Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm not dead yet

yeah, I leave for more than a week and I come back with a quote from Monty Python. I am just that big of a geek.

To give you guys an update, I will do it in list form:

1.) KW got in late but safe.
2.) We had a great time hanging out in Michigan for a day and then driving back home.
3.) Being reunited with Penny was sweet and fun. She has been my buddy since.
4.) Remember back in Christmas when my mom was sick? Yeah, she is sick again. And they are not sure what is wrong and the doctors are doing a lot of tests.
5.) Also, my parents have pseudo adopted a cousin of mine, who is difficult and has a troubled past.
6.) This all means that I have been spending more time at home in Atlanta rather than with KW in Athens.
7.) I have also been away from a good computer connection...hence my absence from the blog.
8.) I have been trying to find a new doctor in Athens, and it has been difficult. One practice that I like can't see me till July 20 and the one I am not thrilled about can see me tomorrow...blerghs. What would you do?
9.) My brother left his Tivo in Athens with me...and I will never go without another one again!!!!

There is a ton more to say...I will try and parse some of it this next week. So, how are you?


Anonymous said...

Hello!! And welcome back :)

Sorry you haven't been spending as much time with KW as would have been nice after so much time apart. Will be praying for your mom and cousin, and your whole family. Let me know what you decided to do re: MD, are you waiting until July 20th, or did you go today?
We're sad we couldn't make it last Saturday, but we were at the Vacca Shark's until way late.
Love, Cita

P.S. Go read McMommy's latest - 10 things you need to know before you have your first kid.
P.P.S. I think of you every time I put the stick on my sliding glass door, even after locking it.

Erin said...

Glad you're back. I hope you decided to go to the doc today, just to get things checked out. You don't have to go back again if you really dislike them. Let me know how it went.

I have missed ya!

amanda said...

glad to hear your alive...

hoping everything turns out ok with mom :)

the Preppy Princess said...

It's good to know you are there safely, but we're sorry to see some of the things you are coping with. Hang in there, we'll say a prayer for your Mom.

Hugs Miss TRS,

The Mrs. said...

oooh your back! i was going thru withdrawal.

Glad you made it to GA safe and sound. Enjoy your tivo. My parents have one and I'm in love.