Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Coming Week

Okay, internets, hold onto your britches...

I'm heading South in 3 short days!!!

Can you believe it?!?! I haven't seen my family in 9 months and I get to spend a whole week with them?!?!

To get to my family, I have the wedding of my brother-in-law this LONG weekend before. It is one of those destination 4+ day it is going to be a big do.

It will all be worth it to hang out with my family.

The best part (well okay, a great part) is that we get to bring Penny with us. My sweet wonderful brother is driving up to SC to pick her up before the wedding so she will be waiting for us in ATL when we get there for the week!!!

To get ready for the vacation, I am going to be SWAMPED! Work has already been crazy but I am going to have to do a butt load of work to get ready to go. AND I am going to have to get me, Ken, and Penny ready for the trip at night.

It is going to be busy as shizz.
But do not fret, my internet pets...I am lining up some fun entertainments while I am traveling all Wednesday and Thursday. And will try and be a more diligent Twitter-er, as a request from McMommy.

If you could start praying for some safe travels, my brother-in-law's marriage and wedding weekend, and a nice visit with my family, I would appreciate it...

However, more prayers are needed...head over to McMommy to start cheering for Heather.

Here is my comment for the Heather-quilt: I couldn't post my pic on McMommy's site.

here is the other button I made...

Heather-san, You have much power to dominate your enemy!

We are behind you!


The Ben Show said...

LOVE the new button. GO HEATHER!! Also, safe travels. I missed you on the internets this weekend!

amanda said...

sending many happy thoughts for your travels!! can't wait to hear about all the fun when you return!!

and LOVE the other button!! sooo flippin awesome friend!!

u really r the bestest :)

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Love the button! I sooo need help with Photoshop - what happened to our plan???

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

BTW, have a fantastic trip - a wedding AND a trip home, sounds perfect!

McMommy said...

You and I make a pretty good team, don't we??? :)

Love ya! Mean it!!!

The Mrs. said...

ummm besides seeing your family the best part of heading down south is going to be CHICKFILA!! (i swear its all i think about)

enjoy your traveling, I totally understand how exciting it is to see your family after long periods without. one of the best feelings in the world. (and sometimes heading back home afterwards is nice too!)

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

So that button totally cheered me up! Who knew I could jump like that! I have some mad skills!

My husband wants to put that picture on a t-shirt now!

Thanks for that!:)

Anonymous said...

You know, you make the coolest must be a photoshop whiz or something, I don't know, all I know is they are fabulous! Both of the Kicking Cancer's Ass are cool - you are such a star!

Anyway, have a splendid trip and enjoy the wedding, but most of all enjoy your family and being back home. We'll miss you and your posts while you travel but know you are chillin' and having fun with Penny & Ken and the family.

And we'll have the stellar entertainment of McMommy to keep us out of trouble. (Not. At least I hope not.)

Have a blast!