Sunday, October 29, 2006


Even though I enjoy a good campout every now and then, and loved camping out on the floor with my brothers growing up, I do not love waking up stiff and sore. When I was little and sleeping on the floor, my mom would make what she calls a pallette for us to sleep on. Pallettes consist of lots of blankets and pillows that will swallow a person on a cold morning. Some how Ken and I have transformed that word into tuffet (Ken really loves to take our Embryisms and morph them into something else)...we have started making a tuffet infront of the fireplace (yeah, thats right we have a gas fire place, baby!) instead of sleeping in our bed.

....I'm not really sure where I was going with this. I started this post ages ago, and I'm not really sure what the point was. Since I have been so super busy lately and (as you have noticed) not been able to post anything really interesting. Oh well, I hope this makes some sense

What I am into this month!

I was blog walking around my great friend, granola girl, and found Adventures in Babywearing

And she asked:
What Are You Into This Month?

The Book I Am Really Into (or one you want to get into!): I have been into Jane Austen alot recently, especially Pride and Prejudice...but right now I am reading Sense and Sensibility. I am loving it. I just feel so DignifAHD and REEfAHnd (use your best Ernest P. Worrell voice here)

Magazine I Really Liked: I don't subscribe to any magazine in particular, but I love celebrity gossip magazine (I know, stupid!) but I also love Southern Living, Real Simple, and Martha. I love to dream about a great house and all the organizing I could do.

TV Show Worth Watching: I love Heroes right now, and I am really sad if Studio 60 on the sunset strip gets canceled. But if you know know my favorite all time show is Gilmore Girls.
Movie I’ve Seen (In or Out of a theater): We just rented The Weatherman from the Library. It was good but a bit weird

The CD I Can’t Stop Listening To: I don't have alot of CDs but I am loving my new iPod

The Candle I'm Loving: my mom always uses Yankee Candle's Clean Cotton candles and air freshners

Blog I Am Always Visiting: the Butcher and Huckaby Fam, Pink is the New Blog, Popsugar, and The Cools Kitchen

What I'm Most Looking Forward To Next Month: Seeing my family at Thanksgiving

I'd love to hear what you are into this month- especially my real life friends P, Kel, Dave, Lisa, etc.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Story of our Past: The Rings

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't had much inspiration to blog. Someone said to me, "use the blog as a place to record your memories." So if you have heard this before, I'm sorry. If not then you will find out something new about us.

We picked our rings from the same guy that KW got my engagement ring. The funny part of our story comes from our engravers. The woman helping us get our engravings asked KW, "what do you want to put in her ring?" He said "By Your Side 01-10-04." She asked what that meant, and he said it was the title to our first dance (Sade's By Your Side). That definately illicated an "ohhh." He went into a long explanation and spelling each word properly.

She then turned to me and said, "what about his ring?' And I said quickly, "Mine." She blinked and said, "Excuse me?" and I said again, "Mine, M-I-N-E" she laughed and said, "can I ask, "why?""

The story behind Mine is two-fold:
1.) one of our readings for our wedding mass said, "I am my beloved and he is MINE."

2.) since we started to dating, I would always hug him and say "Not yours, MINE!" It seems very possesive but when you find out that I started saying this because my dog, Jake, would come up and hump Ken's leg. So I would push him away and say, "No Jake, not yours, Mine."

We laugh about it now, and MINE has become our catch phrase.
Yeah, we're dorks.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


So, I have been in Ann Arbor for a couple of months, and I have joined a couple of different groups and met a bunch of people. Because I have missed my friends in DC, I am really happy to report that I have made some new friends here!

They mainly fall into 2 of 3 categories:

1.) Ave Maria

2.) Married Women (or just about)

3.) women with Children

One of my favorite combos is Mrs. L, who just had a bunch of gals (whose husbands were feverishly working on their mid-term memos) to watch Pride & Prejudice (one of my favorite books). I also babysit for her beautifully wonderful boy, Rey-Rey every Thursday afternoon. She is wonderful enough to let me get "my baby on" for an hour a week.

Another gal is Mrs. Cools thats right she is cool. Her husband is in KW's section of law school, and she is one of the few that I know, that lives in my complex, and does not have children. We have recently taken to exchanging recipes and walking around the neighborhood gushing about our husbands, and sharing our frustrations of not seeing them all the time. She has her own blog about recipes, which I love:

And the one I see the most (and therefore, has to deal with my craziness teh most) is Jessica, who i would with at Alzheimers, is engaged and getting ready to buy her first house with her fiance. SO EXCITING! She is a hoot and is showing me the ropes of the organization.

I am excited about all of these new people in my life and to have a great time with some fun girls!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Who's Leslie?

KW and I were taking our nightly trip to the grocery store (we usually go once a day to the store to pick out dinner and lunch for the next day--I am not a great planner of weekly meals), and the song Groovin' by the Young Rascals came on to the loud speaker. Half way down the baking aisle, KW stops and says, "who is Leslie?" I tried to figure out what the heck he was refering to ...and he says you know, "Life could be ecstasy, you and me AND LESLIE." I almost died with laughter near the powder sugar.

Just in case you don't know the lyrics are:
We'll keep on spending sunny days this way
We're gonna talk and laugh our time away
I feel it coming closer day by day
Life would be ecstasy, you and me endlessly [YOU COULD SEE HOW THIS COULD BE LESLIE]

Groovin' on a Sunday afternoon
Really couldn't get away to soon
No, No, No, No

oh he makes me laugh

Working 9 to 5

I have to say this is spooky. I blog about all of my internships and not having a full time job and then came the phone call:

Last Thursday, the president of the Alzheimer's Association, where I have been interning, called to ask me to take a full time position. I was very unsure about this because KW will most likely need to move to another city for his summer internship. I was not looking foward to having a great job for my career and a 3 months without my husband. I most likely would have picked not having a job over not seeing KW for the summer because its "the big girl thing to do," as my dad says. He was really pushing me to be responsible and accept the fact that adults need to make tough decisions. I was FREAKING out about making this decision. So I went to talk to my president on Friday, and she offered me the job with the ability to take the summers off. OH YEAH, you heard me. I will be paid to work until the Summer, and then she will get a temp for the summer until I came back in late August. Is that not amazing?!?! God is totally providing for me and Ken and our marriage. It makes me want to cry with happiness that God is taking care of us. Not that it was a doubt. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes for me finding a job, yall. I really appreciate it.

Where I will be working starting NOVEMBER 1:

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So busy

So, remember that time that I was bored to tears and was always able to blog....yeah...that was great (for my blog). Now I have 4-plus jobs to contend with bloggin'. "4 jobs!?!" you say? I know it sounds like a lot, but it is a lot of half jobs and internships. Let me break it down for you:

Job #1: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning--Alzheimers Assoc.
Job #2: Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, and Thursday afternoon--Ave Maria Law School
Job #3: Thursday evening: Nannying for the Landrinaus
Job #4: Database entry in the evenings when Ken is studying
Job #5: Taking care of Ken and the apartment

The good thing with all of these jobs is that I have plenty free time to work around Ken's schedule.
So I am going to try to keep up with my blogging.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

My thoughts

So my parents are coming into town Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday...and I'm a bit nervous. I want to make sure that my apartment looks okay and that we don't look like we don't have our stuff together. I also am not really sure what to do with them. My parents are very easy going about doing stuff, but they don't know or care about what we do and that can be almost worse than people who are very particular. Hopefully, they will have a good time and be happy with how we are doing things around here. So keep positive thoughts for this week.