Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday: Repeat edition

So we have been asked to link back to a previous works-for-me-wednesday so here is my old link:
Check it out here.

I will probably do another post soon, because I know that this doesn't really count.

Treasure Tuesday

My treause this tuesday is a bank that was passed on by my grandfather. My grandfather died of lung cancer when I was young, but every time we went to see him...he would give me a handful of coins and his Uncle Sam bank to play with. I know it doesn't seem like it would be an afternoon of fun but somehow my imagination would take over...the evil scarey lord would terrorize the peasants of the carpet for their hard earned money slamming the goods in his magical and inpenatrable carpet bag until the peasants would ban together while the lord would sleep and find the secret latch to unlock the money pit...Okay I know looking back on it, my loving conservative parents probably thought they were raising a facist revoluntionary toddler...but it was cute. Anyways, the bank now sits on my bookshelves at home next to all of the gifts my grandfather gave me from the Gone with the Wind Catalog (he thought I really liked it, even though I had no idea who Scarlett O'Hara was until I asked my mom why the woman on my teapot was surrounded by lots of different men (and she looked like she liked it! yuck!). I love looking at it and remembering my papa and how much he loved to see my imagination at work.

For more people and their treasures head over to Faith's.

Update: I meant a revolutionary of a facist regime when I said facist revolutionary

Monday, September 25, 2006

Oh oh ooh oh...for the longest time

I know I know I haven't updated the old blog in a long time! Between the two internships, taking care of Ken, blogger issues, and the lack of things on my mind...I haven't been up to my usual bloggity goodness. As I sit now in front of Ken's favorite machine (although our new Bowflex is giving it a run for the money), I realize how glorious it feels when one reaches the right amount of FULLY CAFFINATED diet coke, chocalate chip chewy bars, the whitty banter of the Gilmore Girls, and the sound of clicking keys. It's something about the sticky honey on my fingers clashing perfectly with the stunty white keys of the Mac. To update you on my life for the past week and a half, I have been trying to stike the right cord of timing between my two jobs and not break the bank with gas! I also have started a new women's bible study group that is full of married women from KW's law school. It's nice to be around women who are going through the same "supporting-your-husband" thang that I am going through.

On a side note: I know that I am supposed to want to get a full time job that pays and all (which would be nice), but I have really enjoyed spending time with KW and taking care of him. It's really nice to support him and laugh with him at all of the silly things in our lives.

Back to the bible study...I am a little intimidated by the women in the group. They are all very Catholic, and I am used to being the most Catholic in the room. They are also very spiritually aware, all have kids, and all are very in touch with the goings on at the law school. Needless to say that I am feeling a bit in awe. Lots of other things to report, but I will let that come in future blogs. Here is a question for you: What should I make for dinner?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Dixie Haiku

The Devil in my state
Makes me Feel like I am HOME
Boy Lemme Tell you What

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

When it Rains, it Pours

Most of you know that I have been looking for a job for awhile now, to have something to do with my time I have started volunteering for the Alzheimer's Association. NOW i've been asked to volunteer for KW's law school's development office. The great part is both heads of the departments glowed about my resume and how accomplished I am, which is a nice change of pace from being told its horrible (which the people of UofM have said). Both of these will hopefully lead to jobs either there or somewhere affiliated. So I will hopefully be volunteering mornings with AAssoc. and afternoons with Ave Maria. Now I only need is someone to offer me a job then I will be in a glorious pickle. My blogging will proabably suffer or be contained till the evening. Hope all is well out in the blogosphere.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Embry!

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. I wanted to do a long post in tribute to him, but I ran out of time. Because my dad is turning 49, I am going to give 49 reasons why my dad is so great.
1.) No one calls my dad by his first name. They (even my mom and baby cousins) call him by his last name, Embry.
2.) My dad can talk to anyone about anything
3.) Growing up, my dad came home every day by 5pm and played with me and my brothers.
4.) We were the envy of all of the neighborhood kids cause our dad would pitch our pick up baseball games. He also could throw the ball so high into the air that it seemed to disappear.
5.) He always organized family game nights (Sorry was a family favorite).
6.) Between 1st and 4th grade, I would fall down the stairs all the time. Whether I knocked myself out or just my breath, dad would come over pick me up, put me on the couch, and make sure I was okay.
7.) When I had my First Communion rehearsal, dad took me to get my first "big girl" bike and to see the movie "American Tale" with Fivel.
8.) Ever since I was little, my dad would grab my hand when we were walking in a parking lot, down the street, or on the beach and skip with me.
9.) He has 100 nicknames for everything and everyone.
10.) Is a great example of what a Christian man, husband, and dad should be to my brothers and me.
11.) He takes amazing care of everyone he knows and meets.
12.) I think he believes the best in everyone.
13.) He's really smart
14.) He and my mom have fun together. They are very silly
15.) When I was little, he never went away on work trips. I never realized how great it is to never wonder where your dad is.
16.) My mom once told me she thought my dad's best quality is to forgive and forget...like Jesus. I think so too.
17.) Some people might have thought that my dad was overprotective, but I'm glad he was protective.
18.) A few years ago my dad started a new business that has a Christ based mission. Here is the website
19.) He provides a local pastor to his employees throughout the south. Not only is this good for the employees, but also good for the business.
20.) He's been asked to speak about this program by several different groups. The most impressive to me is Yale Divinity. This is an article about my dad's talk
21.) Dad is loyal to a fault
22.) Dad's best friend (besides my mom) has been his friend since he was a kid. They still act like they are 12.
23.) My dad was a perfect example of what a father-son relationship should be when his dad was sick with cancer.
24.) He gushed over how beautiful my mom was at my wedding.
25.) When I was about ready to go to my first homecoming dance, my dad said I couldn't go because I looked too pretty.
26.) He would make our breakfasts before school every other day...his breakfasts were always the best because they were the least nutritional.
27.) When he would make Eggos, he would say, "You want strips or pieces?" and he would cut the Eggos as we specified. He still remembers how we like them.
28.) Our pediatritian, a small Peruvian woman named Dr. Steves, was my dad's pediatrition. She loves him. If he was sick with us, she would take a look at him as well.
29.) When he is sick, he says his "nose air is hot."
30.) The adult onesie
31.) When we got sick, we would sometimes get to go to Steves with dad and then go to his office which was next door.
32.) He would always call home when we were sick and ask what drink we wanted him to bring us from the store.
33.) When we went on vacation, dad always forgot to bring sunglasses (he doesn't really wear them much) and would get a pair of ugly, plastic sunglasses from a gas station.
34.) He is the grill master, but also a closet gourmet cook. We always liked watching the TV show, "Great Chefs" before Food network
35.) The one solid rule growing up was "Do not drink the last Coke, that's Dad's."
36.) My brothers both think he is the greatest and always have.
37.) I have made a red velvet cake for my dad's birthday twice, both times they were leaning and crazy looking.
38.) My dad gave me his pretty eyelashes
39.) and straight hair!
40.) Dad had a crazy, Animal house type college experience.
41.) When I was born, he stopped drinking. He said he never liked it. But it made such an impact on me, because it showed me that having fun doesn't have to be connected to drinking.
42.) When the power went out one Saturday when we were younger, dad fashioned his own board game with a posterboard, magic marker, and crazy stunts. I specifically remember watching him do somersaults to get past a challenge.
43.) When mom would go out of town, dad would come home with a pack of Cokes and a package of Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls.
44.) For his 40th birthday, my mom had a party at a fancy restaurant with a Swiss Cake Roll stack for a birthday cake.
45.) When dad and I went to DC before the wedding to look for apartments for me and KW, I got sick at breakfast and dad took me back upstairs to lie down, got me a diet coke, and watched Harry Potter with me on HBO till I fell asleep. He even asked me to explain the movie to him so I could focus on something nice.
46.) My dad treats KW wonderfully. He makes fun of him like one of the kids, worries about what's going on with him, and talks to him about religion and politics (because KW can't talk Georgia football like my brothers).
47.) KW likes my dad, respects his opinions, and wants to be like him.
48.) Dad always knew how to comfort me: To make me laugh until I stopped crying for sadness and started crying from his silliness.
49.) My dad is not like anyone else, Thank GOD!

Happy Birthday Doggy Daddy.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tour of My Home

So here, as promised, are TONS of pictures of our apartment. It is for the most part pretty clean and organized. Some places I couldn't take great pictures because of KW's papers and such being around. So lets start the tour:

This is the view of the kitchen from the door. Its alot smaller than my old one, so my appliances are everywhere!
This is full on view of the kitchen...its definately a one person kitchen. KW likes to help, but I shove him out so I don't spill "hot" all over him.
The dining room is right next to the kitchen...we mainly use it to hold stuff like ironing, dry cleaning, bills, etc.
Another view of the dining room.
Here is the den with my big red hand me down couch. Yes, that is the Mac that Ken gave me to use for blogging, and I have established the couch as my official blogging spot.
This is the other side of the den, aka. what I am looking at now! But you know that the TV cabinet is open and on now.

Here is KW's bathroom. He uses it most of the time, but he also picked out shower curtain, towel colors, and picture. I think he did a great job!
This is the guest bedroom of our catchall room. These have all of the pillows and pictures I have been working on this past week.
And this is Ken's office space. Subtle tribute to his home state!

This is the bedroom...can't show you too much more because thats where KW's school stuff and some laundry is hiding!
This is my dresser where I use the tree to hang my Target jewelry so I can see it!
This is just a picture of the bookshelf we made from a CD rack
This is the only picture I could get of our bathroom...you can't see all of the cute accessories.

Nevermind! I got this one, you can kind of see more of it from this angle.

Whew! I did it. I got the apartment mostly ready now! YEAH! Well, let me know what you think!

Holy ____

You will never believe what my friend has at her site. She has a link to a commerical for the New Barbie. Halfway through the commercial you can't tell if the background singers are saying B-A-R-B-I-E or C-R-A-P-P-I-N-G.

Thursday Thirteen

So the Thurdsay Thirteen can be thirteen things about ANYTHING, but the creator of TT challenges the participants to say 13 positive things about ourselves! ME?!?! I have to say 13 good things about myself? Can't I just criticize myself? Its alot easier! I think that most women and definately southern women have a hard time complimenting themselves...because it makes us look self-centered and haughty. So I say these things that I think that are good about myself, trying not to sound that way.

Okay here we go:
1.) I like to take care of people and make them happy
2.) I think I am a good friend (kinda ties into #1)
3.) Like most things, my eyes and butt are good in the right proportions (ie. not overemphasized).
4.) I can cook pretty well...but I really like to bake.
5.) I am pretty tall...which is handy when things are up high or to intimidate mean people.
6.) I am kinda funny every once in awhile...well I make myself laugh (and sometimes Ken).
7.) I can arts and crafts beyond a fifth grade level!
8.) I can read fast and thoroughly--and I love it!
9.) I enjoy being silly and the silliest things in life.
10.) I am loyal to a fault.
11.) I learn from my mistakes
12.) I am perceptive of others and their needs (again ties into #1).
13.) I'd much rather focus on others than myself which is why I am glad that this is over!

Let me know what you think?
-1.) I like the approval of others--could you tell I didn't think so.

Head over to Faith's blog.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

treasure tuesday

Another Treasure Tuesday at Faith's Treasure Tuesday
My treasure this week is my cast iron skillets (new and old):

The tiny cast iron skillet was my great grandmother's "egg" skillet. Trust me it makes amazing eggs and single-KW-size-serving cornbread.
The large cast iron skillet is a recent acquisition, and I am loving it! I have made cornbread, chili, soup, pasta sauce...and an iron skillet is really superior to my other pans. I hope that these skillets will last to pass on to my great grandchildren. If you have any skillet recipes, please share!

A Promise

In order to MAKE myself get my apartment in final order, I am promising to show pictures of the apartment by Friday noon. So keep my honest and if you do not see pictures on Friday, but the junk out of me!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Feeling the Need

Lately, I have had been having these weird feelings through out the day. I've been in the middle of the grocery store, taking out the trash (okay, that's KW's job but you know what I mean), and talking on the phone. What is this feeling? Its missing my friends and having a sudden and irrational urge to see them. Whether it is to drive down and see Pearce, JB and Hammy, meeting a friend in Lexington, KY (halfway between here and Clemson, SC), or flying to DC for a weekend, I have a strange and urgent desire to spend time with my friends. Since my car is rolling on its 100,000 mile and our money is going to law school, I just have to send them some blogging love.