Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ShopLifting at Lifelong Playdate

I have shoplifted this idea from Amanda at Lifelong Playdate: she is the queen of randomness.

6 Random Things about me.

1.)I have recently discovered and love Korean food. I love spicy food and KW loves trying new things. This is a good overview of different things on most Korean restaurants. Kimchi is divine. Bokkum and BiBimBap is good too.

2.)I am sporting suspenders today ala. Katherine Hepburn and Annie Hall (a new fashion look for me driven from my pants without belt loops being too big).

3.)My A/C is out and I am about to die. Yes, it is 65 degrees here, but I only sleep well when I am cold. And leaving the window open has not been cutting it. And no one rushes to fix it when the weather is so nice. STBOOTS! They would never leave someone without A/C.

4.)I am playing Bingo tonight at the school and I might actually get to be a caller. We had the worst/best one on our cruise ship. I might try to outdo him. Or I'll puss out and just say B...B....2...B2.

5.)I have never been to a dance club, and I think that should be remedied. But it is also cause I am listening to some Usher on Pandora. I can dance, but I'm not so sure about how I would do at a club. I have a feeling I would turn into the typical white girl sway under pressure.

6.)I think I might have a problem with the TV. When some office mates were talking about which new fall shows they watch, I was saying, "Oh I love that, Oh I saw that, Oh yeah that was good..." Then one of them realized, "Uhm, have you watched everything?" Yes, yes I do. It is either that or watch KW study. What Would You Do? Heck, even Jesus would say, "turn it Gossip Girl, homes."

Monday, September 29, 2008

Holy Hell Fire

Saw this at a friend of a friend's blog: and yeah. The world is so going there.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Is your Momma a Llama and are you Emu?

So, I have told you all about my family:

We like to nickname EVERYTHING.

mine from my family, mine from KW, how this is passed on by my dad, how everyone I know gets a nickname sooner or later, that includes my dog.

My brother's new fiance (well it isn't like he had an old one, but she is new to us!)

Lots of stuff about my dad.

But I realized there is so much more blogging fodder in my family that has remained untapped: my mom.

First off let me say, my mom is great. We did not always get along great, but we are very much alike and well...we are awesome.

And there are many stories I can and will share about my mom, but I thought I would regale you with a tale from my last trip home:

Background: My mom read the book "Is your Momma a Llama?" to my brother when he was younger. Now, I don't really remember the text of the book, but I think it goes something like this: A baby llama goes around the forest/woods and asks to other baby animals, "Is your momma a llama?" To which the baby animal runs to its mother and says, "No, my momma is a ______!" And for some reason we picked up on this, and one of us would ask in a sweet voice, "Is your Momma a Llama?" someone would answer in a BIG DEEP VOICE "NO, MY MOMMA IS A BEAR!"

Back to the story: I came home from Michigan two weeks ago with dark nail polish. Now, I haven't painted my fingernails in 12 years and have no idea why I decided to but this is what it looked like.

So, I expected my mom to say "Take that ugly polish off right now." Instead she commented on how she can't remember the last time she saw my nails painted a color. However, at lunch the next day my mom and brother are whispering as I sat down and I said, "What!?!" My brother looks at me and says, "Are you being Emu now?" "Huh?" "You know, dark and whiney and angsty-pseudo goth!" I stared at my mom and she said, "Yeah, why are you being emu?"

I busted out laughing with: "It is EMO, you freaks. I am not being EMO. Nor an Emu"
to which my brother digs into his salad and mumbles, "well your momma is a llama."

yes, we are that ridiculous. Oh and remind me to tell you next time the story when my mother called my brother a son of a b*tch in a heated argument...(think about it for a minute)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's not you, It's me

Dear Diet Coke,
I've tried to quit you. I've written my "Dear John" letter only to come running back to you time and time again. I know you are no good for me, but your irresistible combination of fizz and caffeine makes me long for you like no other (well, maybe KW).

But it is time to be honest with you. You're just not doing it for me anymore.

Yes, I purchase some quality time in the morning but more often than not you languish there till 3 or 4 in the afternoon. It just isn't the same. I don't long for you and feel the passionate quench that your dark carbonation once gave me.

Since I am being honest, I admit it I have strayed. I tried to keep it in the family. A Diet Dr. Pepper here, even a Diet Sunkist there. And they have been nice to spend time with now and then, but they only mask what is the true problem.

I'm just not that into you.

I have found something new in my life that fulfills the needs you used to. It is fresh and sweet and makes me feel like you used. No, it doesn't have that decaffeinated zing you do, but I get tingles just thinking about getting another cup.

Why would I do this, you ask? Well, it's just better for me.

I'm sure we'll still hang out. Long nights, road trips, fast food. I'm not giving up on us yet. I just don't want you to wait up for me anymore. It is not fair.

The Roaming Southerner

PS. I've enclosed a picture of my love, just so you think I'm not a true traitor and creeping with Diet Pepsi behind your back. I may not be faithful, but I still have taste buds.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my precious...(yes, insert Gollum voice here)

So I posted about this eons ago. But I wanted to let you all know about my undying love and devotion to one special inanimate object: Natural Ice Cherry Chapstick.

Not only is this the best Lip Balm EVER. It has SPF and tingles wonderfully when applied. When I got my first tube, I do not remember. But I fell in love instantly. I am sure I stumbled onto it while doing something adventurous like shopping for hair ties in 6th grade. Immediately after my love was ignited, I realized that I could not find any more. I probably dropped/lost it somewhere 3 days later and desperate for a reunion I realized that nowhere near me sells this magic.

I created a massive search in every drugstore, grocery store, convenient store, department store, in house, and outhouse in the tri-state state area (name that movie, people!). And still no luck.

Months later, my youngest brother went on a trip (out west), and he came upon a box at a ski lodge (of course they would be there, its perfect when you are skiing). Having gone on a lot of the search with me (he was 12 and at the mercy of his driving-aged sister), he sent me several glorious tubes which I cherished. But then through the course of time, I used or lost them all.

Then came the next statewide search. I found the yucky mint kind: NO GOOD. I emailed the company who assured me that this product was located at my local CVS or Walgreens (LIARS!). So I was going to the gas station one day with no thoughts of Natural Ice on my mind (I had already switched to Burts Beeswax, which is good but it is no Natural Ice). And there on the checkout counter was a boot* full of Cherry flavored Natural Ice. I cleaned them out. Finally, two years later I ran out. I was devastated. Someone mentioned using drugstore.com, and I couldn't have typed fast enough. AND JOY OF JOYS they had it! I ordered 20 of them, delivered to my door and it was worth every red cent. They are now spread out in between my purses, coats, and drawers at home and the office. And thankfully, I will know where to go when I run out again.

*the boot wasn't an actual used, leather boot it was an acrylic "show" boot...I don't know what it had to do with Natural Ice though.

To show my commitment to My Favorite Things Swap hosted by Wendi, I actually gave up my last in the package tube of Cherry Natural Ice. Without looking up to order more, that is just the sort of selfless person I am....and humble too.

*Parts of this post was reused from a post on July 27, 2006...fun times!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Non-Emmy Award Time

So, let me tell you about one of the coolest bloggers I know: Kelly.

She is mom to the wonderful, Ben, (Try not to smile at that face!) and an all around kick butt person. But what is the cherry on her awesomeness: Her ability to quote movies and TV with me and her love of old time movies. Let's just say, we can have conversations only quoting the Office, Ghostbusters, and A Christmas Story. She also gives me some great encouragement and has wonderful stories about her adoption process(es).

Well, she was sweet enough to bestow this award to me:

This award has some rules (uh-oh)...and I will try and follow them...but you all know me...that is hard!

Here is the rundown on the smile award, as created by MERE:

Characteristics for the Smile Award:
1. Must display a cheerful attitude. (I try to)
2. Must love one another. (I think so)
3. Must make mistakes. (big fat check!)
4. Must learn from others. (I try)
5. Must be a positive contributor to blog world. (I try to be...I can be a bit negative at times, sorry)
6. Must love life. (I'm learning to love and accept the life that God gives me today)
7. Must love kids. (I love kids-but I don't have my own, hopefully this counts...I don't want them to take my award away!)

These are the rules for The Smile Award:
1. The recipient must link back the the award’s creator (I think that is Mere, mentioned above)
2. You must post these rules if you receive the award. (Done!)
3. You must chose 5 people to receive the award after receiving it yourself (done below)
4. You must fit the characteristics of the recipient of the award, as posted by Mere (um, I hope Mere approves)
5. You must post the characteristics of a recipient. (done below)
6. You must create a post sharing your win with others. (Done!!!)
7. You must thank your giver. (Thanks Kelly, you are the BOMB, as mentioned above!)

So my 5 recipients:
1.) Granola Girl--yeah, she is one of my college besties and my big sis...but she definitely fits all of the qualities of this award. She loves her kids and all kids so much. She was the ultimate summer counselor to a bunch of kids before she was married and now she is a perma-counselor to Hammy and Baby Ruth! She is also the most positive, God-loving woman I know. She is who I aspire to be.

2.) Erin at Peach in the Evergreens--One of my first blogging friends totally encompasses this award. She loves her niece(s) to pieces. And she is a kick butt teacher to kids--so she def. loves kids. Plus, she wins cookie points with me cause she loves kids without being a mom yet! She is so cheerful and full of life. AND she keeps me in check on WW. Love her!

3.) Amanda of Beans & Co.--For many reasons, Amanda deserves this award: She is so positive and shows so much joy in her life with Beans. She also handles everything with a happy and hilarious spirit. Also, anytime I get an email from her....my spirits are immediately brightened.

4.) Red & White Preppy--not only is she an awesome teacher but she is a bright spot in my blog reading day! And yes, I am honoring a few teachers here because it is the fall and that means school and that means YEA, TEACHERS!. I want to pack an apple and where my tights just thinking of it. But more than anything, Red and White Preppy is so balanced with her optimism, hope, desires, and realism. I love getting to "know" her.

5.) For someone who really doesn't know me: Clemson Girl & the Coach--She is flippin' hilarious. She lives in the best city ever (HOT-ATL!), has taught me the luxury of the three-day hair routine (seriously, her hair is like a Pantene commercial), is Catholic, loves life...and tells it like it is. She reminds me of what a big sister would be like when I was age 8: I love to learn more about her, am in awe of her style and coolness, and think she is the bees knees. Plus, to a non-mom blogger, her blog is not overly mommy...even though she loves and has some awesome kids.

6.) yeah, I'm adding another one (cause you know I like to break the rules!!!!) Have you met The Mrs. over at Trying Our Best? 'Cause she pretty much rocks--well, around the clock. She is a military wife with a great attitude and a joy for her kids, but she also tells it like it is. She is real and sweet at the same time. And that is a difficult combination to pull off, yet she does it with style.

Okay, so I think that I followed the rules--kinda. WHEW!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Goals--setting and reaching

Okay, so I have one more pound till I reach the 20 lbs lost mark.

and I'm talking about vacationing and goals on Move, Bug.

I would love to have your opinion on things.

I'm not Mad

Hey Blog,
I just wanted to let you know that I am not mad at you, dear blog. Stop shooting me accusatory glares. Also, there is no reason for you to get all dramatic and accuse me of being angry or having some made up reason to hate you.

I could never hate you. We are besties, remember?

Yeah, so you wouldn't accept my kick-ass video from my mom's house. I'm not upset about that, it just was a lot of work and I didn't feel like posting for awhile after that. You know how that goes.

Also, I have been working a lot, being on the road is hard for this blogger. It makes me want to drink, not blog. And we both know that blogging and drinking should never be done together.

I am back to my normalish routine now...work is getting more "normal" as well. So hopefully we will be able to spend loads of time, talking, whispering secrets, braiding each others hair...

Please accept my apology and stop sending threatening messages to me about how I will lose all my bloggy friends if I don't spend more quality time with you. They are good people, blog, they wouldn't desert me, right?

Take it easy...I'll be seeing you around,
Roaming Southerner

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Something Funny for your Wednesday

From the lovely ladies of the Sugar Network, I found:

and while I don't agree with everything she says, I did snort my diet coke through my nose listening to it.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Going To My Parents House, But Leaving My Home

Defining what and where home is began, for me, when I went to college. Like many people, this was the first time I had a space of MY OWN. One where my parents didn't have eminent domain.

However, they still owned my life since they were still paying for the essentials.

When I got married, I thought, "Okay, so my apartment with my husband will be my home."

But it didn't feel just like home. I loved having a nest (800 sq ft. 1 bedroom apt. can only be called a nest) with KW and since I was living off hand-me-down furniture from my mom, it looked like the home I was used to. But as soon as I got into my parents house, it was a different story...this smelt and felt like home. (even though, I only lived in that house for a total of a year-months of college summers plus time before married.) This is where "my people" lived...and that was home.

Over the years, I've noticed that changing. I still love coming to my parent's house. I love knowing where everything is, I love seeing what is different, I love going back into my mom's bathroom to do her hair in the morning (yeah, I wanted to go to beauty school so my mom let me work on my straightening and blow out skills on her), I love sitting in my dad's den and talking or not talking to him. I love playing with my brothers and seeing KW interact with my family, but my favorite part is at the end of the day...going up to the guest room (my room is used more frequently for my brother's fiancee)going up to bed and sleeping next to KW. He is my safebase. What makes me sane and what makes me feel whole and complete.

And as I am getting ready to go on my first leg of recruitment trips tonight (first stop, ATL!) I realise that while I am going to a house I love, full of people I love, my home is with him.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Need some help!

I have one silly but continual problem.

I am having a hard time cleaning my shower. I clean it every other week but I will admit...I am not a good scrubbing kind of cleaner.

Anybody have a great cleaner out there that they love and would recommend?

I have tried it all:

-Scrubbing Bubbles Foam
-Meyers Natural Spray

But I need some suggestions.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Geek Commercial

Very rarely does a commercial make me laugh out loud...and this one did.

Hope you enjoy it!!!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Mom envy

There are many things that I could be envious of all moms: squishy, sweet smelling babies...someone to smother with love, mold minds, shape lives..blah blah blah.

But what am I most envious about: the constant hilarious stories to blog about.

This morning's hilarity came from one of my co-workers.
I have many wonderful co-workers at my office. One, however, holds the title of MOST HILARIOUS.

Sarah came into work a little late today, so we knew that there was going to be a story surrounding that.

::background on Sarah::
She is a tiny, expressive redhead from Minnesota. She is married to a Portuguese man and they have created the most wonderful--CRAZY BABY.

::background on CRAZY BABY::
Crazy Baby got her name when I asked Sarah, "So, how is your baby?" (This was her first week and I only knew that she had a baby.) Sarah's response: Crazy...hence the name CRAZY BABY. In case you were wondering...CRAZY BABY is more of a toddler age.

CRAZY BABY definitely has earned her name.

This morning crazy baby was in fine form demanding popcorn for breakfast in her half-Portuguese way...well Sarah was not feeding her baby popcorn for the morning so she would shove some scrambled eggs in her mouth when she would moan Paaaaaaaaaahhhhhp-Cooooooooooooooooohhrn.

To make her mother pay for the egregious sin of not giving her popcorn, CRAZY BABY spite-vomited all over her mother and couch.

She evidently does this regularly.

After telling the story, Sarah began shaking her head and mumbling things about birth control.

And while the story is less funny in written form (without Sarah's comedic faces and timing), it goes to show one more thing mom's have that we non-mom's don't...hilarious stories.

Do you have any of these? I would love to hear them.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Witness to a Miracle

I can not believe it has been a week without posting.
That is so strange to me. Somewhere in my head I have composed a dozen posts and have not sat down to write them. I am just that way.

I am going to take this quick moment to tell you about a miracle.

From my friend, Erin, I learned about her friend, Katie, and HER husband, Donnie, and THEIR daughter, Catherine.

Their story is very similar to several women I know, esp. a blog I read daily. Catherine was having some problems while in the womb--I won't try act like I understand the medical terminology, but best said: her organs were not where they were supposed to be. Doctor's forecasted that if Catherine lived outside the womb she would not live more than a few hours.

Go read their blog...it won't take too long...but get some Kleenex's by the keyboard.

During the months of Katie's pregnancy, I prayed and prayed for this family I didn't know...All the time, thinking that my prayers were futile...what did it mean for this family and to God to hear my prayers for someone I didn't really know. I had prayed for internet people and causes before and sadly, most miracles elude my sight line. I know there is a miracle there, just not the one I prayed for. The miracle God gave to the other's I prayed for seemed harder and less celebratory. I even called myself (only to myself) a prayer-jinx. Don't ask me to pray for you...

Not this time. Just like Mandy Moore wishes in the movie, A Walk to Remember...I got to witness a miracle of God. And it was worth the wait.