Thursday, November 19, 2009

In Athens

So we are officially in Athens (the city of my midwife and my hospital).
Waiting for this baby to make its appearance.

I can't call anyone on the phone because they think I am calling to say I'm in labor.
It is a bit annoying, but I'm glad they are excited.

I am contemplating going full on with the "lets-get-this-baby-out" campaign.
I do not want to have this baby in December, but I don't know if I am ready to smoke this baby out yet.

It is a little scary to say, "I'M READY! LET'S GO!"

Kdubs and I are doing much better. It is nice to be back on our own again and not relaying our lives around my parents. As much as I love my parents and they have been taking great care of me, I have relied on them throughout Kw's absence, and it was hard to stop relying on them and go back to my husband. 6 weeks will do that, I think. Other people can and have done this and longer, but I don't think anyone can do it without some problems re acclimating to each other.

tomorrow is the due date...Maybe I will have an "on-time" baby.


Curtis said...

good luck, AE!!!

amanda said...

sending you lots of happy baby thoughts!!!

Cita Online said...

Sending you lots and lots of love and prayers! I'm so glad that you and KW are getting acclimated again. In case the baby's not on time, check out my latest post for a good laugh from Big Bang Theory (one of my faves) - who knows? Maybe laughter is a quick way to smoke the baby out? ;-)

Red and White Preppy said...

Happy thoughts are being sent your way! Good luck, sweetie :)

Stephanie said...

Glad things are going better! Good luck with the baby! Im really excited for you!!

Anonymous said...

I swear by black beans and some good lovin' to encourage little ones to make their appearance ;)

Erin said...

No on time baby for you, either? Praying for labor and delivery to go well for you. :)