Monday, June 02, 2008

He Got What He Asked For: I'm a Brat

Less like this...

Oh I hate those dolls, don't even get me started

More like this...

There are times when I like to be contrary and a pain and fight and whine. And those times mostly involve my husband. He puts up with a LOT of crap from me, but that is what he asked for...(when we were dating we used to say to each other, "Am I frustrating you?!?!" and the other would respond "Yes, but I love when you frustrate me.")

Lately, we have been fighting about a lot of stupid stuff and some not as stupid. He's been picking fights (leading to me ask "When are you starting his period, Nancy?"--okay I didn't say that but I wanted to: see, I'm a BRAT!), I have been picking fights. But rest assured that these have been smaller tifts that we end up trying to make the other laugh out of. That has been the key: make the other one laugh out of the argument esp. when it is stupid. But through the whole thing, I kept thinking what causes us to pick the fights in the first place, and I came up with some theories:
Why K-dubs Picks Fights: 1.) Because he feels that I am not respecting what he wants or his decisions (ie. to be anti-social). 2.) Because he feels misunderstood
Why I Pick Fights: 1.) Because I can't get my point across to a distracted husband. 2.) Because I want a reaction from him.

Both reasonings are stupid, but it is our way to get each others attention when we feel we are being ignored for work, friends, or Top Chef. I just try to get him out of his work-aholic (in the best way, of course), introvert shell and he just tries to get me to focus on him (when he gets the time to).

After realizing this, I don't feel so bad about our fights. Our fights aren't awful name calling stuff (well, I do drop an F-bomb or two or ten which drives him crazy), and we end up fighting while holding hands or me sitting on him (I like to get in his face (in a nice way) to get his attention). I don't love fighting with him, but to paraphrase from Dermot Mulroney in the Wedding Date:
I'd rather fight with him than make nice with anyone else.

or what I say to him all the time:
You drive me crazy, but I enjoy the ride

But this is what the man gets when he proposed with: Will you frustrate me for the rest of my life? Yes....yes, I will. Yes, I do, and no I will not stop.


Cita Online said...

Amazing. In so many ways, exactly the same with me and the JCPF. The similarities never cease!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow for our run!

(Have I mentioned, by the way, how much I love the fact that I'm one of the very few who comment who actually know you, in person? Love it!)

Anonymous said...

Did he really propose that way? How sweet! :)

amanda said...

oh we are silly girls indeed aren't we?? we know even when we are picking the fight that it's stupid. doesn't stop us does it?

luckily we married guys that still love us, even when we are being silly.

Erin said...

Very fun! :) We argue about silly stuff, too!

trying said...

ooh i will admit to fighting to try to get a reaction from him. He's so stoic that I feel like i need to push and push and push and then boom it blows up in my face. I should figure out a new plan I think!

The Ben Show said...

Hilarious. Also - HATE Bratz, LOVE Top Chef. Seriously, that show makes me wish I could cook things besides pop tarts (which I actually don't cook that well...)

Buffalo Betty said...

How did you find that picture of me?! I loathed that Little Home on the Prairie dress... Sadly, I wear that face alot now, too. Thank goodness we're both just too awesome to not put up with! :)