Friday, June 27, 2008

Post Draft Wrap Up

Shameful from all the yummy Draft drinks.
Note to Self: Self, you know better than to mix your liquors.
Note to Sober Self: Yeah, but they are so tasty!?! Stop being such a Know-it-all

This Picture is Captioned: Bee-ing Hungover Sucks.

KW had a great time though.


amanda said...

omg sooo funny!!

the picture.

not the hungover version of you.

glad a great time was had by all!!

ps - still waiting for my leftovers?

Erin said...

I am so glad y'all had fun and yes hangovers SUCK! My self has yet to learn that too!

Anonymous said...


That picture is SO cute though!

Buffalo Betty said...

Ha! That's the "I ate too many Star Crunches" baby or perhaps the "I drank too much sex in a glass" baby. On second thought, scratch the latter- that's impossible!

Cut yourself some slack, ADubs, you're a fantastic wife, sister, friend, and blogger!!

McMommy said...

Ha ha ha!! How in the world do you find such awesome pics??!?!

Greasy cheeseburgers, fries and coke always do my hangovers right!

Kristen said...

That is such a cute picture, but in such a sad way.

Yes, hangovers are the worst. This girl has learned 2 martini's max!

And a night of wine, means advil and water before bed. :)

Hope you all had a great time partying while it lasted!