Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pre-Post to the Post Where I Apologize for My Posts

You know how every other one of my posts is apologizing for not posting lately. Well, look at me pre-planning...

I am hoping that I will be able to post with regularity the next week, but it may not happen.

We are leaving Athens tomorrow (with my baby bro, Bo) to head to Atlanta to help mom with John (my other brother)'s wedding reception party. (you may remember that he got married earlier in the summer.) Now my mom has a chance to throw a fun party for him and Libby.

After this weekend, K-dubs and I will head to downtown Atlanta to prepare and take (well he will take) the Bar exam.

He is so close to being done.

And I am scared shitless by it. It has been almost 4 years (3 years of school and a year of LSAT prep and Bar prep) of our life revolving around law school and law. K-dubs is a work-aholic, and I know this will continue with work but our nights and weekends will have some sort of freedom to it! What is that like!?!?! No studying or worrying about studying or guilt of not studying...

I don't really remember what that was like from D.C. except that it involved being dragged to crazy events and spectacles. And now I can't complain because at least it won't be STUDYING!


Bella said...

I will send up a little prayer of "please let him pass"! Hugs!

Cita Online said...

Will be praying for him. Enjoy the freedom of life post-law school!! I'm getting a little taste this summer with JCPF (only) working during the day, and it's awesome. Love, Cita