Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Story of Penny

Hehloo Internets Peepole,
Thees eez Penny! I half stolin thee compuper frum my mater too tell you-thee peepole who my mater spends all hur tyme wif insted ov me-about me...PENNY!

I am frum Oheeo and my furst name was Karmen. Thee crazy ladee who rescued me called me that--I liche Penny better. My pareents fouhnd me uhn petfinder and drof funf (4 in German) tymes to Oheeo uhnteel they cud geet me! They reeely wahnted mee! I wuz bohrn in a hurrible place cahlled a puppy mill, but my rescuerer got me after I hahd drie (3 in German) batches of leetle ones and a hurt knee. I had lots of friends therer but not alott of luv.

My mater and pater hav made my knees all better and now I kan juhmp verrie hi.

My mater liches to cuddle wif me and giv me baths and rubs to help wif my sensitive skin. She eez thee onlee one who kan fix my knee.

My pater liches to make me cumfy beds and tehll mee to stop begging four hees food. But hee eats lots of pee-nuts and peenuts buhtter. THEY ARR MI FAVOURITE!

I liche to strruht dahwn thee sidewahlk, luk at myzelf een mirrours, acht eenterested een tings then scoff at their reedichulousness. Mi parents tink I am liche a supermodel (you know...that other German model wiv thee show on Bravo!), but I doo not liche cameras...I ahm skarred ov lotz of tings. Mater tinks it eez because I spent mi furst 2 years een a crate and did not see much. But I am geeting braverr. Mi best friend, Koda, helps me.

Thees eez KODA! She eez coming to stay in drie (3 in German) days!
Mater will half a harderr tyme trying to bee wiv you, internets, wiv two of us too play wiv.

Peece out, Internets. Can you pleeze stop taking mi mater away?!? NO, okay...theen I come and eat your peenut butters.

XOXO Penny


Red and White Preppy said...

Thanks for saying hi, Penny! You are too precious, and I know you're excited to meet your new friend :)

Erin said...

This is hilarious! I cannot imagine what Luke would have to say!

Mark Salinas said...

Hello! I like it :)

McMommy said...

Umm...Penny? Can I just say...

OoooO, WahWw, Thayt's KlAsssEE!

ha ha ha!!!

Lily said...

Letz rool the wurld.

amanda said...

oh penny - how funny are you?

Wendi said...

How cute is Penny?

Clever girl you...to have your dog guest post.

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

I am struggling to keep my laughter mute for fear of waking the hubs, who is sleeping next to me. This is hilarious!

Kristen said...

That is too cute!!

Glad you are adding another "fur kid" to the family!

What a cutie pie she is.

Leigh said...

Loovveeee Penny! How precious are you!

Feed this dog some peanut butter!