Monday, July 14, 2008

In My Opinion: Jon & Kate Plus 8

So if you pay attention to the mom blogosphere, you may have noticed some uproar about Jon & Kate Plus 8.

I have watched this TLC show for years...since it was just this special about a crazy family with 6 newborns. And I enjoyed it. It was nice to see how someone handles something that scares the bejesus out of me. It made child-rearing seem less scary even with all the chaos, crazy, and poop.

But people on the blogs are talking about some of the negatives of the show:
1.) The way Kate is shrill and kinda OCD
2.) That Jon and Kate are monopolizing the situation for free stuff
3.) That they are hurting their children in the process

Here are my thoughts on them:
1.) Kate's shrillness bothered me at first, but it made me feel better "at least I'm not that sharp with you, KW." I do think that Kate is a bit crazy about the anti mess, but if I had to clean after them and was a nurse/had preemies/knew all the germs in the world...then I would be that nuts too.

*it is said on certain blogs that they have a personal chef and more help than it seems on the show...I still say, "good for them!" If the show lets them have a bit easier time with 8 kids, then that is cool.

2.) once again see "if the show lets them have a bit easier time with 8 kids, then that is cool." KW has often said, "why would they do all of these activities with those kids if it is driving them crazy?" I told him, "they can't just stay inside in a bunker the whole time, plus they get to have these memories."

*also, they have to eventually have 8 college tuitions, braces, etc to pay for...if this lets them do that, then it seems like a good thing. The show also allowed Kate to quit her nursing job and now I think that Jon works from home too. They get more quality time with their parents, which always seems like a good thing to me.

3.) Stuff like Gumgate and Cupcakegate were not fine points in Kate's parenting that is for sure. Like Joel (i think it was Joel), had his teddy threatened to be thrown away when Kate found out that there was gum on it, I had my comfort item, my blankie, threatened away for me when I would lose him (yes, he is a HIM) or left him out where he didn't belong. My parents always used to pretend to throw it away to mess with me (well, mainly my dad)...that never went over well. But back to Joel: I think Kate lost it as anyone does/will do with kids and PMS let alone someone with 8 kids and we saw it happen.

Look, I see the good and bad with this show and the exploitation of the family. However, I still enjoy the show, with the Gosslins the best...and understand that other people have other thoughts. I have commented on a few peoples sites and forums, but just thought I would express myself into the blog-o-world. I watched all the episodes last night and I still feel that it works for them, who am I to judge! If you have any opinions: let me know!

PS: don't tell my mother-in-law, but if a camera crew followed me around all day they would see some 'tude from me directed toward KW...just saying.

PPS: I don't think the Aunt Jodi blog is legit. She seems cool and wouldn't be kosher with all this.


Lauren said...

I agree with what you have said. If cameras followed me around all the time, I would have some bad moments too. I don't buy into the Aunt Jodi blog either. It just doesn't make sense.

Enjoy your week!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I would never search the internet for John and Kate anything because it would infuriate me to see the stupid things people say about them. They are obviously good people, their kids are adorable and loved and what else really matters? My mom was just telling me the other day she found people saying bad things about Mady online...makes me sick! I love John and Kate but I kind of hope for their sake they stop the show sometime in the near future (must be hard with all that crew there) even though I would LOVE to see the kids when they are older!

tickledpink said...

I am sure a lot of people say bad things in regards to Kate's OCD, and yeah she is really obsessed with cleaning but she has eight kids! As a nurse I guess she just wants to prevent any germs that could cause her kids to be sick all the time. She was flipping out last night on the show when Jon was cooking. She couldn't handle Jon and the crew all being in the kitchen. I think they do a great job of raising the kids. Being a mother is a hard job, and having eight kids just makes it more difficult. More power to you Jon and Kate! I love them and will be sad when the show ends, but if people keeping saying negative things I don't blame them for cutting it out. I have heard that people drive by their house to try and get pictures of the kids. Crazy!

amanda said...

i love that you went all out with your thoughts...

i am still processing.

i am slow.

but now that you mention it, i too don't think aunt jodi would be cool with that.

Heather at A Boy, A Girl, & A Pug said...

I hope that blog isn't true. I have to say, it's sort of poisoned me against the show and I don't like feeling that way. I know Kate can be a nag-but hell, so can I! I just don't have a camera crew to catch all of my glorious moments! (Thank goodness!)

trying said...

oh lord if the cameras followed me around I'd be screwed. And the kids would definately need therapy and that on top of college would just add up real quick.

I say if it works for them live and let live.

Anonymous said...

hey this was a great blog! lovin' it. you should be their agent.

and i agree - aunt jodi is a fraud.

Anonymous said...

I also see the good and bad. I would hate to have a camera follow me around all day see this website I found: with some comments on being on camera all the time. It's interesting.

Belle-ah said...

You know...either way, I love the show! The clean, entertainment that I can share with my 3 children is wonderful.

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