

We are ridiculous...oh..OK...Sorry, hon...I, I am ridiculous. KW just follows along.

Okay, I just realized that I don't have post about Penny and her origins...that is forthcoming!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Make me Laugh-Party Time, Excellent

Nothing says party like this outfit...

...or all-you-can-eat

Do you think he cut this out himself? Or did his wife do it for him?

"Oh honey, I want you to be comfortable tonight and it will be warm...I think I know how to help, my Stud Muffin."

KW's birthday is in 6 days...I know what I am getting him!

Usually, this would be linked to Absoluetely Bananas'Make Me Laugh Monday...but she is on hiatus. So I will just make you laugh, my three readers, and no one else. But you are the ones that deserve to laugh, dangit! (notice, the lack of cursing! KW has told me it is unlady like and since I am now a lady that writes beauty columns...I should act like one!)

Cause this is me now...calm, cool, with dog...sipping a diet coke.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Books: My Love

We have already explored my love of Diet Coke, my sweet mistress. But I have another addiction: books.

I love books. My parents perpetrated this addiction by buying me books by the boat load. Every Sunday, my family would go to Barnes & Noble and buy a few books PER PERSON! I read one book MANY TIMES. So it is more economical than it seems.

K-Dubs does not get it. He thinks you should read whatever the library has to offer. But what if they do not carry the book that is in your series or the book you really really want? "Too Bad," says K-Dubs, "Read this book on Ant farming with boogers pressed between the pages."

But I can't help it. I need books and I need to have them! When I hear, "Let us go forth and Serve the Lord....Amen," I feel this inexplicable urge to buy a book or eight.

I called my mom last Sunday to blame her for this problem, but instead of denying this enabling...she said, "Um...I'm in Barnes and Noble I'll just go and act like we didn't have this conversation."

I always have a book in my purse for down times in my life or times that I just would rather be reading than working, playing, or living life. (K-dubs gets on to me about that too.) I also am always reading more than one book at a time. This is challenging because I run out of books to read quickly! I will read a good book that is 200-250 pages in one day...two if it is a heavy work day.

I am starting to plan my fall travels and will need a lot of books to read. So I need your help. What books do you love? What are you currently reading?

Here are some of my favs (If you see my sidebar you might see some repeats):

The BEST: Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

Current Series: Mitford Series by Jan Karon

Great Historical Fiction Series: The Secret History of the Pink Carnation Series by Lauren Willig

Cause-I-love-my-Teen-Drama: Harry Potter and Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

***To answer my faithful friend and reader, Curtis: Yes, I still read while is why I like traffic jams. And drink the beer when I am at stoplights.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Things First

So let's get this out of the way: I do have Shingles.

And my first doctor didn't diagnose it for some reason! My real doctor (the one who was out last week when I first went in) actually said, "how could he think this was folliculitis?" Not something you like to hear.

I did ask how communicable this thing was for a Once-and-for-all answer. She said: "If someone had not had chicken pox and handled your pox, then they might have a small chance of getting it." To which, I added, "So if they lick my neck...probably not good?" She didn't even laugh.

My doctor is not a comedienne...but she at least got the diagnosis right.

The only thing now is: my doctor is concerned cause she doesn't know WHY I got shingles!

People get shingles because they are stressed or old or immuno-suppressed.

I haven't been especially stressed...I'm not old in Shingles they are worried I have some immune system issues.

I think my body just wants to be just like McMommy. I hope my thyroid is okay.

So I had a lot of tests done today. The good thing: I feel okay minus the pain pox.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No real updates***yet, updated

Sorry, I don't have something wonderful to write about right now. I just really don't have the energy to expound all the wonderfulness that is going on in my world right now. Here is some fun in outline form, which will hopefully get me to post about these more fully in the future:
1.) Doctor's appt. tomorrow. I can't wait to get an answer about this thing and hopefully something to bring down some of the fun pain! I act like a Turret's patient. i don't think that my doctor is House though.
2.) Penny has been simply awesome lately. Her aunt gave her the first toy that she truly loves and loves to play with not just horde.
3.) Speaking of dogs...we have a new dog-mom on my bloggy block: Erin has welcomed her new baby, Luke to her brood!!! Congrats, Erin..I'm sorry this is so late.
4.) Maleless: simply awesome. Pictures and stories and more awesomeness to come.
5.) NBA finals. KW can't get enough and I can't get away. This is why my posting can not be more indepth...that and the spazing.
6.) The coolest present ever! from the coolest person ever! A definite post to come soon as soon as I can get a picture to do it justice!

This might be a bit more fun version of Turret's...and maybe a little more reason to not go to work

I puffy heart Amy Poehler in this!

***I read this after posting as I typically do and realized that this could have been sarcastic and funny like my usual self. I was trying to be genuine in my hopefulness...but in case you miss the real me...

Some sarcastic awesomeness in my world:

1.) The way I feel: the nerves on and around my ear like to wig out at random times sending fun shivers down my timbers. I flinch and gasp and look like a bigger spaz than I thought possible. Can I also say that whenever I say what is wrong a person's first reaction is to act like I'm a leper that will infect them with typhoid? So much fun?!?!
2.) I don't love the NBA, husband does...guess why I am staying up late tonight?!?!
3.) I am feeling so beautiful right now: I can't do my hair or makeup properly without hurting myself. I look like a hot mess.

Long awaited update on Weight...06.17.08
The Good: Stayed within my WW points today! And got some new awesomely delicious recipes from WW. More on those coming!!!!
The Bad: Um, can we say Maleless?!?! I drank so much, ate so much, and did nothing aerobic! I loved every second of it. I hope that I won't gain too much when I weigh myself on Friday.
The Sweaty: nothing huge in terms of working out, but I am looking into some kickboxing classes when I get the okay from the doctor.

I have had a few people interested in linking up some weekly weight loss goals and some group moving down the weight scale, if you are interested in joining let me know and I can try and organize something for Fridays.

Monday, June 16, 2008

quick update

Back from Maleless...
Best thing EVER!

Think this thing may be shingles after all...
hurts like the dickens.

Need to clean

Love to all my bloggy friends, I have missed you!
Thanks for the encouragement

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Confessions of an Ex Tomboy

I have mentioned before that I have changed a lot in more recent years. One of those changes has been shedding my tomboy ways.

Yes, that is right, peeps...I considered myself a tomboy until 4 or so years ago.
I wasn't the uber sport jock (way too klutzy for that) or gross-talking-and-smelling-tomboys. I just always hung out with guys:

I have two brothers and all of our family friends growing up had three boys the same age as us. NO GIRLS. So I learned at an early age to not be too girly as a matter of survival.

After that I just always enjoyed hanging around guys. I understood what they were saying and how to talk to them (in monosyllabic words and grunts-Never NEVER do the girly excitement voice to a guy unless you have been dating them for at least a month. Then it is endearing). I knew all the sports scores because I had to watch ESPN Sportscenter every morning with my brothers as we got ready for school. I knew how to talk sports (esp. college football) because if I didn't then no one would talk to me in the fall.

Worst of all, being around my brothers (who are younger) and caring what they thought (they really were my best friends), made me not want to make them notice the stuff that made them say, "EWWWWW."

What made them say, "EWWWWW" or openly mock me:
-Acting like I liked boys
-hair products
-dresses that had a hemline above the knee
-tank tops
-lots of pink

As you can see these are things that normal teenage girls get into...and I did not. I always liked them from a far but mocked them with the guys I hung out with. I told them that it seemed silly to did a lot of things that teenagers did (drinking, smoking, disobeying your parents) and I wouldn't do them.

I would put on a little make up at school after my mom dropped us off. Not because my mom didn't allow my brothers wouldn't make comments. My mom would beg me to wear more make up for dances and recitals, would try to get me girly dresses and jewelry. The damage was done. Those things were "too girly" and I was not going to be a girly girl, a princess, a diva. I didn't want them bedazzeled on my clothes and I didn't want to be called that.

I still don't. But slowly and surely, I have liked how different make up makes me look better (SHOCK!). I like playing with the colors and styles. I also have a minor obsession with obtaining the perfect-shampoo-commercial hair. Of course, I did this in my own nerdy way: Do research, experiment, analyze, and perfect.

You might be saying to yourself, "Alex, what's the point?" Well the point is that even though I was a tomboy, I have been accepted to write on the online magazine Blissfully Domestic. I will be mainly writing beauty pieces. So in the upcoming months, I will be picking your brains about what products you like, what issues I should explore, and what treatments you want to see an ex-tomboy try out. Because I will be doing this like I do everything else: research (read what the experts say), experiment (flub my klutzy ass through beauty procedures), analyze (criticize myself), and write (about my imperfect mess of a life trying to not be a tomboy).

So come check me out next week, when I start writing over there once a week. Wish me luck...this is more nerve wracking that guest blogging for McMommy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This is the Song that Never Ends

I can't help myself. This song won't get out of my head.
And Yes, they do look a little like skeezy old men. Except Joey, I Puffy Heart Joey.

So, I'm curious what song is in your head right now? What song can you not get out of your head once you hear it?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bumps, Lumps and Goiters***UPDATED***

So I have the pox.

Well, I'm not sure what I have really. But I have a series of bumps and lumps on the back of my head and neck. Here is what WebMD says I have:

alopecia (HAIR FALLS OUT-ACK, no thank you!)
THE POX-see video

Personally, I think I caught McMommy's Goiter when I was guest blogging over there...that's right her goiter has jumped ship and come to live on me...and make babies...on my hairline.

So besides feeling dead sexy, thinking I have caught the pox and might not be able to go on my treasured girl's weekend...I'm are you?

Go to 6:01

UPDATE: Went to the doctor...he was confused and confusing.
He thinks it is folliculitis but then said something about a staph infection that sounded not fun. So I'm off to read up about it more.
He also said it maybe the early signs of Shingles. That is right, I might be 86 years old! Bring on the Sizzlers and the Shingles, baby. The Sizzlers and the Shingles sounds like a geriatric gang war.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Maleless and Buffalo Betty

If any of you stalk my comments (and let's face it why would you that is my job!), you would have noticed a frequent commenter and non-blogger, Buffalo Betty.

This is Me and B.Betty in sophomore year, last year in DC, and at my graduation

Buffalo Betty is someone that must be talked about, praised, and revered.

The Story of Buffalo Betty
Buffalo Betty was the coolest girl on my freshman hall.
We all thought so.
She was the most outlandish, the most fun, the most silly
(well, I might have competed with the silly...I did run around the hall with an eater bunny costume more than necessary)
She is called Buffalo Betty because she decided the answer to "what is your major/what do you want to do with your life?" Warranted the answer, "Wildlife Psychologist...I'm going to commune with the Buffalo." And no her name is not Betty.
Buffalo Betty and I roomed together for one glorious year in sophomore year and then she left for cheaper, warmer pastures at University of Florida (Stupid Gators).

Despite distance and time, we have been great friends since. As has most of our freshman hall (well most of them anyway). We were a small hall (22 girls?) and the majority of us (12) still keep in contact.

This is us at orientation week (o-week for those in the know) competition

And this is our first football game! Notice Buffalo Betty in the center as always!
The reason may be because of Maleless:

The Story of Maleless
Maleless is a retreat that us girls formed in spring of our freshman year because we were all (for the most part) without boyfriends or just ticked at them and wanted to get away. Those who did have males in their lives complained that they didn't have Mail in their they qualified for the retreat. We congregated at one girl's local house (Natalie Bebop's--no, not her real name either...I'm big on the nicknames), drank lots of liquor (they did, I didn't drink at the time...but I poured with a heavy hand), and talked about...well...boys. And we've gone back every year. Some years Maleless if forfeited for everyone to attend one of the girl's weddings, but it has been a great tool to see everyone. There is drinking, eating, swimming, skiing, drinking, eating, game playing, talking talking talking talking and drinking. It is a good time.

This is Me and Meep (another nickname) and a bunch of the girls from my wedding
Maleless is coming up this next weekend. And I can barely contain my excitement.

A sidenote: Look through the you notice anything? Oh yeah, me rocking the jean jacket. No these pictures were not taken all at one time...I have loved, Love, and will continue to love my jean jacket. An Ode to Jean Jacket forthcoming.

The Magic of a Hair Cut

I'm back! Not that I left anywhere but a recuperative nap was needed after the exhaustive trek to Mommyville and back. Don't let the primary colors fool you, people, it is no scenic hike.

After returning from the estate of McMommy, your beloved Roaming Southerner noticed she was getting a little scraggly. Okay that was my first time to speak and third person...not sure if I like it. Sure McMommy can do it, she's Mcmommy. The Pioneer Woman often does...but I'm not sure I'm of the talk-in-third-person-caliber yet. I am of the hyphenate-it-while-you-got-it caliber.

But back to the scrags. I'll admit it. I have been letting my hair get to a pitiful state before getting it cut and colored....why? Cause it makes the not cheap cut and color seem more worthwhile, more dramatic and it stretches my hard earned hair budget dollar.

You wanna see a before and after? Do ya? Do ya? (okay I've been talking to my dog, Penny, too much lately...Can you tell? Can ya? Can ya?)... Okay on to Show and Tell.

Me Yesterday @ 4:00. Notice the faded color scrag.

Me This Morning @ 7:55. (Before work, Curtis). A few inches off, darker color, fewer layers. I like it! KW says it looks professional. I told him that no wife wants to be told by her "man" that she looks professional...she wants to be told she looks hot...he asked what if he meant professional-lady-of-the-night. I said, "no good, I don't want to be hooker either...try again next time!"

But I do see what he is a cleaner look, I don't have the curled ends which give me the permanent bed head tousled look because I don't have 2 hours to devote to quality time with my straightener. The scrag I suspect was from my deep desire to have curly hair and my stick straight hair could only give me scrag....sad.

Well, in case you didn't notice the dress I'm wearing...I'll just stand up and let you take a better look at it.

This is my graduation dress. KW picked it out when I was graduating from MPA program. My mom hated it (which made me love it). I thought it was hilarious to be getting my graduate degree while looking like Donna Reed. FYI. I had gotten married 2 days before the start of my program, everyone in my program was single and thought I was crazy to get married so young, and made it very known that they thought I was some sort of conservative freak...this dress said it all to me.

Sorry for the long post about nothing. So what do you think of the hair? Is it time to go blond again? BLOND? Yes, that is right dear readers for many many moons I was a spunky blond: Me, Freshman Year in College.
well for this month anyways, I'm sticking with the brown.

I'm off to a wedding with the in-laws tomorrow (hence the reason for the hair makeover). I'm going to try and post something early early tomorrow and participate in POW, so I don't have to leave you alone for too long, dear blog of mine.

Diet update: Good: on Points, Bad: on Working Out, Sweaty: No working out but Michigan is finally starting to get warm...almost sweat worthy.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

6 Reasons I Hate being a Non-Mom

YEA! Today I am guest blogging at McMommy's. Head over and see if I was able to rise above my pressure.

Because of my added pressure, I had KW read over my post for McMommy before I published it. He thought I was going in two directions and "encouraged" me to divide and conquer. Here is the left over of my old post. Please let me know what you think:

6 Things I Hate about being a Non-mom
6. No Distractions: Having a bad hair day? You moms deflect the eyes to bright eyes and chub cheeks of your little one. Made a bad joke or put your foot in your mouth? You scream, "Show them your newest trick, Toddler Tony!" I also can't get out of social obligations or conversations with a simple, "Oops Jumping Janey needs me...Toots!"
5. All the food in the apartment is mine to consume: There is no one around to eat the Halloween candy/cake/leftover junk. Your kid is disposal for junk food. You should use it to your advantage!
4. I’m the only one that throws tantrums in my house: And those tantrums are little more silly/ridiculous when there is no toddler's irrationality to compare it to.
3. Not being able to stop a man dead in his tracks with my boobs: Size As are not good at snaring a man's attention, but start breast feeding in public and everyone is checking you out! WOOT!
2. No one asks me WHY enough?: Why am I brushing my hair? No one cares. Why do I have to pay bills? Yawn. Why are we at the doctors again? No one notices. Why can't we eat ice cream at 8am? Oh, wait, I can.
1. Too many hours in the day/week available for non-sobriety: You moms can really only drink after you put the little ones down and most likely you or your spouse has to stay reasonably sober in case of emergencies. Sadly, not us, we can drink at 3pm. Both of us. As long as we're not driving. And we are encouraged to and sometimes expected to...that is a lot of extra calories and weight watcher points used.

Yeah, Go ahead and pity me.

The Pressure

Okay, so I am guest blogging at McMommy's tomorrow, while she channels Donna Reed to host her in laws (at her house for a 5 days...she is brave...maybe not military-in-Afghanistan-brave but definitely around the stick-your-hand-in-the-dark-sewer-hole kind of know, like when your dad would go and fetch the 18 balls that would roll down the street drain-so brave).

I am nervous about this blogging adventure...I'm also flattered and stunned that someone would trust THEIR blog to ME?!?! Wow, I mean I try to be mildly entertaining and funny on my blog for my three loyal lovely readers, but if I screw up here...I know you three aren't going anywhere. I know where you live!!!

No, seriously, my fragile blog-ego is easily crushed if I don't have comments and high tracker ratings. I try to be cool and just say, "oh whatever I don't do this blog for other people!" WHATEVER! I totally do it to connect with other people. If I wanted to do something just for me I would eat a big bowl of warm Rice Krispie treats and read another book...okay, I do that anyways.

So here is the pressure: WHAT IF MY POST ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR MCMOMMY'S HIGH STANDARDS!?!? I don't think I can pad it with silly graphics or pictures of my toes like I would over here....I have to actually write cohesive thoughts otherwise McMommy might disown me. And I don't think I can handle that.


No ::soothing breath:: I'll just have to suck it up and write it...and write it well damnit. Wish me luck.

Checking in 06.02.08
The Good: Didn't eat everything in front of me this weekend and ate a LOT of fruits and veggies. Went to my favorite restaurant up here, Cracker Barrel (the closest thing I can get to southern food), and didn't eat anything. I knew that even the green beans were going to be more points than I could handle and eating one thing would lead to the delicious corn bread and biscuits and that would be the end of me).
The Bad: I dipped into my flex points big time with my booze consumption. Stupid Margaritas! Why are you so delicious?
The Sweaty: I have started walking to home at lunch instead of driving (about a mile and a half each way). Yeah it is sweaty and not fun but that is some base movement throughout the day.

Monday, June 02, 2008

He Got What He Asked For: I'm a Brat

Less like this...

Oh I hate those dolls, don't even get me started

More like this...

There are times when I like to be contrary and a pain and fight and whine. And those times mostly involve my husband. He puts up with a LOT of crap from me, but that is what he asked for...(when we were dating we used to say to each other, "Am I frustrating you?!?!" and the other would respond "Yes, but I love when you frustrate me.")

Lately, we have been fighting about a lot of stupid stuff and some not as stupid. He's been picking fights (leading to me ask "When are you starting his period, Nancy?"--okay I didn't say that but I wanted to: see, I'm a BRAT!), I have been picking fights. But rest assured that these have been smaller tifts that we end up trying to make the other laugh out of. That has been the key: make the other one laugh out of the argument esp. when it is stupid. But through the whole thing, I kept thinking what causes us to pick the fights in the first place, and I came up with some theories:
Why K-dubs Picks Fights: 1.) Because he feels that I am not respecting what he wants or his decisions (ie. to be anti-social). 2.) Because he feels misunderstood
Why I Pick Fights: 1.) Because I can't get my point across to a distracted husband. 2.) Because I want a reaction from him.

Both reasonings are stupid, but it is our way to get each others attention when we feel we are being ignored for work, friends, or Top Chef. I just try to get him out of his work-aholic (in the best way, of course), introvert shell and he just tries to get me to focus on him (when he gets the time to).

After realizing this, I don't feel so bad about our fights. Our fights aren't awful name calling stuff (well, I do drop an F-bomb or two or ten which drives him crazy), and we end up fighting while holding hands or me sitting on him (I like to get in his face (in a nice way) to get his attention). I don't love fighting with him, but to paraphrase from Dermot Mulroney in the Wedding Date:
I'd rather fight with him than make nice with anyone else.

or what I say to him all the time:
You drive me crazy, but I enjoy the ride

But this is what the man gets when he proposed with: Will you frustrate me for the rest of my life? Yes....yes, I will. Yes, I do, and no I will not stop.