Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Magic of a Hair Cut

I'm back! Not that I left anywhere but a recuperative nap was needed after the exhaustive trek to Mommyville and back. Don't let the primary colors fool you, people, it is no scenic hike.

After returning from the estate of McMommy, your beloved Roaming Southerner noticed she was getting a little scraggly. Okay that was my first time to speak and third person...not sure if I like it. Sure McMommy can do it, she's Mcmommy. The Pioneer Woman often does...but I'm not sure I'm of the talk-in-third-person-caliber yet. I am of the hyphenate-it-while-you-got-it caliber.

But back to the scrags. I'll admit it. I have been letting my hair get to a pitiful state before getting it cut and colored....why? Cause it makes the not cheap cut and color seem more worthwhile, more dramatic and it stretches my hard earned hair budget dollar.

You wanna see a before and after? Do ya? Do ya? (okay I've been talking to my dog, Penny, too much lately...Can you tell? Can ya? Can ya?)... Okay on to Show and Tell.

Me Yesterday @ 4:00. Notice the faded color scrag.

Me This Morning @ 7:55. (Before work, Curtis). A few inches off, darker color, fewer layers. I like it! KW says it looks professional. I told him that no wife wants to be told by her "man" that she looks professional...she wants to be told she looks hot...he asked what if he meant professional-lady-of-the-night. I said, "no good, I don't want to be hooker either...try again next time!"

But I do see what he is a cleaner look, I don't have the curled ends which give me the permanent bed head tousled look because I don't have 2 hours to devote to quality time with my straightener. The scrag I suspect was from my deep desire to have curly hair and my stick straight hair could only give me scrag....sad.

Well, in case you didn't notice the dress I'm wearing...I'll just stand up and let you take a better look at it.

This is my graduation dress. KW picked it out when I was graduating from MPA program. My mom hated it (which made me love it). I thought it was hilarious to be getting my graduate degree while looking like Donna Reed. FYI. I had gotten married 2 days before the start of my program, everyone in my program was single and thought I was crazy to get married so young, and made it very known that they thought I was some sort of conservative freak...this dress said it all to me.

Sorry for the long post about nothing. So what do you think of the hair? Is it time to go blond again? BLOND? Yes, that is right dear readers for many many moons I was a spunky blond: Me, Freshman Year in College.
well for this month anyways, I'm sticking with the brown.

I'm off to a wedding with the in-laws tomorrow (hence the reason for the hair makeover). I'm going to try and post something early early tomorrow and participate in POW, so I don't have to leave you alone for too long, dear blog of mine.

Diet update: Good: on Points, Bad: on Working Out, Sweaty: No working out but Michigan is finally starting to get warm...almost sweat worthy.


trying said...

I thin the dress is adorable and your hair looks great. I would also like to note that after seeing a full pic of you I havent a clue why you are worried about your weight. If i looked like you i'd be standing naked in the produce department. Not sure why produce but it seems like it has the nicest lighting.

enjoy the wedding!

amanda said...

hair looks awesome!! love. love the color!! totally professional lady of the night!! tee hee :)

and i can't stop laughing at trying - naked in the produce department?? sooo funny!! but she's right you know - you really are HAWT!

Heather said...

I am loving the hair and the dress. You look great!

The Roaming Southerner said...

Ladies! You are all are too nice...but let us take notes on the glories of the Donna Reed dress-makes waist look smaller, hides handles, thighs, and the badonkadonk booty!

But thanks for the ego boost and trust don't want to see me in the produce dept. The cantelope and I would have too similar skin tone and texture

trying said...

if it makes you feel any better my ass would be as wide as a watermelon these days! and the boobs... well we wont go there!

I would love some help with a header, something just to liven the joint up a bit. I'll drop you an email at naptime.

Buffalo Betty said...

So jealous, Ms. I-belong-in-a-pantene-commercial gal. The hair is definitely looking fierce but don't be afraid to embrace the blonde if you've got the disposable income to do it! I love that picture of us :) Can't wait for Maleless

Ali said...

ohmigosh! it looks awesome!

GranolaGirl said...

You look Super Chic!

Love the dress.

Keep the brown.

Have fun at the wedding!

Leigh said...

I didnt post, so again I will try....

Girrrrllll! You work it! Brown, blond, Hooker or Donna got that thang, those good genes. Work it sista!

Glad your back, missed ya!

BTW- I LOVE your haircut!

Ashley said...

Love the hair, Love the dress!!!

McMommy said...

I love it ALL!!! See what hanging out at the mom blogs does to you?? June Clever can eat her heart out!

Elizabeth said...

goodness...cute dress & figure, I must say!