Thursday, June 11, 2009

36 Hours!!!

please play this video from Arrested Development to listen to while you enhances all experiences)

It's the final Countdown!!!

I feel the same way, Buddy.

I am starting to get a little sad about leaving the school that has been so good to us and the people that I have loved getting to know. I am more than thrilled to leave the weirdos that I do not like! HA!

I know we will keep in touch with the people we truly like, especially with the invention of Facebook.

My plans for the next 36 hours? Pack up my clothes and hope that everything will fit into the back of the Jeep, do a prayer and voodoo dance around the Jeep to last till we get to Athens, clean and dance around in anticipation of being reunited with my family.

I will see you, Lil' Princess, in a few shorts days and I promise tons of belly rubs. I know you will have a good time hanging out with your grandpa and dog cousins while dad male roommate* picks me up.

I may not post for a few days while in transition. Talk to you next from the Peach State!**

*when we first got Penny, KW refused to be called dad and would scream, "she is not my daughter, she is my roommate!" I am not a big advocate of dog=baby, but both of us know she is more than an animal roommate.

**Fun Fact-Georgia does not produce the most peaches in the US. That honor goes to South Carolina. Georgia does produce the most peanuts (or did at some point) but did not want to be called The Goober State. Wise decision, GA.


The Mrs. said...

woooh! the last few hours are always the most fun. I jest. Good luck moving and really, thank you again for all your help.

thebenshow said...

life is always better with some will arnett! So happy your reunion is almost here!

the Preppy Princess said...

Oh goodness Miss TRS, safe travels and good thoughts and lots of hugs to you! The state was better because you were here!

Buffalo Betty said...


Things you should never be called on a blind date.

Curtis said...

sorry, Alex. I didn't get past the clip of Gob doing magic, trying to get back into the Alliance. Gob is the best, especially when The Final Countdown is playing. I'm tempted to play the clip again and reenact Gob's moves in my office. I love me so Gob.

Krystyn said...

Yay and Hooray! Welcome back to the Peach state!