Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trivia for Trivia's Sake

Since trivia is meant to be meaningless and well, trivial, I thought I would throw out some fun random questions that come to my head:

1.) Which 80's girl group lead singer had an "affair" with Prince? (3 pts.)
2.) Can you give me the line from the Aeneid when the Trojans receive their fateful horse from the Greeks? (5 pts and because I am an Latin geek 10 pts for the Latin)
3.) What is the significance of wearing "Something Blue" at your wedding? (4 pts.)
4.) Billy Madison was talking about this biological function when he said, "Chlorophyll! It's more like Borophyll." (5 pts.)
5.) This baseball Hall of Famer was at the All Star Game last night and I said, "oh, He is from the Hanukkah Song!?!" (KW said, "and an amazing baseball player!) that baseball player. (5 pts.)

So, do you feel smarter in the dumb arts of trivia? Good!


Trey and Cheri said...

1. Vanity
2. No clue
3. Blue represents purity?
4. No Clue
5. Rod Carew

Wendi said...

1. Vanity. Her name was Apollonia? 2.?
5.Rod Carew

I. am. too. slow.

Wendi said...

3. Purity and fidelity

Oh shoot.
She already said that.
I suck at this more than I thought.

The Roaming Southerner said...

1.) not Vanity. She was one of his "muses," but this person was a lead singer of an already popular 80's band when she had her fling with the Artist. But I will give you each a point for knowing something I didn't!
2.)Come on latin nerds out there!
3.) I had both Purity and fidelity so a point to both wendi and Cheri
4.)Where is Buffalo Betty, she knows this!
5.) IT IS ROD CAREW! 5pts. to Cheri

Erin said...

Is it wrong that I am a trivia dumb@$$?! I have NO CLUE what any of the answers are...

amanda said...

uhm just so you know i am not playing today.


i like being in last place :)

it's where all the cool kids are.

Wendi said...

Shelia E?

Why the heck am I still playing?
I should be hanging out with Amanda.

Wendi said...

What about the Bangles?
Did he have an affair with one of those girls?
They made some music together.
Though I have no idea if it involved "sweet music"!

Wendi said...

#4- peeing?

Trey and Cheri said...

If it is the Bangles, Susanna Hoffs is the lead singer.

Adcock Circus said...

I am not sure he had an affair with Susanna Hoff, but he did write their song Manic Monday under the name of Christopher Tracy.

Adcock Circus said...

2, is it 'Do not trust the horse, I fear the Greeks?" or rather "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts?"

The Roaming Southerner said...

Okay Adcock, you got my Aenied quote partly: I fear the Greeks even bearing gifts. I will still give someone points for the original Latin

I will give Adcock and Wendi shared points: I was going for the Bangle's Susannah Hoff. They did make sweet music together.

And no #4 is not peeing.

McMommy said...


I hate it.

How do you know all this stuff???

I am taking my toys and going home.

Buffalo Betty said...

"No I will not make out with you. Did ya hear that? this girl wants to make out with me in the middle of class. You got Chlorophyll Man up there talking about God knows what and all she can talk about is making out with me. I'm here to learn, everybody, not to make out with you."
Billy Madison on photosynthesis

Adcock Circus said...

Ok, I had to do a little research, in an actual book, go figure... it still could be wrong. But made the most at out story time at the library.

Equo ne credite, Teucri.. Quidquid id est timeo Danaos et dona ferentes.

My latin is lacking.

The Roaming Southerner said...

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes...correct. Way to expand your mind and use story time for yourself, Adcock.

And I knew you'd get it, Betty!

Adcock Circus said...

Thanks for the game, I would love to know how to say it in latin. I asked my greek friend, but they were clueless.

MommyTime said...

These are seriously hard questions. I can answer none of them. I rot at Trivial Pursuit too. But this is a fun game nonetheless. I like reading people's answers. Thanks for jumping in to comment at my place. And also: helllooooo from just down the road from you! I'm only 20 minutes away! Although I see your comments on other blogs, I never knew you were up here in SE Mi. Nice to visit; I'll be back.

Roni said...

Love love love trivia! You should make this a regular weekly feature! lol

Simply Shannon said...

Cool. I love learning new things, even when they don't make an ounce of difference in my life.
Didn't know a single answer...but I didn't really try either, I just read the guesses.

Red and White Preppy said...

Yayyyyyy for Bailey :)