Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No real updates***yet, updated

Sorry, I don't have something wonderful to write about right now. I just really don't have the energy to expound all the wonderfulness that is going on in my world right now. Here is some fun in outline form, which will hopefully get me to post about these more fully in the future:
1.) Doctor's appt. tomorrow. I can't wait to get an answer about this thing and hopefully something to bring down some of the fun pain! I act like a Turret's patient. i don't think that my doctor is House though.
2.) Penny has been simply awesome lately. Her aunt gave her the first toy that she truly loves and loves to play with not just horde.
3.) Speaking of dogs...we have a new dog-mom on my bloggy block: Erin has welcomed her new baby, Luke to her brood!!! Congrats, Erin..I'm sorry this is so late.
4.) Maleless: simply awesome. Pictures and stories and more awesomeness to come.
5.) NBA finals. KW can't get enough and I can't get away. This is why my posting can not be more indepth...that and the spazing.
6.) The coolest present ever! from the coolest person ever! A definite post to come soon as soon as I can get a picture to do it justice!

This might be a bit more fun version of Turret's...and maybe a little more reason to not go to work

I puffy heart Amy Poehler in this!

***I read this after posting as I typically do and realized that this could have been sarcastic and funny like my usual self. I was trying to be genuine in my hopefulness...but in case you miss the real me...

Some sarcastic awesomeness in my world:

1.) The way I feel: the nerves on and around my ear like to wig out at random times sending fun shivers down my timbers. I flinch and gasp and look like a bigger spaz than I thought possible. Can I also say that whenever I say what is wrong a person's first reaction is to act like I'm a leper that will infect them with typhoid? So much fun?!?!
2.) I don't love the NBA, husband does...guess why I am staying up late tonight?!?!
3.) I am feeling so beautiful right now: I can't do my hair or makeup properly without hurting myself. I look like a hot mess.

Long awaited update on Weight...06.17.08
The Good: Stayed within my WW points today! And got some new awesomely delicious recipes from WW. More on those coming!!!!
The Bad: Um, can we say Maleless?!?! I drank so much, ate so much, and did nothing aerobic! I loved every second of it. I hope that I won't gain too much when I weigh myself on Friday.
The Sweaty: nothing huge in terms of working out, but I am looking into some kickboxing classes when I get the okay from the doctor.

I have had a few people interested in linking up some weekly weight loss goals and some group moving down the weight scale, if you are interested in joining let me know and I can try and organize something for Fridays.


Red and White Preppy said...

I just wanted to say that I puffy-heart you and your precious posts :)

trying said...

I had a roomate (there were four of us) who had turrets. man oh man you never knew WHAT was coming! I dont know why i didnt think I should tell my parents before they came for a visit.... mwahaaha! honest to God i just never thought about it.

hope you get some clarification from the dr.

and again... THANKS! for the tips.

McMommy said...

Oh Roamy...it sure sounds like shingles!! I am soooo sorry. Dr. McMommy perscribes DRINKING THE PAIN AWAY. :)

I can't wait to hear all bout Maleless and I am so happy to hear you like your gift. Which can now also be called a "Get Well Soon" gift. HA! My presents have multiple functions!!!

amanda said...

love the outline form.

but i am looking forward to the full lecture :)

Erin said...

Finally, I get some credit to being a mom! :)

Lynette said...

Do keep me informed on the group moving down the weight scale. I could use some company in my misery...

Blessings From Above said...

Hang in there. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Can't wait to hear about Maleless. What an awesome idea!!!