Monday, July 07, 2008

I like to Rock And Roll

Today a miraculous thing happened...for a Monday. McMommy and I have discovered our shared love of Hair Bands.

So to wake your faces, enjoy a little GnR

I was deciding between this and Paradise City. But The Jungle is a little more in your a Monday.

Today's Trivia:
1.) What Teen Movie featured a kick butt rendition of Paradise City? (5 pts)
2.) What movie did the lead actor from Question #1 star as a pot head employee of a record store? (3 pts.)
3.) From that movie, what is the name of the lead actress' real life child? (2 pts.)

Bonus: What twin hair band duo rocked our faces and t-shirts in the 80s? (5pts)

It is like 6th degree's of Kevin Bacon only sillier. I'm trying to do a better job of stumping Adcock but still making my questions clear. If it is not: tell me...I will work on it.

To wind you down: my favorite song of the 5th grade


Mark Salinas said...

Ha! Guns and Roses....what about the earlier band Led Zeppelin? :)

Adcock Circus said...

Ok here is my shot,
Empire Records
Liv Tylers son - was just on cookie magazine - Milo William Landgon

amanda said...

seriously - adcock circus!!! aagghhh i was just getting ready to type and there you pop up!!

anyways - love song #1, it's what they played at every home football game in college. we are the gorillas.

and song #2, seriously might just be the best song ever!!

The Roaming Southerner said...

You got #2 and #3...but not #1 or bonus....amanada, do you want to try for it?

And Led Zepplin that is classic rock...not awesome hair metal?!? Duh!

Curtis said...

I hope your bonus question was a reference to Nelson because only after the rain washes away the tears and the pain, we'll...something. Can't remember. But I do remember wearing a Nelson shirt at a Triple D party with the Roaming Southerner. Too bad I threw it away one day. What was I thinking? Please post them image if you have it, AEW.

The Roaming Southerner said...

Knew, you'd get that one CWC. I'm going to go look for it tonight.
What was the other t-shirt that you had underneath/rotated for the ultra cool layered look?

Curtis said...

That was definitely a Winger shirt. I wish I could say that "She's only 17" was my theme song back in the day but that would be a lie. Too bad.

I have the picture too if you can't find it anywhere.

Adcock Circus said...

Was the teen movie "Can't hardly wait"?

I could not remember the bonus. But I was going to say Bon Jovi Whom I still heart!!!! But I am a huge Axel Rose fan as well. Love the Liv Tyler question. Another favorite is Aerosmith. I just enjoy a trip down memory lane! thanks.

Adcock Circus said...

ok, just read the word twin! duh.

McMommy said...

Twins are NELSON!!!!!!

Sara said...

Thats cool that you guys found that out!!!

Elizabeth said...

I am not well-versed with hair bands...I had a very conservative upbringing...BUT, I find them rather fascinating. How much hair product do you think they go through in 1 concert tour? I have enjoyed some songs as an adult...but as a whole am a bit confused...well, that does go without saying since I do have a little horn.

PS: I'd love to join your little growth club!

trying said...

I dont get the hair band thing. I just dont. I'm a product of the 80's and 90's but I must have missed something. Flyboy is... to my great shame and disgust... I'll have to ask him these questions... see if I can get me some points!

Becky :) said...

I just came across your blog and thought it was so cool to find someone else out there with the same love of 80's Hair Band music. Of course I was in Jr High when this all started.
A couple of years ago some friends and I went to see Poison, Cinderella and Ratt and it was one of the best concerts ever!!!! And yep....I was singing my little heart out word for word!!!
Have a great day.

Buffalo Betty said...

Of course you loved Mr. Big in 5th grade... the similarities are way too eerie! Maybe we should be the soul roomies rather than Nat and Meep.

Leigh said...

OMG-you KNOW I loved this. BUT I dont watch alot of movies. But I do know this:

Bonus: What twin hair band duo rocked our faces and t-shirts in the 80s? (5pts)

LOved the videos