Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Things First

So let's get this out of the way: I do have Shingles.

And my first doctor didn't diagnose it for some reason! My real doctor (the one who was out last week when I first went in) actually said, "how could he think this was folliculitis?" Not something you like to hear.

I did ask how communicable this thing was for a Once-and-for-all answer. She said: "If someone had not had chicken pox and handled your pox, then they might have a small chance of getting it." To which, I added, "So if they lick my neck...probably not good?" She didn't even laugh.

My doctor is not a comedienne...but she at least got the diagnosis right.

The only thing now is: my doctor is concerned cause she doesn't know WHY I got shingles!

People get shingles because they are stressed or old or immuno-suppressed.

I haven't been especially stressed...I'm not old in Shingles they are worried I have some immune system issues.

I think my body just wants to be just like McMommy. I hope my thyroid is okay.

So I had a lot of tests done today. The good thing: I feel okay minus the pain pox.


amanda said...

note to licking allowed :)

Dana said...

wow, makes you wonder about some dr's, huh?

Erin said...

You poor babe. I am praying then go away. As for licking your neck...I am sure your hubby will be okay! At least I assume it was your hubby! :)

tickledpink said...

I am so sorry you have the shingles. I know this is going to sound weird, but sprinkle uncooked oatmeal in your bath and it will minimize the pain. My mother's doctor prescribed Famvir, and it really helped. Also, apply cool compresses to your blotches with a cool washcloth. They say you can put calamine lotion on them or vitamin E cream to help the itch/pain. Hope you feel better!

trying said...

well now you should warn strangers not to lick your pox. how funny would that be if your standing in line at the grocery store and you just look at some random stranger and say "please dont lick my pox, I'd hate for you to catch this". allright I amuse myself cause Im really laughing over here. Not at you, with you. oh i should stop now.

I really hope you feel better, this kinda stuff is miserable (I had hand foot and mouth for two weeks, painful and blister covered).

Curtis said...

Alex, what did I tell you about the Baggett lake house? It is dangerous! I would like to feel sorry for you but you were warned. Sure, you may have had shingles before your trip but I promise you that the Baggett lake house made it worse. So if you had 3 tab shingles before your trip, you definitely have architectural shingles now.

Buffalo Betty said...

I really, really hope you don't have any immune system issues. Lets assume it's stress and demand KW take you across the border for some Chick Fil-A!

Liz said...

The dr didnt laugh at that? Humpfh, I dont like her. I hope you feel better soon.

McMommy said...

Alex!!! WE ARE SOULMATES!!!!! Did the doc check your neck? Do ya have a goiter? Please,please,please have a goiter too!

It's alot of fun, I promise.

Also, do you think our Immune Systems are in a gang? They seem kind of...mean.

K Rée said...

I'm going to play dr. diagnosis and say that if there's an immune system issue, it's nothing more than a glitch. I'm also going to be concerned friend and say I think you're far too kickass to have immunity issues, yet my prayers and love are with you.

Rachael said...

You poor thing - both my mom and my grandmother have had shingles, and I know firsthand from their excruciating pain. I had to laugh when my grandma was taking Valtrex (the herpes medication) because apparently shingles is in the same family as herpes or something like that.

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm so glad I found yours! I will be back, and hope you will visit me again too!

Feel better!

Leigh said...

Girrrlllll! For the love, get well! We cannot have this!