Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doctors update

There are not a ton of OB practices in Athens, so I went around yesterday and called a few to get an appointment.
The one that came highly recommended to me (2 doctors and one midwife) could not see me until July 20th!!! That would be almost 8 weeks without a doctor's appointment, which for this crazy new mom-to-be seemed excessive.

So I called the second one on my list and was a little (okay, a LOT) disappointed about the receptionist I talked to. Our conversation went like this:

TRS: Hi, I'd like to make an appointment to see a doctor. I am new to the area and am 18 weeks pregnant.
Stupid Receptionist: When did you move to the area?
TRS: the last week
***5 minutes of chitchat about her being from the Midwest and the weather...in which i tell her about my doctor's office in Michigan and she lectures me about getting my records from my doctor's office to them ASAP***
SR: Oh, so when did you find out you were pregnant.
TRS: uhm...15 weeks ago?
SR: Well, let me see when we can fit in new pregnancy appointments...hmmm...
TRS: Well, I don't need to go through the new pregnancy appointments...I'm 18 weeks along.
SR: and you just found out, so this is your first doctor's appointment!
TRS: No, I have seen a doctor every month since I found out at week 3...
SR: well, we just don't take people this late for their first appointment
***In my head I was screaming: what?!? First I was a bad mom for not finding out that I was pregnant or going to the doctor until I was 18 weeks and now you won't give me one!?!?!

Needless to say, this lady was not inspiring much confidence in this practice.

After my appointment today with the OB coordinator, I feel much better about the practice.
She was awesome!!!
She talked to me about every aspect of the practice...how each appointment will go...what delivery registration should look like...insurance and payments...EVERY THING! I was very impressed. Now, I know that she is not my doctor, and I probably won't see her a lot from now on, but if the practice is half as good as her...I think I will be in good hands.

I have an appointment with an actual doctor next week and then will decide about canceling the appointment on the 20th.

What would you guys do? Keep the appointment? Is it tacky? Have you ever OB shopped? What was the most important thing to you about your OB/OB practice?


Formerly Gracie said...

I encountered the same run around right after we moved to Cali, except try explaining the Brit's national health care practices to some idiot receptionist. ha!

Anyhoo, the staff says a lot about the practice. If they're inattentive, uncooperative, or just plain difficult, chances are the doctor is too.

The first doc I went to here was all that and worse. She didn't even bother to do an exam. All she cared about was what my insurance would or wouldn't cover (?!)

I went in for an ultrasound that she ordered and had the results sent to another doc, Then, and canceled the follow up appointment with the first one because I was THAT disappointed with her.

Even my new doc was appalled, which only made me like him even more.

I was already 16 weeks by the time I saw him, but he made sure I was caught up on all the necessary tests and blood work. It totally wasn't a big deal. I don't know what smoke that lady was trying to blow up your ass, but don't buy it for a second.

Sorry for the long comment, but this post just got me so fired up :-)

The Mrs. said...

not much advice to give here, I say trust your instincts, if you get an idiot vibe from the practice, keep shopping.

Erin said...

I am someone who if I like what I see and experience, I'd cancel the 20th. Just me! Glad it went wellf or you. I have an appt todayu!

Pages' Page said...

I would probably still keep the appointment for the 20th until you see the doctor. I was nervous for my first visit, but Wes and I both felt so good leaving my first appointment with the doctor. I think you'll have a feeling one way or the other pretty quickly. If you don't feel right about the doctor, then I would switch to the other practice. I'm just sorry that you've had to go through this along with moving. Soon you will be settled in and you'll have a doctor that you feel good about! Good luck!

Susan said...

I would keep the appt. on the 20th. I have a very good friend who is a labor and delivery nurse at Athens Regional. Do you want me to ask her for a rec?

Krystyn said...

Ummm...I say go with your gut and who you are most comfortable with. I'm sure that's absolutely no help, but that's what I would do.

Jenny said...

Before I found an OB, I looked at what hospital the practice used for delivery. I knew which hospital I trusted, and went to a recommended practice for that hospital. My OB's practice is rather large, so I had to see each doc at least once throughout my pregnancy so I'd be familiar with whomever was on call when I went into labor. I'd say: decide which hospital you trust, and make sure you can live with any of the docs in the practice delivering. Good luck!

thebenshow said...

That is hilarious. It reminds me of when I tried to get in to an Ob/GYn for infertility and they said they were only taking new patients if they were pregnant. Talk about a slap in the face!!!