Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall Television

Because my popular culture doppelganger, Laugh Everyday, went to the comments for my feelings on the fall tv lineup and I'm up with a kicking belly at 1AM...I thought I'd fill you in on my thoughts on the fall lineup.

My favorite entertainment website, BuzzSugar, is my daily place for what to watch. She even puts up "What to Tivo" each is perfect! She has a fall TV schedule here. And breaks down the new fall dramas and comedies and what to do when the decision becomes too tough!

Okay, so to hear my thoughts on the fall rundown...I will organize by category as well:

Dramas-don't watch them until the first full season is out on DVD and can get officially hooked. This is what has happened with me and Bones, and I am SO excited about the return of my favorite crime fighting duo on this Thursday!!!! I unfortunately (I don't mean this, baby) have birth class at that time so it will have to be Tivo-d and waiting at home. I also like Fringe, even though it spooks me out, but I can only watch it with all the episodes together at one time.

I did catch the first episode of the CW's the Vampire Diaries online. It was not bad, but it was a bit too angsty and I think I am over the whole Twilight/True Blood thing. blaspheme, I know!

Reality shows-I am already loving this season of Project Runway, even with all the changes. They have had some really great challenges. Did anyone else see the maternity challenge? LOVE IT! I also am hooked on Top Chef: Las Vegas. I got my dad on it too. We are routing for Kevin from Atlanta. His restaurant, the Woodfire Grille, is amazing! Plus, I love that he says that he is a southern fatboy and that is what drives his cooking. I also watch America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC to those in the know). This show makes me want to shake the big butt that I got, but that is not so easy 8 months in. I really hated Vogue Evolution and will go on a limb and say that the tranny danced like a big mess. That is right...there was a tranny that was on the show (even though there are a few girls on the all girls team that look like trannys) and the only reason her/him...herm? team stayed on as long as it did was because shim was representing herm people!

Comedies- AH my love. Nothing better than a good comedy but nothing is worse than a bad one. I am already in love with Glee, and if you haven't started watching...shame on you! It is great drama, tons of laughs, and amazing singing that stays with you throughout the week. My favorite line from tonight's episode: "They say it takes more certainty than talent to be a star. Just look at John Stamos."

Returning comedies that I will always watch: HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, and the Office...and Greek (which is more of a Drama sometimes!)

The new ones I'm going to check out: Accidentally on Purpose (I love Jenna Elfman from Dharma & Greg), the Community (great time slot and I love Joel McHale), Cougar Town (but I'm not too hopeful about this one), I just don't know if I can get on board with Hank (even though I love Kelsey Grammer) or Modern Family.

I'm excited to watch as much TV as I can before leaving the states...I'm conferring with a friend who is an ex-pat in Portugal on how to get my American TV fix.

What are you excited to see coming up this fall?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Computer sharing is no fun

Kdubs went off to Germany and Austria with my laptop!!!
I know, how rude (ala Stephanie Tanner).

Living at my parents' house with one family computer, no wireless, and no laptop of my own is not very conducive to blogging or being really productive.

The update on Austria:
Kdubs had a hard time with jet lag but after getting to Austria really was happy with what he saw. The apartment that we might be leasing was beautiful, and he really liked the neighborhood. He thought it was a great place to raise a child.

There are some problems with the space and the price quoted, so we are in the middle of more negotiations. FUN! I will def. be posting pictures as we go along. Along with being a really large apartment, it is also not furnished (as most apartments for lease are) we may be living very minimally.

70 days to go till due date!!! Here is a new bump picture:
More traditional picture
More TRS style!

I'm definitely getting large and in charge!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Break it down

So this job...probably should expound on what it is and what we are doing, huh?

Well without going into the name and crazy details of the job (cause we have all learned from Dooce about that!), here is what I can tell you about this job:

It is a brand new position created by this non-profit organization to build a European presence.

Translation: KW is the only person in the company for thousands of miles. Most work will be supervised by email, and he will be going at it blind for the most part. This also means that we have no support system in filing visa work, understanding the health insurance system, and oh, I don't to translating things from GERMAN!

The job will entail a good bit of travel

Translation: When the bosses want to meet with someone in Europe or go to a conference but don't want to go themselves...they send KW. And me. and our baby. I am actually going over there as unofficial help. I will help with travel arrangements, phone calls, and minor research. Mainly whatever needs to be done that can be done around a baby. This travel will mean a lot of trial and error in the "Traveling with baby" category. Expect a lot of funny, awful, and crazy stories.

There are a lot of good and bad aspects of this job:

Bad-Kdubs will have to go over to Europe without me (while I am hugely pregnant).

Good-Kdubs will have the opportunity to hopefully get the apartment and office details squared away before we get there.

Bad-He may have to go over without us after the baby is born if the baby's visa takes a long time to get squared away

Good-He may have to stay with us longer if HIS visa process takes longer than expected

Bad-I have no idea how to take care of baby much less in a foreign country

Good-There seems to be a cool network of women called the Vienna Babies Club and a possibility of a few expat women living in the an apartment compound that has been offered to us.

Bad-Cannot take things from showers or big baby accessories with us to Europe (too expensive to ship)

Good-We will finally have an excuse to pair down our crap!

Bad-KW leaving today for a week to go to Germany and Austria

Good-we get to spend 24 hours together for 2 years once we are over there.

Armed with a Rosetta Stone in Deutsch (I think I spelled that right), the trusty internet, and a great family support system...I am going to figure out how to do this.

So in the future you will probably read about my adventures in bureaucracy, more fears about raising a baby, tantrums about leaving Penny, wails about Kdubs leaving me...and probably more nonsense about Jim Halpert (CAN YOU BELIEVE HE IS ENGAGED!!! I mean I like Emily Blunt and all, but he is off the market!!?!!?!? oh, am I....)