Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Princess is Back

Okay, so to move that disturbing picture of the man in overalls down and away from common sight. I thought I would share some pictures of my baby:

Penelope Ann

Yeah, she is a little rat like. That is why she is often referred to as the Rat Princess.

This is me trying to get her to look into the camera with pretty ears (she is doing pretty ears in the photoshopped picture below). Penny hates the camera, esp mine because it is loud. However, Buffalo Betty was able to get a few. Thanks, Betty!

Here is Pens with THE Buffalo Betty right before we went off to Maleless.
Two things are extraordinary with this picture (yes, Betty is gorgeous but this is about Penny, okay?):

1.) Penny's scary robot eyes. Even though they are a pretty shade of green. She looks like a robotic rat in this one.

2.) While I was at Maleless, my mother-in-law let Penny stay in the house. See! She is in the house in this picture. My MIL has vowed for no dog to enter her house. KW can't remember if she is allergic or scared or both. However, it was 98 degrees (not the band) in SC that weekend and the garage was too hot for the Princess and she volunteered to let her stay in the house!!!! this was huge. Now, Penny never left her crate while in the house, but she is a dog of leisure and was grateful for the A/C.

One day I hope to get more pictures of the pretty Penny. Until then I will just keep giving her nicknames and being a crazy dog mom. Hopefully a little less crazy than some (I don't dress her up...much--only for humor like the dog Wonder Woman costume for Halloween See! Hilarity!)

However, we do call her ridiculous sorts of nicknames (ala Hank Azaria's dog walking character in Mad About You): Pens, Penicillin, Penalynn Lott (Gilmore Girls reference for you), Penitentiary, Penn & Teller, Pennsylvania...you get the point.

We are ridiculous...oh..OK...Sorry, hon...I, I am ridiculous. KW just follows along.

Okay, I just realized that I don't have post about Penny and her origins...that is forthcoming!


trying said...

If you dont dress pretty penny up as wonder woman I might dress up dash-2 like that. HILARIOUS! Only I know that flyboy wouldnt laugh.

What a cute puppy! almost makes me want one... almost...

McMommy said...

I like Penitentiary the best.

I love nicknames. My mom used to have a dog named Brandy. I'd call her Braniff Airlines. (remember that airline??)

amanda said...

ok wait - so you did dress her up in that costume??

must see pictures if you really did!!

too funny!

Ashley said...

Love the nick-names and she is quite adorable! And I just saw the picture of the previous post and was literally laughing out loud at my desk. Is it sad that I can see my husband wanting me to do something like this for him???