Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Pressure

Okay, so I am guest blogging at McMommy's tomorrow, while she channels Donna Reed to host her in laws (at her house for a 5 days...she is brave...maybe not military-in-Afghanistan-brave but definitely around the stick-your-hand-in-the-dark-sewer-hole kind of brave...you know, like when your dad would go and fetch the 18 balls that would roll down the street drain-so brave).

I am nervous about this blogging adventure...I'm also flattered and stunned that someone would trust THEIR blog to ME?!?! Wow, I mean I try to be mildly entertaining and funny on my blog for my three loyal lovely readers, but if I screw up here...I know you three aren't going anywhere. I know where you live!!!

No, seriously, my fragile blog-ego is easily crushed if I don't have comments and high tracker ratings. I try to be cool and just say, "oh whatever I don't do this blog for other people!" WHATEVER! I totally do it to connect with other people. If I wanted to do something just for me I would eat a big bowl of warm Rice Krispie treats and read another book...okay, I do that anyways.

So here is the pressure: WHAT IF MY POST ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR MCMOMMY'S HIGH STANDARDS!?!? I don't think I can pad it with silly graphics or pictures of my toes like I would over here....I have to actually write cohesive thoughts otherwise McMommy might disown me. And I don't think I can handle that.


No ::soothing breath:: I'll just have to suck it up and write it...and write it well damnit. Wish me luck.

Checking in 06.02.08
The Good: Didn't eat everything in front of me this weekend and ate a LOT of fruits and veggies. Went to my favorite restaurant up here, Cracker Barrel (the closest thing I can get to southern food), and didn't eat anything. I knew that even the green beans were going to be more points than I could handle and eating one thing would lead to the delicious corn bread and biscuits and that would be the end of me).
The Bad: I dipped into my flex points big time with my booze consumption. Stupid Margaritas! Why are you so delicious?
The Sweaty: I have started walking to home at lunch instead of driving (about a mile and a half each way). Yeah it is sweaty and not fun but that is some base movement throughout the day.


Lauren said...

I am looking forward to reading your post over at McMommy's! I am sure you are going to do a great job.

Enjoy your week!

amanda said...

oh friend you are going to be fab tomorrow!!

in fact beans is crawling to the laptop right now. trying to type and tell you just how wonderful you really will be!!

we can't wait :)

ps -so very proud of your walking!! and darn those margaritas!!

Wendi said...

So you are the "mystery guest"!
Can't wait!
You are funny and witty.
We all know you are amazingly talented.

McMommy's readers are laid back. They write about poop, vomit, and birthing children.
They will enjoy whatever you write!
Trust me!

Anonymous said...

You will be outstanding... you already are!
You are a splendid writer, with a gift for storytelling that is rare. Can't wait to read it tomorrow - we're all sending you good thoughts! Have some fun with it!

McMommy said...

Alex, this post had me laughing so hard...you could use IT for tomorrow's guest post!!!! You may be nervous...I, on the other hand, am so NOT nervous....because you are one of the best bloggers out there! The McFans are going to be screaming "More! More!"

Uh oh....did that increase or lessen the pressure now??

Can't wait for tomorrow!

GranolaGirl said...

just another "you're awesome" comment... really, though-- I love you and I know you're going to do great! You are one of the funniest people I know.

Nice job on the walking.
(I just joined the university gym today and did a BOSU ball class. Kicked my butt and really fun too-- have you ever tried one?)

Becks said...

Oh the pressure! You will be great. I am a newbie to your blog but am enjoying it so much! I feel ya on the whole diet thing. I too am attempting to lose weight..blah! Anyways good luck tomorrow!

Cita Online said...

You're such a good writer, you could write about menstrual cramps, and it would make me want to have them.

Okay. Maybe not menstrual cramps. But I still have a point! Promise to blog again, soon. I have drafts in the pipeline, just can't seem to finish a single thought!

amanda said...

just came back by to wish you luck!!

not that you need it :)

can't wait till tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so looking forward to your post. It's 8 AM and I'm already refreshing McMommy's blog every 5 minutes. Sad? Yes, I know. It only proves that I got nothin' but love for ya though.

P.S. Love, love, love the Shopaholic Series. Read them all in just a few weeks. When you're finished with Sophie, pick up some Marian Keyes. Any one will do. She's an amazing chic lit author.

Heather said...

I am relatively new to your blog and I LOVE it!
I just read your post over at McMommy and you did fabulous!
Just think of everything you will know when you did have babies:)

Great job!

Blessings From Above said...

Just read your post over at Mc Mommy's blog and just had to let you know you did a fabulous job!

Loved your post and I've already added you to my "Favorite's List" of blogs. Now you'll have 4 readers! ;)